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  1. I want to play this game, but then Square announced the updated version will release sometime in December. Although this is cool I’ve heard this is literally the Nintendo Switch port, even down to its visuals. I know graphics aren’t everything, but I can’t help but feel a little cheated out of performance and such. Has Square mentioned anything about how this game will run and look on PS4/PS5?
  2. The game is okay, but I remember enjoying it a lot more back in 2014. It was around the time I made my first pc rig. It was fun going around slaying orcs at 60fps. Coming back to it now is rough, 30fps aside. There’s not much to do once the wow factor of the nemesis system goes away. Also the boss fights felt rush and wasn’t planned out by the devs.
  3. My Game of the Year 2020: The Last of Us Part II My Platinum of the Year 2020: Ghost of Tsushima My Favorite Platinum Overall: The Binding of Issac: Rebirth A lot of this year has primarily been playing games in my backlog, but the one game I knew I wanted the play is TLOU2. The story left such an impact to the point I still think about it. I love almost everything about it except the long load times lol. I hope ND make a third game someday Ghost of Tsushima was a surprise hit for me. I wasn’t hyped to play this one, but decided to give it a chance due to the oddly lower critic score. I found myself really liking the story and combat. I had fun discovering secrets and side missions using the unique navigation system. What I thought would be a quick story playthrough turn into a 50+ hour platinum, and I don’t regret it at all. The Binding of Issac is a series I’ve played on and off since the original, but I never got the chance to complete it 100%. So I made it my goal to get the Real Platinum God secret when I bought it on ps4. The game is just as fun and addicting as I remembered. One of the only few games that is extremely short I could play for hours. Easily my favorite platinum
  4. If it was padded with content then it would just be Spiderman 2018. I’m glad the boring puzzles and stealth segments are gone in the new game. I just think it ended a bit too soon.
  5. I felt so dumb getting the platinum in less than 20 hours, knowing that I paid 50 bucks for it. I traded it in and bought a few Yakuza games :/
  6. I enjoyed my time playing this game. I like the characters, setting and gameplay. My only criticism is that I wish there were more tools to mess around with. Other than the minor nitpick the game is a surprise hit! The music is fantastic too! I’m totally adding most of the tracks to my playlist
  7. 7th gen graphics from the ps3 and 360 era kinda hold up today. Some games like Virtua Fighter 5 still look damn good, especially when you consider the fact it’s an early gen ps3 title. I think the games that suffered the most are those with very muted, lifeless colors, odd human models, and/or low framerates such as Heavy Rain and Metal Gear Solid 4.
  8. Yeah I might just wait for the PS5 version in 2021. The game being delayed to December 2020 would interfere with the other games I plan on playing this winter.
  9. I honestly think Death Stranding is fun when you’re working on primary objectives. I found the game it’s most enjoyable when you’re on foot and have to plan your route and ration your supplies. Once zipline and roads are introduced the game became less fun (but very useful for repetitive side missions). The story had potential, but cringeworthy dialogue and its convoluted narrative hold it back from being great. Overhyped game, but I oddly enjoyed of the experience.
  10. Persona 4 Golden is my personal favorite because of its upbeat tone, funny characters, and it’s down to earth mid to late ‘00s setting (plus it’s the first persona game I played so I might be a little bias lol). I love them all, but I still think P3’s characters are better written (but the game is pretty bleak in tone). Fair enough. The more experimental consoles by Nintendo ain’t for everyone, but if you’re able to look pass the motion controls the Wii had some great titles. Still, it would’ve been nice of Nintendo to give players an option for traditional controls. Part of Nintendo’s fandom is fueled by nostalgia to the point a lot of them will attack you if you dare criticize the company. Say anything bad about the newest Pokémon or the pure laziness of the 3D Mario collection and fans will try doxing you lol
  11. Persona 3 from a gameplay standpoint is rough to go back to. It take way too damn long to level up, you can only give general commands to your party, if you get knocked down you lose two turns instead of one, the UI isn’t nearly as polished as future titles, and the final boss take too damn long to kill and can wipe your whole party if you’re not careful. Still, Persona 3 has probably the best soundtrack and best written characters when compared to four and five. That alone is worth the playthrough lol It’s funny, most gamers above 30 would say Nintendo died after the SNES. I wish they would make strong consoles like they use to, but hey, some amazing games have come out on those weak consoles. Xenoblade Chronicles, splatoon, breath of the wild, as far the games are concern Nintendo is still got it!
  12. There are some remasters that aren’t available on pc, even if you factor emulation. Nintendo’s last three consoles aren’t traditional, but there are far more than three games worth playing on each console.
  13. Toy Story and Home Alone 2 on the Sega Genesis They’re fun platformers that not a lot of people care about
  14. 1. They certainly have quite the legacy. I don’t really keep up with the publishers recent titles, but I love the games they made during the 6th generation. 3. They might be a bit overrated, but I still love ‘em. Everything is top quality and the combat is very fun on higher difficulties. 4. No need to gatekeep for what is essentially a pointless hobby (it is addicting and rewarding going after harder trophies though lol) 6. I mean some games are 100+ hours long. Can’t expect everyone to play thought the whole thing, especially if it no longer interest them. Also some games are just bad. If I don’t like it I won’t bother finishing it.
  15. Sorry Not everyone buy physical games OP asked for user’s most recent ps4 purchase and I shared it :/ what difference does it make if it’s a stock image or otherwise?
  16. Bought it digitally Let the raging begin lol
  17. Don’t think I’ll ever stop using my ps3 since Sony hasn’t found a way to allow gamers to play those titles on new hardware outside of PS Now. Plus my backlog is extensive since I mostly stuck with Xbox and Nintendo during that era lol
  18. Are you switching weapons during boss fights? I feel charge shots really help kill bosses a lot faster than sticking with the normal bullets. It especially help when attempting A ranks since it can shave off a minute if you place your shots correctly.
  19. Yes, that’s the console I played the game on. The frame rate dropped below 30 a decent amount, even out of combat.
  20. Ghost of Tsushima is a good game, I honestly liked it more than I thought I would, but I do feel some of the praise it’s getting is a knee-jerked response to TLOU2. The first thing everyone was saying was how high the user score was for Ghost when compared to TLOU2 despite the latter being reviewed bombed by assholes and has ten times the amount of users giving it a score lol. They were also saying shit like “revenge is wrong, guys” and “if ND made the game they would show a flashback and make you play as the Mongols”. People were so happy to play a game that doesn’t question their bias. As for the game itself, it’s good, but not amazing. The AI is an absolute joke, the frame rate drop constantly on base consoles, and a decent amount of the missions is just you following footprints. Having said that I really do enjoy the story, the English VA, the beautiful music, the amazing environments, the character customization, Jin’s moveset, and the unique navigation system.
  21. What’s crazy is that I still like the n64, it was the first gaming console I could consider my own as the sega genesis was a hand-me-down. Playing Super Mario 64 for the first time were some of the best gaming memories growing up. Plus I had loads of fun playing WCW vs nWo World Tour lol Still, the system is lacking when it come to certain genres such as fighting, jrpgs, and strategy games. Plus the third party games they did get lacked content that the ps1 versions usually had. It’s a decent system, but only if you like nintendo, rareware, and wrestling games.
  22. The pacing of the game isn’t for everyone, I admit, but personally had no issue following along with the story. I liked the sudden switch up because I wanted to learn more about Abby and her motives to begin with. The character model switch up during the trailers wasn’t exactly the best thing to do since a lot of people expected Joel to be in the game much longer, but again I’m personally not mad. I let ND told the story they wanted and came out very satisfied. I love how you bring up cheap emotional manipulation in TLOU2 like as if the first game didn’t also have those moments. Ellie isn’t portrayed as a vicious animal killer, you’re only forced to kill maybe one or two dogs lol. She was shown to care about the old dog in Jackson as well as the barn animals later on. I believe part of it is gamers looking for any excuse to not like Abby. Also yes, the sex scene is cringe. Then again all sex scenes are, especially in video games lol
  23. TLOU2 showed us how bias gamers are. People were on board with Ellie seeking revenge, but wouldn’t allow Abby the same thing despite being in a similar circumstance. I mean it was decent during the wii era and even the switch is receiving a good amount of third party games. Maybe not to the extent of PS4 or the Super Nintendo, but way better than the N64s pathetic library of games.
  24. That’s unfortunate, but I guess it’s fine as long as all the extra content is included. I’ll most likely still play it during December; been putting this off for far too long lol
  25. Kirby games peaked over 15 years ago Yoshi’s Island on SNES is the only great game in the series. The rest of Yoshi games range from okay to straight trash. Spiderman 2018 is just decent; The main missions are good overall, but the side content is repetitive and in some cases boring. Ghost of Tsushima’s presentation is kinda mediocre. The transitions from cutscene to gameplay varies in quality, the letterbox is distracting, and cutscenes during basic missions are less expressive than the 3D era GTA games. Crash 3’s vehicle stages are god awful and is just padding.