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  1. Right now that’s the best strategy to use, I sat at the back of the hallway in the building where the critical damage perk is using the PPSH-41 with level 3 PaP and the covenant which increased damage while standing still. Got just over 1/4th of the way there for the 10k kills, I think I was on round 11 at the time.
  2. I think that although there will be no round based maps this time around the actual zombies mechanics will be pretty similar. The game mode however (if I recall correctly) will play more like an objective based mode where you complete tasks and expand the main area of the map. Looking at the zombies trophies they don’t seem too challenging at all, a few you will most likely get through normal gameplay while acquiring upgrades for your character with a few of the other trophies requiring you to use the 4 different field upgrades to kill zombies a certain way. The last 2 just require you too kill zombies, 2500 kills with a level 3 Pack-A-Punch weapon and 10,000 total kills by any means which won’t take long at all. Hope this helps!
  3. Krove is 100% correct, it highly depends on luck. I finally achieved it this morning with firepower and 3 extra life drops. One tip I recommend is when you take a down to use the invincibility time to lay into the boss as thats what pushed me over the edge to kill her. Same goes with first person drops. Good luck to everyone going for this, and GG to everyone who has completed it already
  4. Hi all, I’ve been playing DOA3’s advanced start mode trying to finish off the trophies for this game and I’ve come to the conclusion that I’m stuck on the final part. If the bloodpool wasn’t bad enough this one is even worse, and I just cannot find a strategy that works. Firepower and Furious Feet are both good in their own right, but I’ve also found Divine Shield to be effective with 2 nukes and increased equipment timer (which is very good when you have boxing gloves). However, I just cannot find anything that can pull me past the final arena, not to mention the very limited amount of power ups you start with is not helping at all, especially when you have to defeat the margwa before you can even finish the rounds between that and the final fight. Is anyone else struggling with this? I know it’s not impossible to do but it’s very difficult. Any help would be very appreciated!