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  1. oh ok thanks alot!
  2. Right so i have been flagged in MW2 which is fair enough but ive hidden the game on my ps but it still shows up on my psnp and im still banned from the leaderboards? how do i fix this?
  3. i dont see anywhere to close this, im just not gonna fight it
  4. how do i close this
  5. should i just close the dispute and just take it? i didnt auto pop them but theres no way for me to prove it so theres no point in fighting it right? its nothing huge, i might just take it under the chin because its only 1 flag right so i wont get my whole account banned from the leaderboards?
  6. Segnitude-_ Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 im not sure how this happened because i 100% didnt unlock them at the same time. I did this live on my twitch but the VOD was requested to be taken down for music after the new twitch rules. I did do the whole of modern warfare 2 offline so the only way i could see them popping at the same time was a glitch when i synced the trophies however this does not make sense as the others were fine? I can understand if the flag doesnt go but either way i know i did the game legit.
  7. hello, with the new minecraft expansion my list is now on 94%. after i got my 100% i uninstalled minecraft as i didnt plan on playing it which led to me loosing all my worlds too. does anyone have a world that can help me get trophies for expansion pack 13 many thanks!
  8. if you go back and keep simon alive you will have to play to the end of the game with everyone else surviving to pop the trophy
  9. the price on that is crazy
  10. since my first playthrough my goal was to kill everyone i think it might be better to start fresh haha
  11. Alright thanks for letting me know. I’m gonna leave it as you said because it’s such a lengthy game as it is let alone making sure everyone survived
  12. Hello, I just completed Detroit but everyone died haha i just wanted to ask for the survivors trophy do I have to play the WHOLE game again or can I reload at a checkpoint later into the game and still keep everyone alive? any information will help I just don’t have the effort to play everything again
  13. oh right that makes more sense , thanks ever so much for the help
  14. alright thanks for letting me know, its too complicated to do that kinda thing haha but just wondered what it meant by 81,000 cheaters banned like what was considered cheating
  15. thanks for that!