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  1. 1 GTA 5 1.94% 2 World War Z 4.30% 3 Mafia 3 6.77% 4 Rogue Aces 7.87% 5 L.A. Noire 11.21%
  2. I have 20 platinums,the one I'm ashamed of is Guns Gore & Cannoli,the easiest I got hahaha! Even Untitled Goose Game wasn't that hard but I had lots of fun into messing around with that evil goose 😈😈
  3. Yep,now it's lockable! You need just 1 random kill on an enemy and it pops up
  4. MotoGP17 98% I miss the split screen race trophy Lego Pirates of the Caribbean 98% same as above... Finish a level in co-op Need for Speed Payback 97% I miss 3 stars in every activity,I was just too bored to do all of them
  5. Thank you! The hardest part was doing correctly all the stunts and jumps but I'm glad I did it
  6. During quarantine I did the following platinums: Untitled Goose Game - World War Z - Medievil - GTA V(after hours and hours of grinding). I'm working on Mafia II at the moment but I'm planning to go for One Punch Man,One Piece Pirate Warriors 3 and 4 aaaaand Moto GP 20 Hope everyone is ok,greetings from Italy!
  7. I'm going for Medievil,although I'm not appreciating it that much