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  1. In order to avoid any confussion, its not bugged, my bad...After reading that dying would restart the current period survived i remembered that a couple days ago i (stupidly) died in another planet 😅 and problably that was the reason that the stat won't show up correctly. Now everything works fine and after 2h30min (more or less) my surviving stat increased.
  2. Really? I'll give it a try then. Thanks!
  3. I think its bugged since the last update. I just need this trophy to get the platinum and left my character for like 30-45min in a extreme weather planet but it doesnt count the sols... mine stopped at 22.1 sols.😑
  4. Gwent.... They removed the arena trophies then the console support and in a couple of weeks the servers will switch off...Now that i was enjoying the game...
  5. I've never played a Farming Simulator before so this was very helpful. Thank you very much sir!