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  1. Thx for your Answer, i reported it allready with that link, hope the fixe it soon, because it happend to me twice and i think the only way right now is like you said back up the save and dont die, but thats not for me i wait and hope they fix it. Edit.: Update from the Twitter Account, they know and working on a Solution, see here: Status Update
  2. Hey I hope someone can help me, everytime i die in a Save my Player is not there after the reload, I see the map and the enemy who killed me is marked, I can do nothing and have to close the game with the PS Button. It is the second time, 3h for nothing
  3. Hi guys, Im looking for Noh Mask it is my last piece for 100% Collection! It is on Page 7 - Japan - Page 2 number 7! I see there are a plenty people how playing the came, and i hope someone can help me out thx EDIT.: i found it: MAS10, on the tree in the first part of the stage. Jump to grab it.