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  1. Happened to me yesterday. Think there were some issues, as I could play solo, but not anything multiplayer
  2. This works in March 2021. I simulated the first doubles match, won it and the trophy popped, so it doesn't matter if you win or lose that first match.
  3. There's a screenshot of a reply from WB Games support that's going round which says the only things affected by the server shutdown will be the Opus War leaderboards, redeem code feature and WB Play functionality. It also states that it will not affect the ability to earn specific trophies or achievements. Make what you want of that, but I'm still going to try and get the scrap challenge done before 31st Oct. Not sure why there's a spoiler tag, as there's no spoilers here...!
  4. Finally started the game on Sunday for this, not a bad game actually! Currently have 2 scrap crews, which got me 112 scrap in around 7/8 hours overnight and 250 overall. These scrap crews started collecting maybe 20 hours ago and I played the game for a few hours during this time. Testing it after an hour or so, I was getting around 11-12 scrap, so it seems to vary a bit. But, only having 2 scrap crews is definitely doable, 4 would make it safer though.
  5. I also need these 2. Do you still need them?