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  1. Hi, I was able to read that we could simply play with bots. My question is: can we do all the trophies in this game by only playing with our bots, without even playing once with a real player ? Thanks to you^^
  2. Thank you for your answer ^^ That's what I wanted to do, I simply launched on easy for the challenge, thinking I could restart a game at any time, but the option does not appear, I only have the choice between continuing the campaign or selecting chapters, no new game option. Hence my question.
  3. Hi, sorry if this has already been asked, I searched but couldn't find any answers. My question may seem silly: let's imagine that I've never done the campaign and I've only done the multiplayer challenges, if I only started the first chapter on easy for the challenge of killing two enemies with one blow shotgun, since I don't have a new game option, does if I go through chapter selection at the very first chapter, and continue to the end, on the highest difficulty, I will still unlock the trophies related to the difficulties? Thanks^^
  4. So there... thank you very much for your precious help, the trophy has just fallen. I was deleting some friends when I came across your tip, it worked straight away. It surprises me that it is not known, or that no one talks about it. It's very easy to do and it avoids having to delete a large number of friends. Thank you again, you are my hero of the day^^
  5. You are my hero, thank you very much for your precious tip, it worked wonderfully !!!
  6. Thank you for your answer, effectively, it's more sure to start a new playthrough, you never know.
  7. Thank you all for your answers, I am reassured to know that everything is on the disc. I prefered to ask, otherwise I would have tried to find a code not used on the Limited Edition in a cash 😅 For Mass Effect, in France, there is only the 2 that has a code in some editions, and it's for the Cerberus pack.
  8. Hi everyone, I wanted to know if, to unlock the nightmare difficulty trophies, we could simply redo the chapters on nightmare, from the chapter selection, or if we were forced to start a new game ? I searched but couldn't find anything, and I prefer to be sure before starting nightmare. Thank you for your answers
  9. Hi everyone, I have a question but I can't find the answers, so I ask you. The Complete Edition contains all DLC's, my question is: are all the DLC's on the disc ? I ask because on the back of the game box, it is written: Included Ranger Mode + All the contents of the Season Pass. Why the Ranger Mode is separate ? Is it available by code like the Limited Edition ? Or am I creating this topic for nothing and all the content is present on the disc, the Season Pass and the Ranger Mode ? Thanks for your answers, and sorry if the question has already been asked.
  10. Hi everyone, I have a big problem ... I followed Dante's method to the letter and it worked wonderfully for Saints Row The Third, without any freeze, I got the trophy straight away. Very happy I continue with Saints Row 4, the installation is finished, I wait and there I realize that the game has frozen. Suddenly I turn off the console, I do as Dante specified, I disconnect from the PSN and I try to launch the game but still nothing, it still freezes on the menu. Without knowing what to do, I tried different DNS views on this forum and on that of 4, but still the same. I tried to go back to my basic DNS but it's the same. I'm disgusted, the only way I can access the game is to turn off the internet connection, which isn't normal at all. I don't know what to do anymore, I've been on it for at least 4 hours, I'm on the verge of breaking everything. In addition to not having obtained the trophy, I feel like I have messed up something, and that really scares me. I told myself that maybe I no longer had access to online, so I launched Bioshock 2 and Red Dead Redemption and I was able to access online normally. I handed over Saints Row The Third and have access to the game normally. It's just on the 4 where there is a big problem. Please I ask for help, I have no idea what to do at all. EDIT: After several searches on the internet, I realized that the problem did not come from me but rather from the game, since a lot of people were blocked like me from the game menu because the console had frozen. A person gave me the miracle solution to get this damn trophy even when the game freezes on the menu: for that you have to turn off the router, so no more internet, then we launch the game, we "pass" the impassable passage, there where normally the game freezes, and there you can restart your router. Once the router is on, simply press the PS button on the controller and reconnect to the PSN. And there you have it ^^ I had tried everything except that, and it worked, I was able to get my trophy that way, with no freeze or anything. On the other hand, I sincerely hope that this problem will be corrected one day, because here it is not possible what to do to only play normally. Thank you a lot Dante^^
  11. Did they redeem them for valid codes? I mean, were you able to get the DLC's after that?
  12. It's a shame, at least you will have tried. I don't think it works, if it's like on LBP1 you have to be in possession of the DLC if you want to unlock the trophies. For example, posting a level with water, I did it before I got the DLC and didn't get the trophy. I'm disgusted, when I think that not long ago, LBP 2 Extras Edition was available on the French store, for 29€ it seems to me, with normally all the content. And I said to myself that it is a little too expensive and that I will rather wait... Now I look and there is nothing left... It will teach me to be so stupid.
  13. It's possible, after that it was maybe a display bug or whatever. When I was beating the Colossus near the end of my 4th playthrough, it wasn't even showing my health bar, or my stamina bar. Even at the start of my 5th playthrough, I was taking the temple lizard tail, and it didn't display my stamina bar, whereas normally, as soon as we take a white lizard tail, our bar appears right after, there no. But hey luckily it's settled, it's ancient history haha.
  14. Precisely, I made it clear in my comment. I was not in my first playthrough but in my fourth. I looked for all the shiny lizard's in my 4th playthrough, and noticed that by killing the last colossus, nothing increased. If nothing increases, it is at the maximum. In a burst of hope I still started a 5th playthrough and miraculously the trophy appeared to the first colossus defeated.
  15. Hi everyone, this is my fourth playthrough, I just beat the 15th Colossus, I picked up all the lizard tails, I have my stamina bar full, but I didn't get the Mighty Wander Trophy. Do you have any solutions ? I'm disappointed, I do not know what to do, it had to be this long and boring trophy that bugged. Obviously I didn't keep a save in the fourteenth Colossus. I don't see myself restarting the game 4 or 5 times, chasing those damn lizards again, not even to be sure that in the end the trophy will fall. Thank you for your answers. Edit: I finally got this trophy, I beat the final boss in my fourth playthrough, then I started the fifth playthrough, I killed the temple lizard to eat its tail, then I beat the first Colossus and the trophy fell at this point. I do not understand what happened, my stamina was already at its peak, but good, I did not see myself starting over.