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  1. Regardless of the fact that I doubt this will be unbanned. You still deserved a reply at the very least and I think that's the main issue, if the owner of a website is too busy to do essential tasks then they should hire/ask other people to do it instead.
  2. (Xenon racer) career mode done, only time trials left.

    After that its the online trophies, oh joy.


  3. (Xenon racer) I assumed the dlc trophies were for a paid dlc, apparently it was a free update. That's more generous than most companies.

    I'm not sure why but one of my favourite things in racing games are time trials. They can frustrate me but I keep doing them anyways until I finally complete them . Basically what I'm saying is that career mode in this game was annoying me so I jumped over to the time trial trophies.😂

    1. Honor_Hand


      Free updates are always welcomed. That's also good to know because I recently got this game from the holiday sale.

  4. Fire emblem three houses Soulcalibur 2 or tekken 2
  5. Astro's Playroom
  6. Indie 2d platformer
  7. Do I look cool yet?
  8. I would try to , not sure how successful I would be
  9. Ni no kuni 2 by a mile, still need to finish the post game stuff in that game. Genshin impact or final fantasy 14?
  10. Live streams Fast food or home cooked food?
  11. Fake
  12. Assuming EDF means earth defense force, dont those games take hundreds or more hours to plat?
  13. (Mortal kombat 11) I've finally gotten around to finishing the story mode. 

    Now what i got left is 

    -Sonya's fatalities

    -strategy tutorials

    -100 brutalities

    -open 200 chests 

    -5 miles in krypt

    -online nonsense 

    -towers of time (plus character intros and victories)

    -100 konsumables 

    - misc krypt stuff.


    Which is a lot now ive written it down.



    1. Copanele


      If you got the tutorial done then yeah the rest are details and matters of time!!

      Also love the "online nonsense" part xD 

  14. I've accepted I'll never complete even half of my backlog.
  15. I'm running out of storage space badly, so I just add all ps+ games to my download list just to claim them.

    Normally they won't download because not enough space however when there is enough space I turn on my ps4 to find Middle-earth: Shadow of War has randomly started to download.


    I know nothing about lord of the rings or hobbit because I've never seen it. So I have a feeling I'll be a bit lost 😂

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    2. charxsetsuna


      @HusKybecause I would forget I owned them 😂

    3. Asuna Yuuki

      Asuna Yuuki

      Get a Samsung 860 evo 2TB upgrade for your storage. It's worth it.

    4. NERVergoproxy


      An external is a good investment. Once you start dabbing in all kinds of games, storage limitation will be a pain.