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  1. If you want something very easy with no online trophies, go for jojo's bizarre adventure all star battle (it's on ps3).
  2. I need to keep track of my milestones better, I hit 4000 trophies today and didn't even realise.

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    2. charxsetsuna


      @CorrinFireEmblemI got it gifted to me recently, no idea who gifted it to me.

    3. CorrinFireEmblem


      well you're lucky then :) 

    4. Copanele


      I tried to milestone the x000th trophy. too...was incredibly annoying to plan it out. Settled for the xth platinum milestone only, way  easier.

  3. Rogue legacy Fighting game
  4. Might work on j stars victory vs+ today , strangely I've been asked by random people on psn to boost this game with them more than any other game.


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    2. CorrinFireEmblem


      @charxsetsuna no, i was referring to J Stars :) but yeah Sega all star is also a surprise

    3. charxsetsuna


      @CorrinFireEmblem it's a bit surprising to me too with j stars, but when I checked the easiest online trophy , it has been obtained by people once this month and multiple times last month. I remember struggling to find matches a year ago or more so I'll need to boost to have any hope now I feel.

    4. charxsetsuna


      @BadRep24I didn't know you could do that, I always thought you needed two consoles to self boost. Thanks for pointing that out.

  5. Definitely not
  6. Ponyo
  7. Overwatch Half life or portal
  8. Apex legends Sports
  9. Resident evil 1 remake Beat em up
  10. The farcry set in America? Your job is to collect treasure and the unborn young of your species, to do so you must get the help of a kangaroo wearing a wig, a flightless bird that can inexplicably fly, a monkey who has acquired a gun and a boxing yeti. And a magical rabbit falls in love with a cheetah for some reason, oh and theres also a faun and mole there too.
  11. Castlevania Persona 5 or dragon quest 11
  12. I've never even heard of it. I will admit this one is a bit niche.
  13. That has to be a jrpg of some description, is it a older dragon quest? Dragon quest 5? Your God of your own world, you control the actions of the entire neighbourhood. Make your characters fall in love or make them suffer. Decide their jobs because they have no free will and you decide everything for them. (Mine was mortal kombat ps3 or just mortal kombat in general.)
  14. No never really interested me.