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  1. (Genshin impact)(spoilers)

    This update has finally made me decide to actually complete the liyue storyline and get the trophy for it, only thing left now is to level up so I can move on the story.


    It also shows how impatient I was because I did this on the base model ps4 version, my ps5 is currently downloading 33 pieces of sims 4 content, including the base game, my packs and a update. 😂

    Simply put, my download list on ps5 is a bit full at the moment, but I might pause the sims downloads and do the genshin update before sims though.


    The ability to jump between playstation platforms freely in this game is truly very useful when you can't be bothered to wait for the other version of the game to be updated.😂 

  2. (Genshin impact)(spoiler)

    Time to add my status update to the sea of genshin status updates today.

    I'm not actually a high enough adventure level to go to the new area yet😂.

    So my post update gameplay is me trying to level up the point where I can,I'm currently nearly level 32.

    Then I will inevitably, collect all the teleport and statue teleport points before doing anything story related. Unless the game decides to be annoying and require you to actually progress the plot to do that.


    I will say I'm starting to feel a bit underpowered so I'm not looking forward to fighting a certain boss. But I will try to finish the liyue storyline today, since even though I'm not level 35 yet it's letting me do it and there's a trophy for it.

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    2. KingGuy420


      “But I will try to finish the liyue storyline today, since even though I'm not level 35 yet it's letting me do it”


      They changed the AR requirements of a bunch of story quests with the update.

    3. charxsetsuna


      @KingGuy420 I did suspect that, it was appreciated because I really didn't feel like focusing on leveling up today.


      The boss fight I thought would be a issue wasn't thankfully, my team was being carried by kaeya which I didn't expect.  My Internet died twice though which was really quite annoying.

      I'm now stuck leveling up because I need to unlock the next story quest though.😂

    4. KingGuy420


      I literally just got to the “wait for AR35 part” right before the update. The timing of the lowered requirements couldn’t have been better for me lol.

  3. Likes a wide range of genres, probably a persona fan.
  4. (Dragon age origin)(spoilers)

    Decided to stop ignoring my ps3 and this is a game I've been meaning to play. I've played a bit of it on my old account but not my current one.

    I have the knowledge from my old account to know I can't stand the mage origin story at all so I went boring and picked human noble warrior.

    Also very boring of me, Alistair is the romance candidate I'm going to pick. No use lying to myslef by saying I'm not going going to pick him.😂


    My aim is just to finish the game, then play the sequels in order. The plat isn't the goal for me yet because while I haven't looked at the list much I'm guessing it's a real pain of a trophy list.


    1. funboy1246


      im hoping at some point origin and 2 will end up on psnow since i no longer have a ps3. im currently working through inquistion. but i'd like to give the others a try as well.

    2. charxsetsuna


      @funboy1246I've yet to play inquisition,  is it good? I have it but I'm waiting till I'm done with the others in the series.


      Hopefully there will be either a remaster or psnow port sooner or later.

    3. funboy1246


      for me. it was alittle hard to get into. but once youre about oh 8 hours in or so it really started to open up for me. im really liking the story and enjoying most of the characters. i think youll like it.


    Plat #41- Iro Hero 

    (This platinum trophy image is awful)


    This is considered to be a very easy plat and it is. You only actually need to play one and a half of all the levels in the game to get the plat.


    I've only played up to the plat but I plan to play more of it, if reviews are to be believed it's actually not a easy game .

    As for gameplay, it has the same colour switching mechanic ikaruga has and is actually a fun game at least the amount I played.


    I played this game because I was having a awful trophy day a few days back, all my attempts to earn skill based trophies in other games were just failing badly. So I downloaded this game I brought on sale ages ago, I decided I needed to play a easy plat game to give myslef a bit of a ego boost.


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    2. Honor_Hand


      That Platinum trophy image is indeed awful. 😅


      So this one is like a shmup similar to Ikaruga BUT with an easy trophy list. I mean, game is still tough as nails but you don't need to murder yourself when going for the plat. That's nice.


      Congrats on completing this one, charxsetsuna. :)

    3. charxsetsuna



      Thanks 😀


      Yeah they could have easily made this trophy list a real pain, but thankfully they didn't. Or else it would have been like ikaruga's plat for me, a game I really enjoy but I'm no where near good enough to even dream of the plat.😂

    4. Honor_Hand


      @charxsetsuna Yeah, no, I know what you mean with Ikaruga. I have it. The game looks super fun but that platinum journey looks far too impossible even for me, lol. 😂

  6. (Trials rising)(slight rant)

    I'm trying to get a diamond medal at the moment in this game. Its basically for getting a really good near perfect time or score if a skill game.


    I looked up a "easy" level to do it in and I got a time that was 0.008 seconds too slow and I have not been able replicate that attempt. All I've managed to obtain so far in this process is a slightly sore arm, somehow.

    I'm not giving up though.😂

    1. Honor_Hand


      That's some determination right there, lol. 😂 Best of luck, those Trials games can be brutal.

    2. charxsetsuna


      @Honor_Handthanks, yeah they can be. Some of my trials fusion trophies are among my proudest trophies. 

      I'm still trying to get some trophies from fusion, but considering I've been trying on and off for over a year now,  no idea when I'll actually get them.😂

  7. There's a legitimate investigation going on in the disputes at the moment. It's actually impressive how organised people are, reminds me of how speedrunners work together to find glitches.

    It's good to see.

  8. Plat#40- Habroxia 2 (vita)


    The ps4 and vita stack for this game is finally complete, I still need to do the update trophies for both versions though so I'm not completely done with this game.


    This game is great if you like the genre and I had a lot of fun playing through both versions.

    I have no idea what plat will be next, at all. I knew this would be my 40th as I was already close to it when I got my 39th plat but now I have absolutely no plan.😂

  9. I might get Tony hawk 1+2, I never played the franchise back in the day but I always wanted to.

    And these remakes looks great and to get a physical copy it's actually a good price.

    1. Copanele


      Can't recommend it enough, that collection was amazing to play!

    2. AK-1138


      It's, like, totally gnarly, dude. Go for it!

    3. Honor_Hand


      Those first two games were awesome back then and I've heard the remakes are just as good. Definitely a good choice. Go and make the hawk proud!

  10. Penalties are never good news
  11. This isn't looking too good for England.
  12. (Genshin impact)


    New codes only active for a few more hours.


    • AS6BQKLY9GLD: 100 Primogems + 10 Mystic Enhancement Cores
    • GBNA9J5H9Y4H: 100 Primogems + 5 EXP Books
    • LS6T4L9ZZ7TH: 100 Primogems + 50000 Mora
    1. Honor_Hand


      Thanks for sharing the codes here. Already redeemed mine!


      I'm taking a look at what's coming in the next big update right now. :D

    2. charxsetsuna


      @Honor_Hand it does look like a great update. 


      You asked before how it runs on ps5 and I've played a decent amount of genshin on ps5 now, one thing I have noticed is that the loading times are fantastic, they weren't bad before but now they are simply great.

    3. Honor_Hand


      @charxsetsuna Yeah, I can imagine the loading times are much better on PS5. You should've seen how bad they were on PS4 when the game came out. Like a straight minute loading whenever warping somewhere else. 😅 After a couple of patches and installing an SSD on my console, they became much faster, but I bet the PS5 is still better overall. ^^

  13. Injustice: Gods Among Us Ultimate Edition That rarity says it all, well done.
  14. (Crash 4)(ps5)

    In the interest of not potentially messing up any trophies. I did not even attempt to transfer my save for this. I don't even know if it works to be honest.

    So I'm starting a fresh save, its likely I'll get stuck on the same level as I did on ps4.😂But this version I will do that level eventually, i hope. 

  15. (Crash bandicoot 2)(crash games in general)

    While waiting for the crash 4 upgrade to download I decided to play some of the remastered trilogy. 

    My disc version of the trilogy is frankly broken, it crashes very regularly. So I'm playing playing the ps+ collection version. I had to wait till I got a ps5 to make progress again for this reason, no way I was buying another disc copy if I can get it for free by just being paitent.


    Anyways I tried to make progress in crash 1, I got absolutely nowhere. I absolutely hate sunset vista,and that's all I have to say on that matter. 

    However I actually made decent progress in crash 2, Which is better than I normally do. 


    I didn't play warped today, only things I have left to do in warped for the plat are

    -one misc trophy

    -gems and relics 

    -have 99 lives

    So one day soon I'll make a active attempt to plat this. It will take practice but I'm sure with enough practice I can do it.

    1. kindajustin


      I envy your ability to actually make progress in platformer games 😂

    2. charxsetsuna


      @kindajustin I actually surprised myslef with how much progress I made yesterday.😂


      Im sure your not that bad at platformers.