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  1. There's no plat so I can't say I care, I just want to play the game. If im near my ps4 I'll play on that and if I'm near my ps5 I'll play on that. All I care about was not getting flagged for a odd trophy list, but now I know I won't. Annoying this keeps happening though
  2. (Missile command recharged) (ps4)

    Something weird going on here, the ps5 trophy list is in the server but the ps4 one isn't.


    I popped a trophy in game but when I went to check it in my trophies the list doesn't exist. It released today so maybe I just played it too soon.

    Also there are two ps5 lists but those could be different regions for all I know.

  3. (monster energy supercross 5)

    started playing this because it was free on my tier of plus and i like games like this, now i only have 11 trophies left to get. I may have gotten a bit distracted by this game.

  4. So I just brought all three of the strikers 1945 games on ps4, I used to love the first two on ps1, never played the third. 


    In other words, nostalgia won.

    1. CelestialRequiem


      Excellent games. I'll go for the plats someday. 

  5. (hot wheels unleashed)

    while this is a surprisingly good game, though to be fair my standards for racing games are low there is one problem with it.


    the trophy screenshots are awful, nearly all of them so far are of a loading screen.


    jokes aside, if your playing this game theres a ton of free dlc you can get, some good cars included. You just have to scroll through the massive amount of dlc this game has to find them.

  6. My 2tb external hard drive for my ps4 has arrived, no more deleting and reinstalling stuff. (At least for a while)


    I now need to get one for my ps5, expand that by 2tb too. I need space for gundam evolution when it comes out and I don't want to delete stuff for it.


    I should have expanded storage years ago.

    1. funboy1246


      always thought bout doing this but i have a 1tb ps4 pro so as of yet storage hasn't been an issue. if i still had my 500gb one yeah id def do this. is it expensive to take this route? not huge into that kinda stuff so unsure of the price ranges on external hard drives

    2. charxsetsuna




      Mine cost £70 but I don't know if that's considered expensive or not as I brought a playstation licensed one.

  7. I finally got sick of deleting and reinstalling games, I brought a external hard drive for my ps4/ps5. This should save some annoyance.

    1. StygianWolf4


      It's definitely a worthwhile investment, I have a 3TB external for my PS4 (my PS5 doesn't need one yet I don't think but I don't have many games being worked on at a time) - I might consider a 1TB in the future for extra storage though. 

  8. I was considering buying a keyboard today, decided I didn't need one and brought two point hospital on ps4 for roughly the same amount the keyboard would have cost.


    Though I have wanted two point hospital for a while now so it's not a impulse buy, another game to add to my physical game collection. This is a game I wanted physically, even if it is cheaper digitally. I like getting these more unique games physically.

    1. Rally-Vincent---


      I'd buy every game physical if only they were all available on disc.

  9. My last trophy was 7 days ago, I really have been ignoring my playstation recently.

    1. starcrunch061


      Are you playing anything right now, or just chilling without gaming?

    2. charxsetsuna


      Im playing less games in general , but when i do its been either on my laptop or on Nintendo platforms recently .

  10. The fact there are people playing gundam evolution on pc already and I'm stuck waiting for for the playstation release is tempting me to play overwatch 2 to fill the time gap.

    1. Copanele


      Heh good luck playing Overwatch 2. I caught a 1999 people queue last night  :D 

  11. Alex Kidd in Miracle World DX is my next game to play, same rules for myslef on the first playthrough.

    -No looking at the trophy list other than to see if there's a plat or not.

    -no guides

    -no trophy pop ups.


    Why this game, it's short and free on my tier of ps+. About 40 minutes in and its fun, playing with modern graphics.


    Once I've finished the first playthrough I'll then decide if I want to plat it or not.

    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. MidnightDragon


      If I remember right, you can switch to retro style too. 

    3. charxsetsuna




      Yeah you can, you just have to press one of the shoulder buttons at any time during gameplay.

    4. MidnightDragon


      I didn’t do that on my PS4 run, but might on PS5

  12. plat#57- donut county


    First plat since turning off trophy popups and banning myself from reading a trophy guide during the first playthrough. I picked something short so if i did need to do another playthrough it wasn't the end of the world, i didn't need to in the end just clean up via level select, no idea if there are missable trophies or not.


    A fun and short game which i highly recommend buying. Now i feel the need to give the Katamari franchise a chance, seems to have a similar vibe to it.😂

  13. (donut county)

    the first game i've finished the story mode of without trophy pop ups, thought i would pick something short firstly. This game was really good, strange but really good.


    Now for the misc trophy clean up because while not reading a trophy guide all the time was great, that did mean i missed a lot of random trophies.

    1. Allstory_noplat


      It is a good game, good luck on your new venture

    2. charxsetsuna
  14. i have finally made the decision to turn trophy notifications off, maybe using trophies as less of a milestone goal in games might actually help me finish games, i think Its worth a shot.

    1. Sikutai


      What a coincidence, I did the same thing last night. I hope then to be able to concentrate more on the games again and to get rid of my trophy addiction.

    2. Sergen


      Then you find out that a trophy didn't unlock during your playthrough after the playthrough and then you get flagged because you didn't immediately publicise that fact on PSNP. 

  15. Oh dear😂

    PlayStation just decided something for me.


    A few weeks back I was wondering if i should buy donut County or not, decided to wait.

    Today I was buying a new sims 4 dlc and donut County was still in my basket and I didn't realise so yeah I brought both by accident.

    I'm not annoyed since its a cheap game, I just find it funny. I now own donut County.😂

    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. Joe Dubz

      Joe Dubz

      Ha go PSN!! I did enjoy that game. It kind of reminded me of an alternate version of Katamari or something! I hope you like your inadvertent purchase... If all else fails, at least it was cheap!

    3. MidnightDragon


      Donut County is a lot of fun.

    4. LukeTheGooner


      donut miss out on it