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  1. Thats annoying,its Bandai though , as long as they can make money from dlc they will probably fix stuff like this. That and this is a big enough game for people to kick up a fuss about it. I'm confident they will at least try to fix this.
  2. Hendrik from dragon quest 11 I can't remember the last time I changed my avatar, its been hendrik ever since dragon quest 11 avatars got released for free.
  3. Rayman Legends I've heard the online challenges are a real nightmare.
  4. Burnout Paradise Remastered
  5. Honestly with how stock has been, the ps5 could be myth for all I know😂
  6. (Need for speed heat)

    Making good progress with this, im currently working on the trophies for winning a event with maximum stats in each category.The race and road stat trophies were OK but winning a race with maximum drift parts however.


    I was double the recommended overall stats for the race and it still took me two attempts. It was like I was racing on ice, this set up would be great for drift trials but for regular races no thank you.

    1. MyNameIs_Rainman


      the drift trials on the map is the one thing that keeps me from this game..its like no matter what car or setup I use im just trash at it lol

    2. charxsetsuna


      @MyNameIs_RainmanI have only done one of them myslef, but I can imagine the more difficult ones are a pain.

    3. MyNameIs_Rainman


      I followed like 3 different guides verbatim since I had so much cash lol built out cars just for it and still its like it just doesn't feel natural. IDK I gotta go back to it one day, its that and very few other things keeping me from the plat, but ugh thinking about those trials makes me sick

  7. (Final fantasy 7 remake)(spoilers)

    Making decent progress in this, I've missed a few things playing without a guide but thats what chapter select is for.


    However I did just spend far too long in the squat minigame. Either I have no rhythm or that minigame is ridiculous, at least I got the trophy for it now. 

    1. Dr_Mayus


      Good luck 😁 i had a blast with it.


      The squat/pull up trophies are all about timing. Once you get it down it is not too bad.

    2. charxsetsuna




      I've heard about the pull up minigame, I managed to get the squat one so hopefully I can do that one in roughly the same amount of time.


      I would be doing the main story faster if I weren't in a permanent state of distracted by the side activities/quests🤣 . I fear for when I play yakuza 0, I won't get anything done.

    3. Dr_Mayus


      Lol, yes easy to get distracted. I actually found the side quests to not be to bad. Sometimes games just load them on but ff7r has them nicely sprinkled throughout the game so they dont over stay their welcome.


      Also, good luck on the mini games. I didnt find them too bad and once you get the timing down it will only take a few tries.

  8. I may have also voted wrong by accident 😂
  9. I never finished it because im not very good at it. My skill level when it comes to 2d platformers isn't great, I will finish it one day I swear.😂
  10. (Darkstalkers resurrection)

    Finally got around to buying this today. I didn't want to risk it getting delisted early so even if im not focusing on this right now i wanted to buy it now. 


    So far so good, played a bit of arcade mode. Had to choose between felicia and Morrigan, picked morrigan but I'll play as felicia next. I like both characters fairly equally so its going to come down to playstyle ultimately.

    Though the werewolf looks interesting too. 


    The downside to my only knowledge of this franchise being marvel vs capcom.😂

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    2. Copanele


      Morrigan has a ton of pros (raging demon and that sweet look) but that diagonal dash kinda ruins the mood xD Talbain is super fun tho. 


      IF you want to blast everyone 's eyes including yourself, pick Pyron and start firing fireballs. That colour contrast will win the match and blow up your tv i assure you! 

    3. charxsetsuna


      @Honor_Hand yeah I will probably try felicia maybe today, her playstyle does look fun. With morrigan i was resorting to the well known jump and kick strategy I always do when playing a 2d fighting game for the first time.


      @Copanele thats friendly fire taken to the extreme😂

    4. Honor_Hand


      @Copanele I wouldn't be surprised if this guy caused epilepsy to many a gamer back in the day, lmao. xD




      @charxsetsuna Awesome! Yeah, that jump kick strategy works on most 2D fighters out there, I know I use it as well. xxD

  11. (Final fantasy 7 remake)(possible spoilers)


    I'm out of the side quest stimulator and I am back to making progress in the main quest chapters. 

    I used to do a chapter a hour but considering im at 13 hours and only at the start of chapter 9 its clear that didn't last. I blame my refusal to leave side quests uncompleted.



  12. I've finally got into looking at what i need to buy from the ps3 store, not much so far but I might get darkstalkers resurrection.

    I've never actually played a darkstalkers game before and I've heard this is a good one.


    Thankfully most ps3 games have physical releases so this shouldn't be a too expensive list of games I want to buy.

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. charxsetsuna


      @Copanele I haven't even looked at the trophies yet, this is a game i will play just because I want to and ignore most of the trophies.

      I'm like that with fighting games, I don't go in expecting to get trophies normally. I just find them fun.


      I do want the soulcalibur plats though, I need to actually put in the effort and do those sometime soon.

    3. Copanele


      Good good! Then you will definitely enjoy it. Some movesets are just like in Street Fighter :) 

    4. Honor_Hand


      Be sure to pick Felicia as your character of choice and you will make me proud, lol. 😂


      But for real here, the game is fun. If you enjoy classic SF2, it plays kinda like that but a bit more fast-paced and with far more interesting characters.



  13. (Need for speed heat)

    Once I finish one racing game I start another clearly.

    I have never played a nfs game I didn't like, they are never game of the year worthy (maybe underground 2, whens the remake EA?) but they are always fun.

    This game also got a great first impression by offering a mustang as a starting car .


    I could be stopped by the online trophies in this game, depends on how motivated I am to get the plat.

    1. arsenal4life1471


      this one shits on the last two games for sure (need for speed 2015 boring and payback with the loot box shit)   imo but i agree need for speed games are generally enjoyable though

    2. charxsetsuna


      @arsenal4life1471 I found need for speed 2015 to be fun. Payback on the other hand I never finished, I might go back to it one day to give it another chance.


      Loot boxes have no place in need for speed though. And it's worth noting i play a lot of budget racing games so my standards aren't exactly the highest.

    3. Honor_Hand


      I really enjoy the NFS series. They may not be GOTY material but, for the most part, it's a pretty enjoyable racing game series that frequently tries to re-invent itself and provide something different among all the different games in the series. There are some real stinkers in the franchise, but then, there are others who have been well-received and have achieved a near-legendary status.


      Haven't tried any of the newest ones yet (anything on the PS4), but I have heard Heat is the best of the ones in recent memory. The online is kind of grindy, though, from what I've heard.


      Have fun over there! :D

  14. (Final fantasy 7 remake)(spoilers)

    Actually made progress in this today.

    Cloud really is a arse sometimes😂 I'm doing all the currently avaliable side quests before continuing the main quest at the moment.

    At least this isn't like dragon quest 9 , that game tells you off for ignoring the main quest too long. ff7 remake just tells you off for going in the wrong direction.

  15. Plat#35- xenon racer


    Finally this is done.

    This is a good racing gane, not the best racing game I've ever played but its good.


    This was going to be on my backlog forever until someone told me you can do the online trophies solo against ai. 

    However you may be done with this game before getting the 10 hours played trophy and you may be left having to do the boring process of mindlessly grinding for that trophy.



    1. Show previous comments  6 more
    2. Honor_Hand


      Well done, congrats!


      Nice to know that the online trophies can be done solo.

    3. charxsetsuna




      Yeah I probably would have never gotten the platinum if you couldn't. I tend not to boost games very often so games that need boosting tend to remain unfinished.

    4. ShonenCat


      Congratz! 🎂