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  1. (Assassin's creed 2)(ps3)

    Going back to this game today, for a older game in the franchise it's held up very well. However I haven't played any of the ps4 era ones so I have nothing to compare it too.


    Only assassin's creed games I've played is a psp one I can't remember the name of currently and brotherhood and in brotherhood I mainly only played online.


    This is currently my only plat project of the ps3 ones because the others all have online trophies I think. I don't know if I can put myslef through online trophies on ps3 games.

    I will play the main story of them though, if I enjoy them and want the plat I'll just get the ps4 remasters.(might do that just to stack ac 2😂)

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    2. xEl_Cidx


      Assassin's Creed (PS3) no trophy support is good as well.

    3. Deceptrox


      @xEl_Cidx Yeah, the mission are too repetitive though but the atmosphere is great. And you actually fight against knight templars. Hopefully we'll see a remake or at least a remaster one day.

    4. charxsetsuna


      @xEl_Cidx I was wondering if I should start with assassin's creed 1, but looking online it seemed general advice was to skip it and I also wanted trophies.😂

  2. (Horizon chase turbo dlc)

    My plan for today is to make progress towards getting this game to 100% again. For a dlc it has a good trophy list.

    I'm hoping these trophies will stay ultra rare but I'm not convinced they will.😂

  3. (Assassin's creed 2)(ps3)

    My ps3 has been very ignored recently and I've been meaning to play this so I'll spend a little time playing this today.


    I'll probably go back to dragons crown again today too, perks of having a day off. Actually having a decent amount of free time.

    1. snakebit10


      Same here. I try to motivate myself to play my PS3. I have some games I still want to finish and start.

    2. charxsetsuna


      @snakebit10 I know I have no hope of ever getting through my ps3 backlog. I do at least want to play(not plat) the dragon age games and try to plat the fallout games though. 

      Good luck with your ps3 backlog.😃

    3. snakebit10


      Thanks. I probably will never get through mine either 

  4. (Dragon's crown pro)

    Much like real life, I have no idea how to cook in this game. I was just pressing button prompts randomly hoping it works.


    Considering I got literally no bonuses from it ,I'm assuming it did in fact not work.😂

    1. starcrunch061


      LOL. Cooking trophies were the absolute last trophies I got in the game. I really did not like that minigame. Good luck!

    2. Eraezr
  5. (Dragon's crown pro)

    I can't decide between progressing the plot or playing side quest simulator. So knowing me I'll probably end up playing side quest simulator.😂

  6. (Dragon's crown pro)

    When someone said you can find overleveled skeletons from other players I didn't think they would be that overleveled.


    I just found one and they were level 244, for context I'm only level 22. This feels a bit like cheating but oh well, the game allows it and I do have multiple playthroughs left to do.😂

  7. (Dragon's crown pro)(spoilers?)


    I was wondering why I couldn't find the option to turn the online features on, you unlock them a few hours into the game.


    I would have expected to unlock them sooner to be honest. Anyways I suspect I'll need to level up a bit before attempting the next part of the game, that means side quests.😂

    1. starcrunch061


      Which character did you choose as your main?

    2. charxsetsuna
    3. starcrunch061


      Ah. That character is ridiculously overpowered by the end. Good if you want to play solo (you can easily solo the whole plat with him), but bad if you are looking for a challenge.

  8. Iconic character, classic art 8.5/10
  9. Im a 🎼Spooky Scary skeleton 🎼
  10. Not if I didn't have to.
  11. So I brought a physical copy of dragon's crown pro for £28. And what is now on sale for under £7? dragon's crown pro.😂

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    2. MidnightDragon


      You could return it and rebuy it. I do that sometimes.

    3. charxsetsuna


      @MidnightDragon I could but I kinda want to keep it because I like to have physical versions of games.

      I'll probably also end up regretting selling it. This strikes me as a game that will probably get expensive to repurchase in the future too.

    4. MidnightDragon


      Fair enough. 

  12. (Dragon's crown pro)(first impressions)


    The art- 

    People weren't kidding when they say this game has great art in it. Just from what I've seen so far it's brilliant.

    I do feel like some character designs here wouldn't pass the the new sony censorship rules though.😂


    The trophies-

    I was confused at first why this game takes 90 hours to platinum but I now see you need to finish the game with each character so it makes a bit more sense.

    Honestly seeing a game takes 90 hours to plat puts me off a bit. A exception to this was dq 11 so it's possible for me to go for a plat this long just rare.


    The gameplay-

    So far the gameplay seems great, not much to say about it honestly, it's fun. No strong opinions here yet.

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    2. charxsetsuna


      @Sir_Bee 90 hours is just what the trophy guide says, not sure how accurate it is.

    3. Baker


      Trophy guide can be way off. It took me 50-60 hours.

      My best advice is to play online once you get to Infernal difficulty in the hope of encountering some Asian players that are way overleveled. And get lucky to pick up their bones so you can use them as NPC’s. Makes all the difficult trophies very easy. With these NPC’s you can also run through the game with the another character in an hour. 

      Anyway enjoy. It’s a great game.

    4. Honor_Hand


      The art in this one is brilliant, as with all games made by Vanillaware. ^_^ I remember I got the PS4 version of this one a few weeks back thinking it was going to be a different stack, but nope, my mistake. 😅




      Yes! The guide is more or less accurate. There's some very heavy grinding at the end of the game. It's not so much having to clear the game with each character, but reaching level 99 takes an awful lot of time. Unlocking everything in the gallery and having the proper equipment to tackle the last 2 boss trophies (Demon Lord and Ancient Dragon in less than 4 minutes) takes time too. The game is very short so you'll be repeating the same stages over and over to grind them.

  13. Prefers to highlight your favourite gold trophies over your platinums.
  14. (Ni no kuni remaster)

    It seems history has repeated itslef for me with this franchise.

    I first brought ni no kuni 2 because it was in a psn sale, now the remaster of the original is in a good sale so I brought that one.


    Should be interesting, most people started with the original but I'm working backwards in the franchise.

    Anyways ni no kuni 2 is one of the few jrpgs I've actually finished and gotten the plat in. I would like to have multiple plats from one franchise so I'll give it a go. 


    I'm aware this makes my already massive jrpg backlog even bigger but I'm just going to ignore that problem.😂

    1. Infected Elite

      Infected Elite

      id say backwards is better. NNK1 > NNK2. 

  15. (Game pickups)


    Went to the shops looking for assassin's creed 2, dragon quest 11 s and samurai warriors 5 today. I only managed to find assassin's creed 2 but at least I found one of them.


    I got three games in total today.


    Assassin's creed 2(ps3)-

    Apparently I'm collecting ps3 assassin's creed games 😂 I have nearly all of them. Anyways this was only £1.50 so great price imo. Assuming no online trophies this will probably be a platinum project.


    Watch dogs(ps4) -

    impulse purchase, it was only £4 and I thought why not. May end up on the backlog for a while but I will get to it.


    Dragon's crown pro (steelbook,ps4)-

    I've been wanting to get this game for ages, I had no idea it had a physical version. 

    It was £28 but I'm not turning down a steelbook of this, this is a high priority game to play. To think I would have never heard of this developer if it weren't for randomly buying odin sphere on a single persons reccomendation.




    I'm happy with what I found all in all.😃

    1. Honor_Hand


      That steel book edition of Dragon's Crown is a gem. A mighty find indeed. Treasure it well. :D