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  1. I thought this sale was a complete failure for me, but at least it has habroxia for sale for under £2.

    I suspect with it being a r type style game it will work decently well on vita since its crossbuy. 


    It has separate trophy lists and if I enjoy it enough I'll stack it I think.

    1. KANERKB


      I agree the whole Halloween sale just sucks

    2. charxsetsuna


      @KANERKByeah its not great, only other thing I'm even considering getting is doom 3

  2. I might return to this game now, now it's fixed.
  3. A indie game that tries to make you nostalgic for older games.
  4. Im not keen on the idea
  5. I would probably be killed by them
  6. I hate photo shoots
  7. I would be careful because that could end up getting you banned again.
  8. I can't help with the issue your having but I can say that making the block of text into a few paragraphs instead will help the readability of it.
  9. Souls I need souls.
  10. 7/10 A deer , interesting choice
  11. No definitely not
  12. Depends whose side they are on.
  13. My forum avatar for the first time in months is not a anime girl.

    I thought my old avatar was hanging around for too long so I stopped with the fire emblem and instead now theres genshin impact.

    1. Honor_Hand


      Kaeya is definitely among my mains even though he's not a cute waifu. I can certainly approve of that avatar choice you have there, citizen. Carry on. ;)xD

  14. They are probably researching the flag or something. Though this is a popular franchise so I would have thought someone would have chimed in with some knowledge.