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  1. Grand theft auto Memory cards or hard drive space.
  2. Pokemon
  3. I'm in the process of doing the local multiplayer trophies in doom classic and doom 2 by my self. I've done the 25 kill ones but 100 kills will need me to kill idle player 2, respawn player 2 , move it to a good location and repeat 150 times because I have 75 kills left to do on each game.
  4. I've played a bit of it and it doesn't seem that bad so far. A fun game even if your like me and is useless at creating things.
  5. If this is as precise and as skill based as the trailer makes it seem this is going to be tough.
  6. The list looks easy but with games like this the bosses can be difficult. The graphics look like a combination of Atari 2600 and gameboy which is interesting.
  7. I always check for online trophies before I start a game. I dont mind using guides but the only games I won't are puzzle games because then what's the point of playing puzzle games. I could do Lara Croft go very quickly but I wouldnt feel proud of it so I refuse to use a guide. Most games I will use guides however because at the end of the day you still need the skill to do the thing.
  8. Only the first episode so not really. Gundam iron blooded orphans
  9. It's two gundam characters names combined. Char from the original series and setsuna from gundam 00 . The x is just there to make the name flow better.
  10. Tortoise
  11. It looks interesting but not really my sort of game unfortunately. The trophy list looks like a guide would make it much easier.
  12. I would have been disappointed if that wasnt the first post honestly but no. Ecchi comedy .
  13. Nope Berserk 90s version