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  1. (Retro highway)

    Playing retro highway i was not expecting the game to have adaptive triggers on the ps5 version.

    It cost £4.99 for both the ps4 and ps5 versions in a bundle, they didn't need to put that much effort in but they did.


    It's also a fun games, worth saying it's not a racing game. It's basically a endless runner with a retro racing skin, but still very fun imo.

  2. Crash team racing probably, I was working on time trials for ages.
  3. I imagine this could cause enough of a uproar for them to actually listen though to be fair. I'm not sure on laws but this has to fall foul of at least one country's laws, surely.
  4. Switch games are often more expensive. Don't know why, maybe its the fact its on cart not disc, who knows. But that's a lot more expensive.
  5. A lot of people are going to be annoyed by this if true.
  6. If they are converting dollars to pounds accurately, that's puts it at about £24 which seems reasonable. I also saw a playAsia listing for £22. Though realistically this is a game I'll get digitally. I kind of just assumed there wasn't a physical release, collections tend not to have one unless it's done by limited run games or something. I saw that listing , doesn't appear to be on uk Amazon though.
  7. There is no world where I don't get this game. The only question is when, assuming it's a reasonable price I will probably get this near release. If its expensive, then I wait for a sale.
  8. The elder scrolls online maintenance period has been extended. 

    Offline single player games would never do this to me.

    1. MidnightDragon


      That’s why they’re better 

  9. So the UK gets the PlayStation plus reboot last, im trying really hard not to be bitter about that. Not sure how successful I'll be.

    1. ihadalifeb4this


      Yeah, that's what you get for leaving EU. 🙃

    2. AK-1138


      Such a defeatist attitude. Whatever happened to Anarchy in the UK and all that ja̶z̶z̶ punk? A nation o' bloody shopkeepers....

  10. Possibly unpopular opinion, if its causes you stress to think about a backlog then maybe its best to just not worry about it. Shouldn't force yourself to finish a game just to tick a box on a backlog checklist.
  11. Now that I finally started the original main questline in eso I finally got a trophy, only took me far too long.😂


    Though I must say,  I wish I had decent enough Internet to play this years ago, this game is great.😃

    Well at least I finally have the chance to play this now, good thing I kept the game disc and didn't sell it. It gave me a free ps5 upgrade.

  12. I think I've used trueachievements for trophy guides more frequently recently than actual trophy guides.😂


    Assuming it's the same list across platforms it's really useful for guides for individual trophies.

    1. Theladozz


      Trophy tips should have never been removed from this site. Would make half of the guides obsolete since so many games have only a couple of trophies even worth mentioning.

    2. charxsetsuna


      @Theladozz I started using this website after that happened but I've seen a lot of people complain about them getting removed.

    3. Honor_Hand


      Truth be told, I find the trophy tips and the quality of the information to be far better on TrueAchievements than here or on PST. I use them a lot too.

  13. Nothing makes you question what your doing like playing dig dug at 2am while listening to a skyrim video talking about if a skyrim character is being cheated on.😂


    Hopefully today I will play games at a reasonable time of day.😂

  14. I've finished my work day, now for ten days off. 😃


    Time to battle the backlog.

  15. (Retro formula racing)


    This game is very average imo, not much to it but what is there is fun. Easy 100% though, could have finished it by now but I got distracted by elderscrolls online. So whoops.

    I'll finish it tonight, shouldn't take long. Then its either starting panzer dragoon,working on skyrim trophies or getting distracted by eso again. 

    1. Honor_Hand


      Glad to read this here. I actually have this one on my wishlist and I was considering picking it up during this sale. Gotta say, the game looks super average, but for the price it has right now and considering it's fun, I guess it's worth picking up after all.