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  1. 38 minutes ago, gamitech said:

    That's a pretty insane achievement. Congrats.
    I can't even wrap my head around platinuming RDR2 in ~4days. That's fucking insane.

    Can I add you a friend in PSN in case I need help for some other game we might have in common ?

    Sure. Add this account (vgAlias) its going to be my last account/main account. Im tired of making new accounts to break records lol. I just got Days Gone record like 1-2 weeks ago on my vgRonin account, but want to break that record this weekend 😂


  2. 5 minutes ago, gamitech said:

    What's your strat to get to level 50 quick ? ( I'm just curious, I platinumed myself a few days ago)
    Also, how do you deal with the rare spawns during the single player story ( the rare birds, or the bear attacks ) ?

    The first time I did the online I took advantage of being able to replay one of the online missions and then just dying before completing it. Once it was patched I simply played online (large events) and ignored the objective, and just camped spawns. You get way more xp off of just farming kills than playing the objective. (Plus double xp) 


    Bear attacks were easy for me (each time ive done it) just have to find the bears, but imo they have set spawns/locations, just a matter of not failing to kill it after it attacks you and before you stand up. 


    You also need to be able to gold medal missions as you play to the point where you dont have to replay any missions to get your gold medals. When going for a speed run, most trophies need to become “story related” to you😂


  3. 2 minutes ago, Phantochi said:

    Im just trying to get my platinum, and this guy is filling the whole leaderboard with his name like it's nothing lol. Congrats btw, that's a hell of an achievement. 

    Thank you! It takes a lot of preparing, trust me lol. Not only this game, but MANY others. If you need help with the online, let me know:)


  4. 1 hour ago, GamingWithAbyss1 said:


    Normal upgrades you need though the story. But you can cherry-pick the easy fuel cells to get. The first 6 in the 1st & 2nd area of the game will need Stomp at 1 location which you get in the 3rd area. So thinking about it, I would get 1, 3, 4, 5, 8, 9 are easy to get from my video. If you need help with co-op just let me know. I have a save before Cragclaw so we can probably get all trophies in 5 minutes


    I can use the help if youre up with it! Will also throw your videos on my guide that im writing


  5. Forgot to “submit it for review” after I finished but just did so this morning! I made videos/screenshot but unfortunately was unable to pull them from the PS4 due to the game itself not allowing you too. I’ve never encountered this before haha. Why would a game not allow you to share your captures? I cant even share my platinum screenshot


  6. 5 hours ago, pandaswithbombs said:

    Yeah, I can try and make some. Which trophies did you have in mind? 

    any you see fit really. Idk what really need one. Maybe showing how to do an instant victories, the mira battle, and how to perform a super finish? most are pretty self explanatory and unlock normally so not too sure what needs a video.


  7. Just letting the fine users of PSNP know that my trophy guide will be finished in the next 24 hours for this website! I just have to write for 4 more trophies, and then complete my road map!


    It will be my first guide in quite some time, so all feedback will be appreciated when it gets published to the site! (I imagine it will be published in the next 48-72 hours depending on the guide teams schedule and pending approval of course)


    Coming from someone who has never played a Dragon Ball game before, I very much enjoyed it! The biggest con is that I dont like how frequent the enemies in the open world spawn/come after you. It makes certain tasks like gathering materials or getting dragon balls quite annoying. Some fights were a little tough, but that was before I understood how the community board and healing items work.


    I hope you guys enjoy the guide :)


    - Alias