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  1. I just cross save uploaded my lvl 53 from PS3 BL2 to HCBL2 on the PS4. Only thing that popped immediately was the '10 different outfits' trophy. Was kinda disappointing.
  2. I need some HD Jean Reno!
  3. Maybe the detractors don't have friends? I just got it and I enjoy it a lot so far. But I guess when I was playing Fallout 4 and my best friend was playing Fallout 4, we were both like "Man! Wouldn't it be awesome to both be in the wasteland?" So I guess this game is for people like me? Maybe there's a little sentimentality for me as well, as she's moving cross country in a month, so this will be our 'hanging out together' aside from Overwatch. There's been a couple usual Bethesda glitches here and there, but I find them humorous.
  4. snagged the GOTY off the PS store's Black Friday sale. I think it was $25 or $27
  5. Here's a kicker - I finally made it to the Alpine level, even got the 'bling' of the trophy that unlocked with it, I go in, and walk around, and then close to nightfall, it freezes. I reboot the system, and not only is that one trophy no longer logged on my system, but it reset the save file apparently, as now I have to go through them all again. Oh, the pain... Love your list - but I did figure out a fix on this one. At first I thought my controller was messed up and I was like "Noooooooo!", but glad to see its a glitch. The way to fix it is simply bring up the crosshairs, that'll stop it.
  6. Doncha guys think this character'll be available in the NA PS Store for $4.99?
  7. My feedback - not a fan of the 'trophies unearned' instead of # of trophies earned on the front profile - seems like that number should be more on the Advisor page? I also miss the quick friends page to see their trophies/progress. :/
  8. I would give my right leg for an Onimusha 1-3 HD collection, but more than that I would love to see a Fatal Frame 1-3 HD collection and a PS3 HD release of Fatal Frame IV (w/ Move support?) I've been trying to find a way to contact Tecmo because the Fatal Frame games never really got the attention they deserved and putting them in HD on the PSN and trophy support would probably blow their minds!