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  1. After testing a bit I think the game is weird about skipping too much time without playing the actual game. The way that i've been doing is :


    Rest and get contracts for 3 years --> play the first exhibition match possible --> rest and get contracts for 3 years -> play the first exhibition match possible --> go back to main menu and restart the game

    (You should, for example, start at the beginning of year 2100 and end at the beggining of 2106)


    It's a little slower but at least the game does't crash anymore for me.


    8 hours ago, ahmedelebiary said:

    Happened with me yesterday, I accidentally pressed square right after I pressed X and the game froze and lost all my coins ,tried it twice again and the same thing happened so yeah it's a stupid glitch

    lool what a weird interaction



  2. So when I'm farming coins by doing the contracts method I sometimes get distracted and click on the training session, which makes the game crash. When I reopen it all the coins I got in that session disappear, even though the years I skipped are still counted.

    After this I thought that if I returned to the main menu after farming a bit and reopened it it would save normally, but no, sometimes it doesn't save anything, sometimes it makes only some of the coins I gained disappear, but it never saves everything.

    Did that happen to anyone? Does anyone know a guaranteed way to save the coins?