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  1. Yeah, it worked. After earning a new trophy the game disappeared from psnprofiles.
  2. #4 has the same puzzle as in the game, except instead of "blue" you have a number visible from agent side. It's just for orientation. The easiest way to understand any puzzle is to just play the other role.
  3. Does world level effect abyss?
  4. Just got String It Together, and it was not fun, which is too bad since the rest of the game is so much.
  5. If someone else is having trouble with controls, here is the list of combos per character class - Special moves and throws require stamina (blue part of the ring beneath the character). I just finished boot camp and I'm not really sure if it matters which combo you use, you can swich them when you get sick of the same animation. Throw in L2+R2 special move while waiting for stamina to regenerate. Rinse and repeat till the end of the game.
  6. I ended up grinding money in TFMT itself, exiting after Saejima or Majima. You also gain some confidence for beating the tower. But I didn't get the feeling having really high lvl. weapons was actually necessary, as long as you have enough health to survive more than one hit per character, you can beat it.
  7. Is trophy list for Remaster same or separate?
  8. No, I haven't. I'll try that then, thanks.
  9. I tried deleting a game, with 0% trophies, on my PS5 and while it did work on the console, it won't update on the psnprofiles site. Anyone had the same issue?
  10. Thanks, it worked. Didn't even need to update to get the trophy.
  11. What is the fix for the disc version?