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  1. This issue in particular has been happening since last gen. If there's a save file from another account on the console that has that dlc done and you play split screen you'll autopop the full dlc. Works exactly the same on xbox too.
  2. What was the reason for the flag? Seems very suspicious how you dropped the game for years and then you came back and went from ~20 stars in time trials and ended up with 90 within a couple of hours. I have over 10,000 hours in mirrors edge on the 360 and have most of the world records so I know bullshit when I see it. I speak with confidence when I say that what you done is almost impossible. There's absolutely no way you came back years and years later and managed that feat within a couple of hours.
  3. Did I mention there was a rule? No. I was stating my opinion on the matter.
  4. For that price a game should definitely have a plat. Every game should.
  5. The glitch still works for those wondering. It's just really precise timing and takes a long time to set up. Definitely worth doing though if you're struggling!
  6. I can also help out with dsr. Just give me an add on playstation.
  7. Sony really couldn't afford to undercut Microsoft, especially that much.
  8. You are aware you're slating a 10 year old game right?
  9. Handing masses in at a time shouldn't make a difference. You saved all claptrap etc?
  10. You can say what you want, but using this didn't get your psn account banned.
  11. Pretty sure only waw and bo2 have issues when hackers can pop trophies for others.
  12. I get that, but never heard of people completing the whole game and not getting trophies for individual levels. I'm gunna stick with my opinion in that the op cheated lol.
  13. I'm pretty sure that beating the game as one of your first trophies is impossible.
  14. Glad to see this got resolved. Punisher seems like a really genuine bloke.
  15. As mentioned, it's been triple for a couple of months.