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  1. Fallout 4 is pretty fun, I would reccomend that but I don't know if you would enjoy it
  2. I can see you played Red Dead Redemption 2 in the past, you should plat that!
  3. Do you believe that there's going to be a psvr2 edition of the game? Knowing Bethesda and especially Todd Howard I'd say we can expect it for 2024. And to be honest, I would love it.
  4. Seeing the current trend of PlayStation to add a lot of PS4 games to cloud streaming, I really hope they add the delisted version of Tales from the borderlands, or at least a version of the game that shares that trophy list.
  5. That should work. Would it be ok to do that? Absolutely, the game is not multiplayer, you are in no way editing the game files to cheat and you are even going to give money to PlayStation and Gearbox by buying the Season Pass. No one should complain about it, go for it. Good luck hunter.
  6. My last trophy is nothing special, but I'm happy to have it because it's from a psvr game. I know that the new one just came out but yesterday I got the normal vr and I am so happy with it
  7. I can't believe that the trophies were never fixed
  8. No, I never found a fix. I believe that you have to own the dlc content to obtain it. I tried to get all additional trophies playing with people that own the dlc but I think that's the reason that it didn't pop for me. Is this your case aswell?
  9. Thank you developers for fixing this.
  10. I got the elimination bug too, did you guys ever got it fixed?
  11. I am done with this game. No way I am going to create a new epic account and give them money in order to get the platinum, fuck that.
  12. I found this game yesterday and aside from the 5 matches you play in the beginner mode, I've had a really hard time playing, to the point I can't find a match after waiting 10 minutes for matchmaking
  13. That's exactly what I was looking for
  14. The game will not award you both trophies if you completed it on your first try with a S rank. I reccomend completing all the levels just casually and after that going for S rank
  15. Nevermind I fixed it by closing and opening again