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  1. I do care in the sense that, ever since I really committed to trophy hunting 6 or 7 years ago, I've tried my hardest to 100% every game on my list that I still can - those that have already been there from before and those that I've started after. But I won't force myself, if I really don't like a certain aspect of a game (usually the multiplayer) and know it would be nothing but a chore, and I also don't let potential difficulty of a plat/100% dictate which games I play. I'll play what I believe will be fun and then try my best to 100% it. If I can do it, great. If I can't but I had a great time with it, I couldn't care less that I wasn't able to finish it. I kind of see every game that I play as a part of my personal gaming journey and the ones I couldn't complete trophy-wise because of a lack of skill on my part are no exception. Of course if I end up not enjoying a game as much as I thought I would and it also turns out to be too hard or tedious for me to finish, that's a bit of a different story and will then bug me a little, but it's ultimately still fine. The only things that really bother me are server shutdowns of old games I never had the chance to try and complete, and the 2 games I played with a buddy for a few hours way back when, before I cared about trophies, but don't actually own myself and have no interest in getting. Those 2 I would probably delete from my list if I ever had that chance (which I highly doubt will happen), but other than that no regrets.
  2. Nioh Trophy #10301: Beyond Death's Door - Completed all missions in the "Siege of Osaka (Winter)" chapter on Way of the Demon Last trophy I still needed to finally 100% this game after 5 years. Probably the hardest 100% in any Soulslike I've ever done, I seriously felt like crying a few times 😅
  3. I can confirm this as well. I just did the very same thing and ran the two new dungeons on the ps5 version (the autopop worked without issues by the way, it popped every single trophy) to get the trophies. As soon as I booted the character that had earned the achievements on the ps4 version, the trophies unlocked there as well.
  4. Awesome, thanks for letting us know! I almost didn't expect this to ever happen, but hey, looks like I'll be downloading the ps5 version tonight 😄
  5. So, for anyone with 100%, such as @SlimSanta94 or @I-CatHasTrophy-I, who might want to be brave enough and take one for the team and try this out: The update just dropped! At least here in Germany and also I only have the ps4 version installed, for obvious reasons, but I'm gonna assume, ps4 and ps5 update at the same time. Honestly, I really hope that this works. I don't quite have 100% myself (I'm missing 3 trophies, one of which being Emperor, one battlegrounds-related one and fishing 😆), but that doesn't bother me so much that I wouldn't switch to the ps5 version anyway, if trophies autopop at this point. So, if anyone actually wants to try this, I'm sure there are more people than just me who would greatly appreciate it!
  6. Finished Hunted: The Demon's Forge. Not exactly a hidden gem, but not really bad either. Easy enough to 100% too. Not quite sure yet what I'll tackle next, I might just work randomly on stuff without focusing on one game in particular, since I need to buy some dlcs and am not quite sure yet which to prioritize. Also I made some more changes. I added Borderlands 1 and 2 to the "already started" list, since I realized they both only had one trophy that was strictly online-multiplayer, and I managed to knock both of them out quickly. To balance that out (although not really for that reason, lol) I took Cuboid and Flow out of the "not started yet" list because I obviously failed to recognize that I wouldn't be able to play their dlcs via PsNow, since both of them are originally ps3 games, so I couldn't 100% them. Ah well... 😅
  7. Finished Skyrim. No big deal, it was only missing two trophies for whatever reason. But I also managed to finish Mirror's Edge, which is a bit more of a big deal for me. Kinda proud of that one to be quite honest. Definitely a game worth playing, though, I really enjoyed it, despite how frustrating it was sometimes. Also, I added Far Cry 3 to the "Not started yet" list, because two friends of mine actually gifted it to me unexpectedly, so obviously I'll play it 😁 Next, though, will be Hunted: The Demon's Forge, I guess.
  8. I'm a bit biased here, since I just got this plat today myself, and I don't really want to say: 'Don't go for it' at all, because it's a great game, imo... but the Mirror's Edge platinum is pretty tough and requires lots of patience (not to mention the 100%). Only go for it, if you really like the game and you know what you're in for because there will likely be lots of repeating the same speed runs / time trials. If you don't enjoy the gameplay, you'll end up very frustrated sooner rather than later.
  9. Trophy #8728 Mirror's Edge Superstar: Attain a Time Trial star rating of 90 [Pure Time Trials] It's actually the second to last and not the last trophy, but this is the one I'm more proud of 😜 Getting 90 stars in these time trials really is no joke. The pure time trial maps especially contain some serious bullshit moves that need to be executed for a chance at 3 stars. And even though I only just barely managed to get 90 stars (and not one more), I'm still super happy about it. After this, doing the remaining chapter speedruns that I'm still missing for the platinum almost feels like a relief.
  10. Finished Resonance of Fate and Rock Band 2. Resonance of Fate wasn't as bad as I kinda expected it to be from my slightly warped memory. The combat system takes some (or a lot) getting used to, but actually, it was okay. Not the best game I've ever played, but certainly not the worst either. Just grindy as all hell. Rock Band 2 wasn't even on the list until now, simply because I thought I wouldn't be able to finish it anyway. The online is completely dead, but thankfully I found someone to boost the single online trophy with, and I also managed to get my hands on a second guitar for a few days, which was needed for another trophy, so... yeah, super happy about this one, especially since it was so unexpected! Will likely be doing the two weirdly missing trophies from Skyrim next and then probably Mirror's Edge. We'll see what my sanity will have to say about those time trials...
  11. Prince of Persia and Final Fantasy XIII: Lightning Returns are both finished. Can't really say I'd recommend either of them in good conscience, to be honest. Lightning Returns is very restrictive with the time system it uses, and if you want to do everything in one playthrough, you'll have no freedom whatsoever to do things your own way (especially some battles, which only work with very specific tactics). Then again I still enjoyed at least some aspects of it, which is more than I can say about Prince of Persia. It might just be me, but I found the controls to be clunky as hell. There's a very noticeable input delay (sometimes there was no reaction at all), and in a game where there's a trophy for not dying more than a specified amount of times, this is nothing if not infuriating. There was certainly potential in this game, but it could have been executed much better. Well, anyway, on to Resonance of Fate! Not sure I'm looking forward to that either 😝
  12. I did the online trophies on PS3 about 3 months ago, the servers were still working then. They're pretty much completely dead, though, so you'll effectively need a boosting group for most of the trophies. The leveling can be done solo, however, and while yes, it's grindy and boring, in my estimate around 10 hours is closer to how long it takes, if you're efficient. There are videos that show you how to level up solo and which routes to take, so as long as the servers are still up and you find a group to boost with, you should be good to go.
  13. Finished Dragon Age 2. Not quite as good as Origins, but still worth playing, the Legacy DLC in particular was pretty interesting. I also realized that I actually forgot to put "Prince of Persia" in the Already started list, so there it is. Will probably be doing this one next!
  14. Finished Dragon Age: Origins and Flower. Playing all the Dragon Age DLCs for the first time was a delight (Awakening is totally worth it) as well as a bit of a drag in some places (yes, Darkspawn Chronicles, I'm looking at you!), and it felt like it took forever to get all the trophies, but I'm finally done now and have moved on to Dragon Age 2. Flower was a bit of a surprise for me. Didn't expect too much out of it, but ended up enjoying it quite a bit. The aesthetics and music are nice, if you can get into stuff like that and I actually found it to be super relaxing, but the motion controls take some getting used to. It's certainly not for everyone, but personally I liked it!
  15. Mass Effect 3 is finished. Took quite a while, but it was well worth it. Especially the Citadel dlc is freakin' awesome! Now I guess I'll be sticking to Bioware and finish up Dragon Age: Origins and Dragon Age II.