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  1. Pitchforks were already out, sorry dude. Avoiding a game because of trophies, smh.
  2. Why not? lol. The quality of games are continuing to get better, and better. And you expect to pay the same price? Almost a decade from now?
  3. You can make that trophy easier by going into hero starships mode, Immediately die and you can respond as a fighter. Slave 1 and Millenium falcon have way too much health for you to take on alone but the other hero ships aren't hard to take down as a fighter. Way easier than doing it in regular starfighter assault
  4. I've read the game can take a while to platinum and if anyone could give me at least a ballpark estimate that would be great.
  5. In Battlefront 2, as of right now I've gotten all the trophies besides Kill 500 enemies as a hero, and reach rank 50. I've only been playing for about a week and 4 days, and I've been playing other games besides it. I haven't boosted any of them and the lobbies are still pretty full in Battlefront 2, I don't know anything about the other one.
  6. Obviously, some of the people here can't accept understand the decision and reasons, but besides that no I don't think that's that fair of a move. Nor did I say it was. I don't plan on going back and reading but I said something along the lines of "correct me if I'm wrong" and "I haven't been keeping up with project red" But in the end, yes I do believe they could have given you far more time to get stuff done.
  7. That's still overreacting, and you did it again when you responded to the person. "let people spend money on it" No, you spent money on it of your own accord. They never had control of your money and therefore could never have "let" you do anything with it. I haven't checked any of their statements, but if the information in another comment was correct (if not ignore this) then they only made 4% of the money made on that game on consoles, why would they continue to support something that barely supporting them? That's not a shit move, that's being a good business. Then again I have no idea how much it cost them or how much money they make so maybe it was a shit move. How many people do you think actually played a card game ripoff, even if it was from a developer like CDPR? Pretty sure most of their fanbase is on PC, considering that's where they started and where most people play games. And that most of their console fanbase cares about The Witcher 3, not the ripoff card game. I know this is a trophy hunting site but you have to understand that developers (most of them, looking at you My name is Mayo) don't make games for easy trophies or trophies at all, it's just a side note for most of them. From what I read (correct me if I'm wrong) the already very small (relatively) fanbase for this game was dwindling and of that 4% (again correct me if I'm wrong, I think I read this in a different comment) was actually paying for stuff. It's a F2P game, I still don't see why people think that F2p games are supposed to be these masterpieces that the developers should actually care about.
  8. I mean, okay, you do that. You're still supporting them so it's not like you're doing anything. Hmm I don't really follow them that much, or any developer for that matter, but I'm pretty sure they built up goodwill by making good games, which they have. And because I honestly don't believe that they thought this was gonna be big or last anyway. The console versions apparently didn't make that much money, so guess what they're gonna do? They're not gonna support something that I assume, correct me if I'm wrong, cost money to maintain. I don't know a lot about tech and online networks and whatever but I think you have to pay to keep them active don't you?
  9. So, what you're saying is you can't sit through a story, you don't play survival games, you based your experience off of trophies and not the game itself like your title would have people believe. I'm all for you complaining about a trophy that's crazy ridiculous or unobtainable even, go ahead but you just called a game trash because you decided to play it for trophies and not for enjoyment or wonder or horror or whatever it was intended for, going for trophies is fun and enjoyable (most of the time) and can feel rewarding in the end but trying to base how good a game is based on its trophies is ridiculous. I haven't played a lot of these games, only a little bit of an earlier one I think, but how would you compare it to Metro 2033 or an earlier one?
  10. Sounds like you're playing a game for the trophies, and I'm sorry to tell you the creators of the game didn't make it for that reason. If you want that there's this game called "My name is Mayo", pretty straightforward and you don't have to listen to a story since that's not your thing.
  11. Well, If I ever try to play this game after finishing some games on my backlog I might do this or something similar
  12. Have no idea if it was updated in the last 7 days but you can play against yourself without a second controller as of March 10th, at 5:24 in the morning
  13. If you're not going for 100% then you shouldn't, if you want a hard experience then play on crushing because it's actually a pretty good mode unlike butal Good for you, you enjoyed Brutal. (Not Sarcasm even though it sounds like it) But you saying having decent shooting is going to make you fine is completely wrong. Brutal doesn't care if you're the best shot in the world when there's twelve guys with perfect aim, unlimited ammo, unlimited grenades, they all can kill you in one shot, etc. And it's really just luck based on whether you will die or not.
  14. Yeah, if you're watching an any% run. There are multiple categories including glitchless.