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  1. Pretty sure it Final Fantasy VII. Got the system for Christmas and it came with a demo disc, but no game. Dad ran to the Blockbuster and rented it for us. Then he didn't realize we needed a memory card as well. Bless him, he tried! Got pretty far on our first blind run with no saving. Stupid Dyne and having not used Barret since I had the choice.
  2. Shot in the dark and I dunno about the save file corruption, but when you say no levels loaded, you mean at the loading screen or the level buttons weren't appearing? If it's the latter, you might have triggered the 100% Cortex fight and you need to fight him again to get secret warp room levels to show up again.
  3. I keep my physical games. I have family who occasionally likes to borrow them and sometimes I get the itch to go back and play those games again. Also, I like collecting them. As long as I have the space and money, I don't feel pressured to get rid of them.
  4. The original controller I got with my PS4 still works perfectly fine, but the dreaded controller drift affected 2 out of the 3 extra controllers I've bought so far. Still up in the air if the latest one I've bought will develop it too. When the second one started getting bad drift, I got so fed up, I bought an exact copy of the controller, put the broken one in the box, and returned it for a refund. I almost feel guilty, but for the price these things are, they should last longer than a year. I still have my original NES and Genesis and I was rougher with those as a kid then I am now with my stuff.
  5. I just got to this spot. Taka pass enterance, looking on your map, is right by the river. If you head west along the mountains from Tsuta Ruins where you fought the Spider boss, you should come across a merchant(He has a blue Umbrella) that sells items for fangs. After finding him, there should be a fenced path behind him that goes all the way to the river. There might be a cutscene to fix the bridge if you haven't been there before. Cross the bridge into Taka Pass.
  6. I put "Failure" trophies in mine; ones that ask you to play incorrectly. Thought it'd be good not to take myself too seriously.
  7. Might be worth double-checking. I missed downloading the first theme and was having trouble finding where to get it. It was just hidden near the bottom of the theme list, mixed in with other themes I hadn't downloaded.
  8. It's a terrible game, but goddamn, if I don't love this song.
  9. This game has a wide variety of atmospheric music that does an amazing job of telling the game's story. This track for me is the most memorable as I've never had a track of music that made my anxiety spike while playing quite like this one. Other great tracks are "Outer Wilds", "Travelers", "14.3 Billion Years" and for lols, "A Terrible Fate".
  10. Too cool for school. (And the Trophy cabinet.)
  11. First time I've gotten one of these. (Maybe last year? Didn't play attention...) The theme was a nice bonus! Kinda surprised by my top 3. Feel kinda bad about having both Skyrim and Fallout 4 on there. Total Games Played: 30 Top Games: 1. Persona 5 Royal (142 hours) 2. Skyrim (134 hours) 3. Fallout 4 (132 hours) Top Genre: RPG (633 hours) Total Hours of Gameplay: 1470 (all off-line) Days Played in 2020: 300 Top Day of the Week: Monday Afternoons Total Trophies Earned 2020: 998 (21, 80, 229, 668)
  12. Aw, man, this game had such a surprisingly good soundtrack.
  13. I like the blue spheres bonus stages... Even if they're a little barfy now as an adult. It does help that a good chunk of the special stages are from S3&K or use similar gimmicks so if you played them, you have a good idea what to expect. Still, I only did them because I wanted to play the new bonus stage that happens when you get all the gold medals. I assumed it was the game not having a platinum that contributed to no one finishing it.
  14. Red Planet, Escape! and Center of Magma Tanker are also really awesome tracks.