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  1. Is this trophy bugged? I read that the tracking can be off and they suggested killing them all again. I've gone through them all three times and no trophy pop. EDIT: Figured it out!! Watching the powerpyx guide for this trophy again, there was a tip for "Complex - Evening" that read: "Doing a Melee Takedown on Him doesnt seem to register properly in some cases." I went back to complex -evening and shot him instead of melee and the trophy popped. So DO NOT MELEE KILL the mostly naked character on Complex -Evening. I would say, to be safe, shoot them all instead of melee.
  2. Reloaded a save from before DLC, dropped the difficulty and started the DLC over again. This worked. I now have the trophy.
  3. Yeah I submitted a post ont heir User support forum.
  4. I'm not getting any messages like that and I am up to date on patches. I pretty much always go to suspend the PS rather than power down, so i just tried a reboot and did three more, still no luck. My only other thought is to load an earlier save and see if that works.
  5. Has anyone else had an issue triggering the King's Maker trophy? I did the 6 royal demands from the story and then 4 more and the trophy didn't pop. So i did another 6 in case the story ones didn't count and still didn't pop. Tried to do a few more but then i gave up. Has anyone else had an issue with this?
  6. FOr some reason when i try to login in it says that i need to create an account. I've already entered my psn and created an email and password but for some reason if i get logged out, it wont let me log back in with the credentials i created. TO get logged back in i need to go through the process of entering my PSN ID chaning my profile with the code etc. am i missing something?