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  1. your best option is the Sony PlayStation Pusle 3D PS5 headset, it's very rare to hear somebody that has them say they weren't worth the money, yes, they have a weirder design, but I have them and before I got them I felt the same about the design, but once I put them on my head, they fit perfectly, so no complaints
  2. Black Lagoon rewatched all Black Lagoon after a very long time, I liked the first season but after that the story doesn't really hold my interest anymore
  3. a game should fit the vision of the developer, if a braindead mode makes sense in the game like something the Uncharted games have on the easiest difficulty just to see the story, sure, who cares, but for some games the challenge is the point so if the devs don't want to even give you the option to lower the challenge, that's fine with me
  4. RE4 changes related to Ashley and other things could've been way worse, like for example what they did in Dead Space to Nicole and the rest of the details
  5. I doubt it, PS4 needed a Pro because they maxed the console early with games like Arkham Knight in 2015, not even half in the gen, but for PS5 we haven't seen a single game built 100% for PS5 on UE5 but if they do it, most likely they'll do it because they can not because it's needed, and I'll buy it, why not
  6. Strike the Blood with the finale being out last year, I've decided to start this series from the beginning because I didn't remember anything from the first season which I saw a long time ago, but after the first season, everything was new for me unfortunately, while the first season has been a good rewatch, I enjoyed it, what follows is not that good, the series drops in quality with each new season, reaching a disappointing finale it doesn't help that after the first season gets a full development with 24 episodes, the rest of the seasons are in between 12 and 4 episodes long, which results in rushed stories that are no fun but season one is still good, at least that one is worth watching, and the rest is not the worst thing I've seen, it's just sad that it's not as good as the first season at least La Foila and grown Natsuki are 10s
  7. pre modern Lara > original trilogy Drake > UC4 Drake > modern Lara
  8. Batman as seen in: The Dark Knight Returns, The Dark Knight Trilogy, The Arkham Trilogy, The Justice League cartoons and several other DC Animated Movies, Zack Snyder's movies
  9. I play all DLCs
  10. looks good to me, I'll get it, amazing to hear Peter
  11. a Pro for what? extra higher res ps4 games? get a PS5, you'll be fine, if you don't want one, don't use waiting for a Pro as an excuse, just don't get one
  12. FF7R alone makes up for any disappointment from other FF games so the series is on positive credit with me right now
  13. when I saw that there's a new CGI Trigun show, I got a desire to be back in this universe, Trigun 1998 was one of the first anime I've seen, unfortunately, the new CGI Trigun show is not for me, so I've decided it's time to rewatch the 1998 season and the 2010 Badlands Rumble movie Trigun 1998 this anime is a 10/10 classic, the dual tone is masterfully implemented comedy/tragedy, perfect shifts, Vash, Wolfwood, Meryl, Milly, all amazing characters, the moral conflict between them and in general in the overall story is the core of Trigun and it always keeps the stakes high OST, JP voice acting, are perfect one huge highlight is the 5th episode, most episodes of anything are made as parts that forget their value as standalone episodes, but the 5th episode of Trigun 1998 should be taught as a lesson in how to make episodic content, it has a standalone story that is still part of an overall plot with amazing encounters, character moments, characterization, perfect tone shift, cadring, OST placing, it's just amazing, the perfect anime episode this rewatch has improved my already high opinion of Trigun, it 100% passes the test of time and not only that, it also gets better with age Trigun Badlands Rumble what this movie offers above the anime is painting Vash as intentionally seeking / following dangerous bad guys to make sure no people get hurt because of them, making him more of a true hero, where in the anime it feels more like he just gets in bad situations by chance due to always being bad situations in this world great movie overall, one of the best anime movies, the more modern animation of the movie is welcomed
  14. saw The Night Clerk because Ana de Armas is in it, the movie overall is very weak, waste of time, no point to it, nothing happen, 100% predictable, but Ana does a good job as always, too bad there's not much for her to work woth in this movie
  15. Cammy design in this is a 11/10