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  1. the online WBPlay for arkham Knight was shut down too and that didn't affect trophies, just a skin bein unobtainable, and Rocksteady patched the game to give the skin for free and remove WBPlay, it's definitely a developer by developer situation and not WB
  2. Batman Arkham Knight - a game where i don't have to compromise on any of story/graphics/gameplay, a complete package story/world/characters: a regular man with no super powers, but infinite resources, peak human condition and high intellect, with morality, principles, no kill rule, giving everything to protect his city against a brilliant gallery of enemies all the way from vast physical combat challengers to puzzles, fear, ideology set in a relative present time where he has access to state of the art technology having a romance with a woman that's just as capable in what she does can't screw up the ending, it's not about just the journey or the destination, it's about everything technical side: top of the line AAA realistic graphics with a unique artistic direction open world amazing in every category, voice acting, animations, sound design, camera work etc. gameplay: 100% offline singleplayer story centered game fast, fluid, rhythmic combat with multiple enemies variation, ground combat, vehicle combat fast, fun traversal that flows from in and out of combat
  3. out of those, easily Yakuza Kiwami, if that is your first Yakuza, you're in for a blast of a great adventure
  4. nah, it's an action game
  5. it's not upscaling, it's reconstructions, upscaling is taking a lower res image and blowing it out to a higher res one, reconstruction fills out the pixel map 1:1, 4k is 8 million pixels, even if it's checkerboard, it's 8 million pixels of checkerboard, so it's full 4k, upscaling would be 2 million pixels filling up 8 million, there's a reason they don't call it upscaling, if you don't know the technicalities, don't speak https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Image_scaling show me where you see checkerboard, temporal injection mentioned there and like i said, that's just some options, the console also outputs full 4k native in plenty of games, The Last Of Us Remastered, Persona 5 Royal, pretty much all sports games, they all are native 4k, you really have no idea what you're talking about, read the thread and count all the native 4k game son ps4 pro and tell me how many you find https://www.resetera.com/threads/all-games-with-ps4-pro-enhancements.3101/
  6. this game just looks so mediocre to me, absolutely nothing about it is appealing and they want 80 euros for it where i live, never going to happen, this is PS+/PSNow fodder, or a decent price for it would've been 20 euros, maybe 30 with some dlc
  7. easily the worst out of the modern TR games
  8. Nioh, took me a while, i had 150 hours savefile at the end
  9. finally got to this one, WW84, i am incredibly amazed at how the makers of this movie managed to have such a long continuous stretch of video garbage in every way, choreography, story, characterization, tone, CGI, pace, it's really impressive, the movie starts with a 20 minute CGI fest of completely unrelated footage to the actual movie, then proceeds to have a 1 hour long comedy where they also turn Wonder Woman into a rapist and is never brought up, then for the second hour, the actual movie starts where they start a contest to see how much they can break and misuse every single rule they set for how things work in their story, which they succeed at it very well, wow, who let this movie see the light
  10. a game being judged by it's trophies is not a thing
  11. this is the definition of a shameful platinum
  12. in some games yeah, but most other games range from using techniques like checkerboard 4k, temporal injection 4k, dynamic 4k up to native 4k, the UI is native 4k at all times, the console output signal to the TV is 4k at all times, i suggest you take a look at this thread because evidently you have no idea what you're talking about, you said the console does not output in 4k period, not native https://www.resetera.com/threads/all-games-with-ps4-pro-enhancements.3101/
  13. PS4 Pro does output in 4K resolution, that's why it was made for 4K TVs support
  14. of course PS5, the Pro is literally just a PS4 with more 2x GPU power for a little higher res, PS5 is a monumental leap in hardware from that and it's 99% BC, there are very few games that have very minor glitches and less than 10 games that have bigger problems out of 4000 games, would you limit your experience for 3950 games because 50/4000 have some missing graphical effects? PS5 locks almost everything to 60 and highest dynamic res with loading times as if you had an ssd installed, many of those PS4 games have free updates or versions for PS5 already, this is not a question
  15. i don't do it that way but i try to go for sets with franchises i like for what's on PS4 specifically, i don't have anything crazy that goes across ps3 10 game list or something like that but i have the Arkham Trilogy+2 Telltale seasons so that's like a ps4 Batman 5 game list, i have 5 Uncharted plats all ps4 ones, i have 4 Naruto plats all UNS ps4 ones, those are the 3 sets i'm proud of, there are smaller sets like Gravity Rush, Knack, i plan on going for Darksiders and Valkyria sets in the future