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  1. Venom design looks amazing, I kinda wish Spiderman got a new main suit for the 2nd game... idk how I feel about it being in NY still, I think they could've easily done it in Tokyo
  2. Grounded Mode was extremely unfun to me, it's not a hard mode, it's just a mindless follow this path to trick the god awarness AI the online part was super fun, one of my fav online games, I like that it's more individual focused than team focused, you can do good even with bad team members, but, having to complete 12 weeks or whatever it was for both factions was too much, I got bored by the first 3rd of the 2nd faction, and to finish it was a chore the trophies for playing on specific maps were also a chore because most people just pick the old popular map and it's hard to find a game on the more fringe dlc maps
  3. had no idea they existed, but apparently it's a really big studio, 250+ people mad eup of Sony veterans from Wipeout and other stuff, means nothing to me right now tho till they put out a game I like
  4. the VR headsets possible with the tech we have now? yes, new Elon Musk brain chip future VR tech possiblities? no, that's the real stuff
  5. 1. the into song is different, they redid it, not a technical error 2. you might want to specify the intro song, instead of the whole "game audio", the game audio is perfect
  6. I have OCD so I can't focus on a game while knowing there's other games waiting for me, I have to play one game at a time, or at most, I completely pause a game and focus on another game till I finish that then once that game is done for good, I come back to the first game
  7. I trophy Hunt, as a trophy hunter, online components for games are unavoidable, hence PS+ is essential, idk how anybody could trophy hunt 100% singleplayer games with absolutely no online feature trophies, even if you buy a 100% singleplayer game like Ghost of Tsushima, they surprise add n online mode later and what are you going to to? not complete it? PS+ is essential for everybody, wheter you play online or not, and if absolutely not a single game from the 24 free games yearly interest you, ... you might need to widen your interests
  8. so I guess the people defending it are hard at work washing the egg on their face now, but the sad thing is that they have to say gow, gt7 and other future crossgen ps4/ps5 games, like damn how many 1st party games will release on PS4? will the next Spiderman be on PS4? when will we see actual PS5 games? and don't tell me about fucking Retrunal or Ratchet, Returnal can 100% run on a ps4 and Ratchet only has a useless gimmick mechanic, I want real next gen games like the Unreal demo stuff with billion of polygons and all that, where those games at? PS4 had true next gen games year one, when will PS5 have some? year four? and also don't use the fact that PS5 is hard to get as an excuse of why games are on PS4 because games that are on PS4/PS5 crossgen so far sell 90% on PS5, like Miles Morales, Resident Evil 7 and others, ppl don't want to buy games on PS4 now even if they have to wait, they're waiting for the better experience
  9. they literally had 12 months of ps+ for 50% off for a few weeks last month, if you can't afford PS+, maybe playing games, an expensive hobby, is not for you, PS+ has been a core of the PlayStation home console experience for over 8 years now, get with the times or get left behind, lmao at the people thinking some random trophy in an online mode requiring ps+ is some strategy by Sony to sell PS+, you might want to look into flat earth, that might be for you, there are countless games with free online features like Watch Dogs was and the free games don't need PS+ and never did on PS unlike xbox where people paid for over a decade to play free games online, Sony has actually been the most reasonable of the 3 when it comes to this
  10. xbox sold the rigths back to Remedy, Sony has nowhting to do with it
  11. so like xbox worked for almost a decade and switch works for 4 years
  12. I say my profile has no dirty plats, at least for my definition of dirty, curious if anybody would disagree, of course I have easy plats, telltale, indie games, but those are still legit games, not joke games or 1-10 minute click plats or anything like that, if a Plat is from a legit game, I see nothing wrong with it no matter how easy it is and takes several hours
  13. they do have to offer them, imagine a game releasing for Xbox Series S and X in different editions, it's the exact thing that is happening now, Horizon 2 is one game, released on PlaySttaion, that you have to buy twice, this is ridiculous, imagine a game releasing on PC without ray tracing, DLSS, etc. and then a whole separate edition with those things, this doesn't happen anywhere except in Sonyland, and people defend them for it, it's like you want to be abused, you get off on it or something, do you know that 99% of movies released today give you a Bluray copy, a 4K UHD blu ray copy, and a digital code in one package? there is no other industry that works like Sony is selling this game right now