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  1. ummm that's why I played it, and not played 5 and 1, and BF4 was the same, just looked at my trophies, I've done 100% of the singleplayer trophies and 0% of MP trophies in 4 and Hardline and I have over 50% completion in both, so more than 50% of those games is singleplayer stuff and that's with the many DLC MP only trophies
  2. wrong, Hardline has a great campaign, so does 4, you get 40-45% trophy completion just from the singleplyaer
  3. because the emulator made by those "small guys" is a broken POS that barely works with audiovisual and input glitches, crashes, no OS functionality, trophies etc., no online, if Sony were to present a product before you they have to abide to a certain level of quality, they can't just throw a game into the emulator and see it boots up and say well, that's good enough for them, look at the PS4 BC even, 99% it works, but they gave warnings everywhere about hey this may happen, this and that, they clearly label the games that have problems on the store and not even list them to buy on the PS5 store, only way to buy those is through the site, and this is for a library of games which they share the same hardware architecture, can you imagine the level of quality assurance they would have to go through for PS3 games? for what? a library that 70% of the games got remasters on PS4 anyway? on topic: why so late tho? 1 year later?
  4. I've had a blast getting it, every single trophy
  5. yes, this game and this series really, "modern TR" didn't age well or turn well at all, gameplay if very floaty, story is... there isn't a story, character designs are dumb, and Lara is not Lara, this is just another boring empty character that just so happens is named Lara
  6. well, you're not going to like the answer but too bad, no you can't do anything about it and you shouldn't be able to do anything about it, this is nothing new, you should've known this can happen and make a decision beforehand, wait for the game support to die down and see if it gest dlc next time
  7. Batman Arkham Knight - challenge maps here are criminal, especially the community ones Assassin's Creed 4 Black Flag - online grind was a ps3 era tacked on multiplayer flashback Persona 5 - huge multitasking, mess one thing and everything is over, 100 hours wasted The Last Guardian - not a fan of having to play the game over and over again Bloodborne - the chalice dungeons and the DLC are what nightmares are made of I named these because if I had to do them over again, I wouldn't
  8. hopefully it stays 6 feet under
  9. Exclusives are absolutely a good thing, that is non debatable, from multiple points, business, creativity, strategy, diversity
  10. I don't care about the comrade stuff cause I don't mind not having 100% in my games, but I wish I would've never played this game, the story is idiotic and the game is a waste of human resources, time and money, having said all that, I will go and Platinum it cause I at least want to raise the completion % above 60-70 to boost my overall comp rate
  11. 19.4, after MW1, TF2 and now this, I'll never go for a list that has something like this, f this
  12. it doesn't oppose anything of mine, first of all, there's nothing from me, all I've showed is what the world factually consists of, second, marketing can deviate the word exclusive as much as they want by adding, time, console, specific console etc. before it, but you will never get away with plainly using just the word exclusive itself to describe something that is not, Sony games for the longest had a specific marketing of Only On PlayStation, I trust you won't dare to debate the meaning of those words, and that meaning is synonymous with the words PS Exclusive, for the first time in decades they completely removed any such marketing from the PS game boxes starting this gen, and that is for a reason
  13. well then fake news strikes again, several articles said exclusive in the title so I just went by that, but the point I was trying to make stands either way, I didn't doubt it because Ryan said other things in the past that he directly contradicted after like "the games you're about to see couldn't have been made without the PS5 power and be played without the PS5 controller" next show he announces those games will come to PS4 and or PC as well, lying for Ryan is not a new thing but if he didn't this time then good for him
  14. I don't know what bootleg dictionary you have, because when I type "exclusive definition" on google, I get 3 definitions that specifically say something EXCLUDING ALL BUT ONE "excluding or not admitting other things." "restricted to the person, group, or area concerned." "an item or story published or broadcast by only one source." within the context of the discussion, all these 3 examples follow as God Of War 2018 is excluding and not admitting platforms other than PlayStation God Of War 2018 is restricted to the PlayStation Platform, the PlayStation gamer/s God Of War 2018 is a video game playable by only one platform, PlayStation the moment you add in another platform, PC, Xbox, in that conversation, the definition of exclusive is voided by the 3 definitions provided by google can't believe I have to explain this, this is common sense, logic and critical thinking, if you're going to continue to deny reality, please don't respond to me, I'm not interested in discussing your fantasy world and I won't reply
  15. exclusive means only one platform, you can't debate reality unless you have a reality stone