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  1. Gotham Knights, but I wouldn't brag about that
  2. no, I replay games, if a game is great first run, it will be great the second run and the tenth run
  3. gated communities are always a positive format, they improve everything, it's like an all purpose pill with no negative side effects
  4. loved Spiderman, MGS, Alan Wake, RE4 PSVR2 were ok, some nice games here and there, but as a "showcase", one amazing game can't save it, it was the worst PlayStation show I've seen in my life, and I've seen a lot of them
  5. I'm one of the people that platinumed and enjoyed the original LOTF, and this surpsied me on how crazy good it looks, Unreal Engine 5, next gen, offline singleplayer option, badass tone, great character designs, preorder for sure
  6. looks graphically outdated, I would get it if it wasn't stained by the connection to ACV/newer AC games
  7. when can I preorder it? it's looking amazing so far, but I hope they won't force Miles down my throat, I want to play as the true, real, only, Spiderman, in this Spiderman game
  8. day one, loved MGS5, ready for more MGS, even if this was a CGI trailer, I hope it's a sign that the actual game delivers a high level of graphical fidelity as it should
  9. not sure how this is Alan Wake 2 when what, 50%? of the game will be a new random character, but I will gibe it a try since it is one of the few decent lookung ssingleplayer games still coming out in this age of dead service vottom tier cartoonnetwork looking games
  10. dead on arrival, useless, bad design, based on Sony's history, this will be overpriced to hell to make up for the lack of mainstream sales
  11. The Quintessential Quintuplets Movie the movie is ruined because of the nonsense ending, Miku forever
  12. Oldboy, 2003, remastered - it's a good movie, but not for me Out of the Furnace, 2013 - I liked it, Christian Bale does a great performance as always Mad Max Fury Road, 2015 - rewatched it for the first time, great movie, Tom Hardy does a great performance as always too Red Shoes and the Seven Dwarfs, 2019 - saw that Chloe Moretz had a few movies with voice roles, decided to watch this one and the next two, this one is ok, more for kids, she does what she can The Addams Family, 2019 - Chloe as Wednesday's voice works so well, you can tell that she is having fun doing her voice and she gives a great performance, the movie is good too, I like it better than the second one The Addams Family 2, 2021 - more of the same, good stuff
  13. for PS5: -remake: Ico & The Last Guardian give them the Shadow of the Colossus treatment first Assassin's Creed first Tomb Raider Transformers Cybertron games by High Moon first Watchdogs, full remake in the style of Matrix UE5 demo graphic fidelity to deliver even more than the original vision and live up to that hype -remaster Shadow of the Colossus, to fix the texture streaming/loading issues Assassin's Creed Unity God of War whole franchise up to Ragnarok Infamous whole franchise Gravity Rush franchise, easy native 4K/60
  14. they gave up when they decided it was ok to launch a new console with no games