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  1. watched "The Devil is a Part-timer!" Season 1 and 2 both seasons are good, but the first one is the superior one, way funnier and more consistent, I would absolutely recommend watching at least the first season
  2. finished "The Peripheral" Chloe is great in it, the picture and sount quality are ok the show starts out with a nice concept, real deal VR games, but after that, it quickly spirals down into a messy self indulgent attempt to write something that the writers were clearly not ready to pull off
  3. I thought Heimdall was funny, we get these games about Gods, but the extent of their divinity is the ability to punch a rock and/or jump really, really hard/far but Heimdall had a very interesting ability, vision, he can see ahead somewhat, and that makes him who he is, I thought he was a nice change from the Thor family punch hard type Gods
  4. this are all just my opinions, I'm not a game developer, I'm not a writer, but I've played over 200 singleplayer stories and watched even more movies/shows and all kinds of other storytelling content mediums, so I would like to think that by now, with all that huge library of content I have experienced over the years, I have a pretty good idea about what's cool and what not in a story from the audience's perspective this is NOT a GOWR hate thread, I like the game a lot as it is, but the point is that I could've liked it way more and I want to talk about how, and see if anybody agrees or has other interesting improvements so this are the changes I would've made to the game: - 1 - the connection to GOW3 Part 1 this is not negociable, you NEED a prologue chapter to the story where the first thing that happens is you hear the Kratos theme and you start at the point where you finish killing Zeus in GOW3 and it goes until we see exactly how Kratos met Faye, then we still get the Faye flashbacks/visions whatver they are as they are in the game - 2 - break the artificial formula you absolutely must break the formulaic structure that plagues most of the game, like: story moment here - to - one to two hour long exploration of a realm till you reach a meaningless goal - to - back to the house for a story moment and repeat three or four times - give better story payoffs for realm journeys - give more significant cast story moments when at the house, the frst one where they eat is great, the rest is MEH till the Tyr reveal - 3 - less is more Part 1 Atreus let's talk about it, Ironwood, "giant stuff", Atreus sections in general... and... ughhh... marbles look, I get what they tried to do with all this stuff, they had to develop the boy's story, make him his own character, not just the son of Kratos, but I think it's safe to say that without talking about what they should've done, we can say that what they did, doesn't work, it completely kills the pace/flow of the story and it doesn't do anything to make Atreus more likeable I won't go into what I think they should've done as far as doing something else, because I think that the game won't miss anything if all that stuff is completely cut and leave the giant connection as a background thought like in the 2018 game as far as the other Atreus sections, the non Ironwood/giant stuff/marbles ones, I think that the Thrud sections need to also be cut, but the Thor sections can get improved and expanded by: - give the choice to pick who you want to play as, Loki or Thor, if you're not going to give Kratos the hammer, fine, let us play as Thor in those Loki sections - focus on developing Atreus through the Thor/Loki connection, lean heavy on that, develop their sections and interactions more - 4 - Heimdall, the best performance of the story Heimdall is an amazing character in this story, he is masterfully performed, vocally, in motion and in writing, there's only one problem, I want more of him, he's this game's Baldur, but doesn't get Baldur's time to shine, and that is a tragedy, in GOW 2018 we get to explore and see how Baldur's protection spell has affected his life, why he is who he is, what drives him, and that's why he and the 2018 game/story work so well in Ragnarok, Heimdall has none of that, and we all lose because of it - 5 - "I'll settle your debt with my ex." / less is more Part 2 irrelevant content yeah... this has to go, all these modern day types of speech have to go from all the characters, but Odin especially, it just feels weird and takes away from the scenes and while some people might like it, we need to really tone down on the humor, Ratatoskr has to go, Hildisvini/Lunda Freyr camp focus in general has to go, Freyr is fine, his camp is not, Durlin has to go, we don't have the time and space for these characters in this huge story the story overall needs a less is more pass so the strong moments can be stronger - 6 - World Serpent and the lack of spectacle it's a tragey what they did to the World Serpent in this game, he was a key part of the last game, he is nothing in Ragnarok, Ratatoskr, Lunda, Durlin, that ugly dog at Freyr's camp all these characters have more screen time/importance in the story than the World Serpent and that is just... insulting, to me, after the 2018 game this guy is a key player in the 2018 game and the actual Ragnarok legend, in the Ragnarok game he's a blurry distant, very distant, background decoration for one small scene and this brings up a bigger issue, the lack of spectacle, in the 2018 game you have a section where: you call the Serpent, journey into his insides, Baldur comes looking for you, starts a fight with the Serpent, knocks him out, starts fighting with you until Freya comes and revives a dead and giant, giant, you start climbing that giant and fight all the way on top of him, Freya uses the giant's mouth to stop you, Atreus calls the Serpent to take out the giant... you get the idea, it's a huge spectacle with bigger than life characters, the space constantly moving, there is nothing like that in Ragnarok, yeah we get the Garm part, and it's ok, but it's not comparable to the final battle in the 2018 game, and... I just don't understand why, they didn't have the time, money and people? but they had the time, money and people for Ironwood? - 7 - the connection to GOW3 Part 2 and more I needed something big after the ending, something like after the happy ending where Kratos lives and gets to be the savior of these lands, we get a tease/epilogue moment like the Thor scene in 2018 and that is a scene where (because of whatever reason, Garm realm tears, Ragnarok monster, the Mask/Tear stuff) we see the ghost of Athena delivering a line of surprise/fear in shock "It can't be... NO!", as the camera pans from her to showing all the greek Gods coming back, Zeus, the whole gang, all we hear is Zeus saying "Where is he...?" and cut to credits this setting up the next series of games the ending we got, it's not easy to argue that it isn't rushed, underwhelming, Ragnarok is Ragnarok in name only, last Thor fight is lame, Odin killing Thor is lame, Oding first fight, which is also the final fight, is lame, the Mask/tear stuff has no payoff which is lame, a lot of the ending is lame and doesn't go anywhere, souls/marbles idea is trash, there's no point in talking about the norse myth ending really because it would need a major complete rewrite and resetup we know that at first it was a three game story and it shows, there's clearly not enough space for the actual Ragnarok event I could go on some more, but those are the main things I wanted to talk about
  5. finished watching Black Adam, I liked it, it's nothing must see for somebody that has seen most of the superhero comicbook movies, maybe if you're a fan of Black Adam you can get more out of it I'll say that it could've been a little shorter and it wouldn't have hurt, the teaser at the end is the most exciting thing in the movie
  6. 110th Platinum Trophy God Of War Ragnarock - PS5 The Bear And The Wolf - 23.93 Rarity This game was a great journey, it forms a complete and strong story with God Of War 2018, it manages to not damage what 2018 founded. As good as Ragnarok is, I will say that I like the 2018 game more and it's not a debate. Ragnarok is a great game, but 2018 is a great experience, above gaming. One of the highlights is the image quality, the 4K NATIVE presentation is incredibly clean, it should be a standard, I wish every game had it on PS5. Another highlight is the Dualsense's Haptic Feedback from sled traversal, this was the best use of it that I have experienced yet, I could feel the gliding on the ice.
  7. watched the first SAO Progressive movie, I was surprised to find myself enjoying it, it's the best SAO media by far, it makes the anime irrelevant, it has great animation
  8. yeah there's a huge divide in difficulty between main quests and side content on the standard difficulty
  9. everything deserved, more to come
  10. the PSStore needs a good purge of a few hundreds trash games, not every game needs to be on a PlayStation
  11. for the first run, I focus on the main quest, for the second run I try to do everything else before the main quest
  12. if I'm not done with a game in relevant time, always a fresh new game
  13. it's a pretty common sentiment, I share it, I still like it a lot overall, but 2018 is the superior game for me Ragnarok needed a "less is more" final pass in development for the main story pace/flow
  14. they broke the shield mechanic and ramped up to auto target to 100, idk what happened from last game to this one, in 2018 there was a good balance and great design imo, in Ragnarok it's like there's a completely new team making this stuff and it's amateur hour