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  1. decided to see the last Terminator movie, Dark Fate, this is the only one out of the 6 Terminator movies that I didn't like, a Dark Fate indeed, fitting title for this movie
  2. Batman Arkham Knight, can't recommend this game enough
  3. Injustice 2, if you have done the first one, you can do the second one
  4. Demon's Souls PS3, because I don't do PS3 games
  5. Batman Arkham Knight Premium Edition has a good price
  6. there are two versions of the game with two separate trophy lists, you can play the PS4 version on PS4 consoles and/or on PS5 and it will have the same trophy list as it's the same game or you can play the PS5 version on PS5 and it has its own separate trophy list from the PS4 version you can also upload your PS4 savefile and download it into the PS5 version and get all the trophies you got on it again on the PS5 version
  7. winter, no debate, there's only so much you can do to deal with heat, but plenty of ways to deal with cold easily, and I hate the brightness of the sun the most, I like light to be more tame
  8. great to see 3 more games get decent PS5 native builds, some people say this doesn't happen, well, maybe they should pay more attention anyway, I'll be getting into RE2R for the first time now with the PS5 edition, I'll play in the ray tracing mode of course, vast graphical upgrades > a few milliseconds of response time I say this is decent as it seems that they're still using reconstruction instead of native, but the reconstruction seems ok and the overall image is vastly improved over the original versions and ray tracing support is nice, even if it's very limited
  9. people that beat the race easily, in a few attempts, most likely had the AI glitch and managed not to mess it up, for people that don't know, I forgot what triggers it but you can get the AI to stay behind you at all times, never pass you(when they should and easily could), as long as you don't crash and maintain a decent speed, if the AI is working as intended, there's no way you can legit win this race in a few attempts, because the whole point of this race, the reason it's hard, is that it's broken, it has broken controls, literally, this was developer intended, it's on purpose, so you have to learn how to work around them, and that takes time, it's not something you just do in a few tries without other factors being at play
  10. if I want to make a male character, I make it look like what I think I would look at my best if I was in that situation, so it's a mix of a little of myself, better than myself and fitting in the game's world if I want to make a female, I make my ideal looking female if it's a story game where I can get into it, I make male characters so I can be myself over that character if it's a game where the story is not relevant, I'm just running around killing stuff, I make female characters so I can look at something pretty while doing whatever I do since I don't put myself over that character as it's just raw gameplay so I don't need to identify with it
  11. I don't play online games... so, I can play all my games
  12. I fully expect FF7Rebirth to be delayed to late 2024, delays are standard stuff at this point, all the games I've anticipated for the last 2-3 years have been delayed for close to or more than a year
  13. I've had a PS5 for half a year now and I think it's enough time to give it a review, on the hardware side, I have no serious complaints, it's fine for a relatively low cost device, the software as far as the OS, same as the hardware but the problems for me are: - HDMI bandwidth is not enough for 4K/60/HDR/RGB - SSD is integrated in the motherboard, this is a step back from the older PS consoles which offered the great feature of being able to swap out and upgrade internal storage - Dualsense takes forever to charge and lasts too little, which would've been fine if it didn't take so long to charge - Backwards Compatibility while good enough, it's not as good as it should be, the BC games don't take advantage of the SSD, they don't apply easy upgrades that would be a great bonus like forced full vsync and x16AF and some game, including Sony games, have problems that could easily be patched, like for example Shadow of the Colossus has severe texture issues, almost unplayable, but on the PSStore it's marked as being fine - next to no true PS5 games, there is absolutely no software on the PS5 that 100% takes advantage of the hardware yet in 20 months with the exception of an Unreal Engine 5 Matrix demo, which hurts even more now that games are asking for $70 when they don't even offer the full capability of the hardware like games did for PS4 since day one these are my biggest negatives some positives: - Hardware Capability is impressive for the price, native 4k, ray tracing reflections, no load times - the console doesn't run as hot and loud as the PS4 did for me, I never hear the fan while playing games vs the PS4 where the fan was an ambient sound while playing some games like God Of War - Unreal Eninge 5 and the AAA games announced to use it bring me hope for the future that I'll see better showings for the hardware with the PS4 and old engines out of the way - Backwards Compatibility while not as good as it should be, it's still good enough for what it is, being able to play most of my PS4 games without issues is better than nothing at all - Dualsense features are a nice jump over the Dualshock 4 to answer the topic, is the PS5 a disappointment for me after 6 months of use and 20 months of being on the market? not yet, the PS4 peaked in 2018, around 4 years of being on the market, so I'll give the PS5 2 more years to prove itself, if by then I feel the same as I do right now, then absolutely the PS5 is a disappointment, but if I get 4-6 true PS5 games by then, I'll be happy, I have hopes for Spiderman 2, Wolverine, FF7Rebirth, whatever game SuckerPunch is making next to wow me as true PS5 games
  14. Injustice PS4 Feel the Burn! 0.52% Ultra Rare top 3 rarest trophies I have are from Injustice PS4
  15. I ususally don't preorder games, but one of the few exceptions is Gotham Knights Digital Deluxe Edition PS5, it comes out when I'll have some free time from work so It's right on time, no better way to use my free time than playing a new DC game day one