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  1. Nope. Mafia II?
  2. I set up my PlayStation VR about a week or two ago and since then I realised that two out of three of my Dualshock controllers just stopped charging. I've tried charging them using both USB ports on the PS4, my laptop and multiple wall plugs but nothing charges them. It's weird because the two that stopped working were both V1 controllers. One came with my PS4 when I bought it off of Amazon UK four years ago, and the other came from SimplyGames UK as a Dualshock on its own. The third controller I have I bought under a year ago and that is a V2. It seems to be unaffected by this problem, as are the two motion controllers which came bundled with the VR. Usually I'd assume that the controllers are just on their way out if the problem happened to them individually, but the problem started around the same time after I set up my VR. The main Dualshock I use definitely did not have this problem before setting up my VR, I only noticed it the day after setting it up and I don't really use the second controller too much but I noticed the problem with that two days after set up. By this point I had not even set up the motion controllers so this problem wasn't caused by an overload of Bluetooth devices or anything. The problem also is not due to the console's USB ports as I've tried charging with different devices and with wall plugs as well as both ports available on the PlayStation. I've also tried multiple different micro USB cables to charge them, although I don't have the 'official' Sony one that came with the PS4 anymore, but I haven't used that since I got the console so I doubt that it will make much of a difference. I've also contacted Sony and gone through all of their troubleshooting here (, including resetting the controller from the back, forgetting the device ect. and its gotten to a point where one of the controllers no longer can stay on long enough to connect back to the PlayStation. The headset being new, I think its a VR V2 if they exist, makes me suspicious that the VR update on my PS4 system may have caused the older model controllers to become obsolete but Sony have denied this being the case. The second controller has, since the problem started, only worked for five or so seconds at time before turning off whether plugged in or not and does not charge at all, even in rest mode. The controller I use the most worked for a while as a wired controller, although it did not charge above 0 bars and it would die instantly once being unplugged from the wire, but it would continue to work provided that it was replugged shortly after being unplugged. I accidently left it unplugged last night while the PS4 was in rest mode and now it is having the same problem as the other controller, refusing to turn on for more than 5 seconds at a time regardless of it being plugged in or not. Has anyone else had a similar problem with their controllers? All the controller fixes I've found on the internet so far don't seem to work, such as holding down the PlayStation and share buttons simultaneously while reconnecting after resetting both the console and controller. I also can't find anything on the internet of something like this being caused by the VR specifically. Does anyone have any potential fixes / suggestions for this issue? I'd much rather get it fixed here rather than spending a further £70 or so on replacements. The price of the VR alone, even at the discounted price I got it at, still to me doesn't justify the purchase.
  3. Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3 if that's still possible, always saw platinums like this one as pretty much unobtainable for myself, yet you're so close.
  4. Infamous First Light or Until Dawn
  5. 14 June Russia 3 vs. 0 Saudi Arabia (7.45pm, ITV) 15 June Egypt 1 vs. 2 Uruguay (1pm, BBC) Morocco 1 vs. 1 Iran (4pm, ITV) Portugal 0 vs. 2 Spain (7pm, BBC) 16 June France 4 vs. 0 Australia (11, BBC) Argentina 2 vs. 1 Iceland (2pm, ITV) Peru 0 vs. 2 Denmark (5pm, BBC) Croatia 2 vs. 1 Nigeria (8pm, ITV) 17 June Costa Rica 2 vs. 1 Serbia (1pm, ITV) Germany 4 vs. 1 Mexico (4pm, BBC) Brazil 4 vs. 1 Switzerland (7pm, ITV) Edit : Winner - Argentina Top Scorer - Neymar
  6. Maybe she needs the gas mask during her pregnancy for her unborn child? I'm not sure but they are definitely going to make a Last of Us 2 given that the first one had so much success, that seems like one of the games Naughty Dog will put their focus on after Uncharted 4.
  7. Have not gamed in about 4 months, Uncharted 4 will change this.

  8. I've played all the Assassin's Creed games to date, even own some of them twice (PC/PS4), the games that really ruined it for me were AC III and Unity. In my opinion Syndicate revived the series for me but there's still a lot of work they have to do e.g. bug fixing and improving the graphics (Brotherhood on PC looks pretty much better than Syndicate, wtf?). Hopefully the small break they are taking and the possible not annualising the series anymore would help them work on the cons because no one wants anymore shit like Unity or Watch Dogs... Being a fan of the series would be sad seeing it go but as Nolan North leaked their original plan if they don't rethink whatever they're building up to then it's just going to lead to a whole lot of disappointment....
  9. Guess EA will never change, hopefully they'll get more rivals in the Sports category (PES just isn't cutting it) because not being able to play a game you paid for with your own money just for pointing out a flaw is ridiculous.
  10. CiT Vanquish Toolless Case Blue 1TB WD Blue 500GB WD Blue Crucial Sport Ballistix 16GB Kit (2x8GB) Intel Core i5 4690K Processor MSI Z97 PC Mate Motherboard Cooler Master Hyper 212 EVO Corsair CX750W PSU MSI Nvidia GTX 970 4GB Samsung x24 DVD Writer
  11. Not sure if there's already a thread like this but... My current PC is crap... Built it for gaming but it couldn't run many games that great, not sure if it had any problems out of the box - never took the time to check. Almost 3 years later and I'm finally building a new (budget) gaming rig at the end of this week. My old (current) rig: Aerocool Strike-X One Advance Mid-Tower Case (Rubbish imo. Fell apart within first few weeks, standing on it's last leg. Literally.) Crucial Ballistix Tactical 4GB Memory (Meh. Can't comment much on it, it was cheap...) Some other 4GB Crucial Memory from the last build (Probably a mistake keeping this old thing in here but... I was on a budget) AMD FX-6300 Black Edition Processor (Never overclocked, 'twas crap, overheats and auto-switches off to this day) MSI 970A Motherboard (Good motherboard, can't really comment much on it) Some old DVD Drive (Good - hardly use it ) EVGA 750W Gold PSU (Great quality PSU, not sure if it's worth the £90 though...) Old HDD 500GB 5400RPM (Good, quite slow but still good.) 1TB HDD 7200RPM (Cba looking up what it is but it's decent for the price, think it was around £39 when I bought it. Think it's WD) MSI ATI Radeon HD 7800 2GB (Absolute ****) My new rig I'm planning on building: CiT Vanquish Toolless Case Red (Regret buying this but it will do.) Same two HDDs (They work so might aswell keep.) Crucial Sport Ballistix 16GB Kit (2x8GB) (Good for the price.) Intel Core i5 4690K Processor (Planning on overclocking) MSI Z97 PC Mate (Hmmm... Thoughts?) Cooler Master Hyper 212 EVO (Needed for overclocking) Corsair SP120 Purple LED Fans (x4, might not use all of them) Corsair CX750W PSU (Need a PSU) MSI Nvidia GTX 970 4GB (I want it......) Samsung x24 DVD Writer (Don't need it but I was on a shopping spree.) Bought all of these already but off Amazon so can return anytime . Any thoughts on what is absolute rubbish and what is good or any better recommendations? Also, what is your PC Gaming rig?