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  1. resident evil 6, definitely an overhated game, don't see why some reviews gave it as low as 1/10 and some people saying it's the worst game ever, if you ask me, the game is great and doesn't deserve all the hate it gets
  2. Mortal Kombat 9
  3. I am not a big fan of the Confederations Cup; I love the worldcup more than any other sport tournament. But I'd say the final is Spain vs. Japan (Since I hate to always see the same teams in the final, but it's obvious Spain is going to the final).
  4. I am jealous of your Dishonored plat... Need quite some playthroughs to get it
  5. you don't necessarily need to play the others before Ascension because Ascension takes place before all of them.
  6. I would keep it since i have a lot of trophy progress and most of my friends i would like to keep. but THE PRICE?!
  7. Doom 3 platinum is driving me mad

  8. We lost the UNCAF final against Costa Rica :(. oh well, at least we won it last tournament

  9. L.A. Noire, Call of Juarez The Cartel and Battlefield 3
  10. WTF?! BIELERIC is almost lvl 100?

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    2. Beyondthegrave07


      yes. They just can't all be signed at once. They can coordinate and sync trophies from multiple ps3s as long as only ps3 is signed in at a time. When one person is done syncing the next ps3 signs in and syncs their trophies. It's not hard.

    3. grimydawg___


      Most of the "leaders" are teams, trophy buyers, hackers and/or all of the above.

    4. Mr_MovieMan29


      Wow, that makes me feel a little more proud of my crappy little trophy collection :D

  11. Soccer. Always will be a soccer fan, and a good midfielder too
  12. play red dead. way more awesome than GTA
  13. well, i've never been an anime fan. but i must admit i love deathnote.
  14. too much epic games coming this year, and too little money, i dont know wat to buy D:

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    2. AlteredFormula


      buy a suit. then go for a job which gives you the money for all the games.

    3. hassr


      i already have a job :(

    4. AlteredFormula


      I mean a job that pays you beyond your wildest dreams... then buy ALL the games. Something like an astronaut!