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  1. The trophy list is up on exophase. But it doesn't sync for me. Maybe there are NA and EU lists ? I ve got the EU version.
  2. Ok thanks for the clarification.
  3. I have finished every stage first but only in the moto category and i have replayed some stages for this. Maybe i have to win the four stages in a row or in the 5 categories ?
  4. Hello. What are the requirements for this trophy ? I finished first in the 4 stages of the rally with a moto by replaying stages but the trophy didn't pop.
  5. Just bought the digital deluxe edition labelled with ps4 and ps5 logo. It just allow to download the ps5 version. And the trophy list is not syncing for EU.
  6. On the store , ps4 and ps5 standard versions are sold separately , each for 49,99 €. There is a digital deluxe version for 59,99 € that is labelled with ps4 and ps5 logo but nothing is told in the description. But I want to be really sure before buying it.
  7. Hello. It seems that the digital deluxe edition contain both ps4 and ps5 versions. Can someone who had bought it confirm that ? Thanks in advance.
  8. Hello. I don't know when this trophy is supposed to pop.
  9. Got it with your advice. Thanks.
  10. Hello , I've seen videos where people get it at the end of story quest 22 in lava ruins. Didn't get it. What kind of enemy am I missing ? Thanks in advance. EDIT : Finally got it. Was missing the fire sorcerer later.
  11. Hello , What is the best place to get this trophy ? Thanks in advance.
  12. Ok I found the solution on another website. I had to enter the zone with the red protocol droid from the other side of the map. After a small cutscene , I managed to capture the droid.
  13. Hello. During this mission i can't capture the red protocol droid. Anybody has the same problem ? Don't know what to do.
  14. Just got it. It's not tied to the score in a complete event but it has to be done in one drift. Just do a long drift and you will reach legend rating. Was easier for me on Okutama GP.
  15. Hi. I've done good score on the first story drift event but didn't got the trophy. Have you got any advice for this one ? Thanks.