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  1. Yeah I thought this was odd aswell, I think with it being a Counter-Strike like game they could have attracted a lot of players on a free game model!
  2. The game has been released on the stores for $19.99 & £18.99! I honestly thought this was going to be free to play but I guess not. Looks like a carbon copy of Counter-Strike, the trophies also look straight forward enough, Probably a good couple of hours you would need to put into it! If anyone has picked it up, what are your thoughts on it?
  3. I think I've killed over 50 people with grenades and don't even have the 30 but have the 10? 224 matches now and still no trophy...
  4. I'm nearly at 210 games played and nothing! This game blows big time!
  5. Well I'm way over 180 games no trophy, must be nearly 300 smg no trophy and I'm pretty sure my grenades are glitches got the 10 , still no 30 after an eternity!
  6. Out of curiosity when is the airborne trophy meant to pop? Start of the game after you jump out or after the match has finished? ps. I hate this game now
  7. I must be easily at over 100 suppressor kills and still don't have Agent 48! This game is taking my soul!
  8. Hey everyone, this trophy will be coming up for me shortly! If anyone is still able to provide hell could you add me on PlayStation Network! Thanks guys, happy hunting!