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  1. Well I got it second try in the new event quest 😅
  2. Witch monsters are in the new quest today? I'm not at home.
  3. Maybe we can contact the team or capcom on twitter and ask kindly for a crown quest in hoarfrost reach. And maybe the guidinglands too. 😅
  4. I also only need a small Savage Jho now. For me its always the last Monster that appears 😂🙈
  5. Sure, but i like to play multiplayer and don't want to fckup the team 😅
  6. I hate that black diablos is in there, i hate to fight her. She should have been in the base game events. To have Jyuratodus again, is stupid as well, but at least very fast to kill.
  7. I got it like 3 times, also all the other crowns. But still need the small yian geruga.
  8. Portal 1 & 2 Half Life 1 & 2 Dead Space 1-3 Mass Effect 1-3
  9. So, the Quest name is "Yodeling in the Forest" and its in the forest map. Thats nice, but I hope there are more events to come, for the other regions as well.