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  1. Yes and i have a list of old account, due to falling down the trap of playing embarrassing games just for platinums, or even cheating (socom back in the ps3 days) Im happy now but when i look back at those accounts there are memories i dont have anymore. But at the same time im happier now.
  2. Thanks, i will keep plodding on
  3. Thanks for adding this! I notice when some people i'm with lose they lose rank points but i havent yet (just hit corp) is there a point where that starts?
  4. I'm going digital, for a couple reasons, id take any price discount right now coming out of a house move and wedding. As the disc version is looking more popular it will be easier to get an order in, and most importantly the fact digital is the future. I have been even picking up ps3 games digital now, replacing my old collection, shame they are not all available but id rather worry about storage for a few disc only games then a whole collection
  5. All the superpowers ruined 4 for me.
  6. This is for the best, as this rolls on i'm becoming more and more worried, about elderly family members, about how i could survive if me or my wife had to miss work. Games will still be announced, you cant put a price on peoples lives.
  7. This is great news, the best saints row game.
  8. I took a long break last time trying to beat the car chase on legend, that ruined the plat for me and this time around i wont even try legend. Daft thing is other then that scene i found legend pretty easy.
  9. Nier Final Fantasy XIII Trilogy Mass Effect Trilogy I cheated a little here
  10. I'll be preordering one and another for my son but they will be boxed up for Christmas, even as an adult Ill enjoy the excitement for Christmas morning with him