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  1. fernie17 Grand Theft Auto IV Key to the city requires only to meet 10 people and No More Strangers requires to meet 12 people so its possible to get Key to the city before No more strangers.
  2. Yes the money was also reset to 0
  3. My game is the physical copy of gta iv complete edition and its the only one i have.im the only person that uses my ps3. the first time i got online with this game was on the 2nd of this month.My online trophies unlock just fine.its the website doesn't update them right away.But its ok looks like i have to start over then. thanks for the help
  4. No its still there
  5. My rank was 8 and now its 0 Has anyone experienced this issue?
  6. The Trophy wont unlock. ive collected all 23 laptops.any solutions?
  7. The solution I've found is to replay the mission on hard. i stayed low and always sniped enemies from a plant,i also sniped the ones that were crouched looking around,i only got alerted once i quit to the main menu and continued from there.i skipped the 3rd camp by doing the rock glitch, snipe the guy walking around the wall then get over it wait a few seconds and i got the trophy. I followed this video