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  1. Sonys Brain is Fucked up my Dear Friends A Not everyone will have a Chance to get one and cause of This Fucking Pandemic i Dont know IF we all will be able to get one and Sony Must make more Console IF Not ps4 was my Last Console ever
  2. Sorry for using bad words but it had to be said cuz They Really Are Milking our Patience
  3. I dont know what is Worse the Goverments Complete Failure or Sony
  4. Its a dumb Update
  5. If that Method Works i buy the Game IF Not Fuck off and let me know IF it Works
  6. fifa 21 is garbage not a fan of it and i came to a conclusion that 20 was my last fifa for ever since i grow tired of getting the same team over and over and over and over and over and over and OVER!!!!!!!! again!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  7. Guys if i play with a Friend will i still get the Trophy For Reaching Div 4? I only need someone at defending rest can be Left to me
  8. Since Suarez left to Barcelona i wont buy this Game and Focus on Fortnite i must Resch lvl 150 till November 30
  9. trash games to be honest
  10. Once it Launches you guys will Trample each other to Death Unless you Pre Ordered it because i remember when the PS4 Launched it happened
  11. Yeah stay away and Dont even buy the Game Unless you want to Ruin your Account with a BS Game
  12. I Agree but the Gameplay sucks
  13. Score own goals in Brazil 3vs3 thats how i did it on Another acc
  14. Bro you did weil by Stopping it I do the same this Year
  15. Guys stay away from this Game its Really not Worth it