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  1. Yeah I have heard about bans for that game. It does seem that the developer cares less when it is around the 5 year old mark. The only thing I see in Sony's TOU is: "You may not cheat, exploit or use any bugs, glitches, vulnerabilities or unintentional game mechanics in PSN Services or any of its products or services to obtain an unfair advantage." Though this is kind of vague, and people can interrupt it in a 100 different ways. Such as "Unintentional game mechanics". Some could think that is would be unintentional to say capture and recapture a pod with a friend to get XP. Some would say that it is "breaking" something in the game to capture the pod once and gain a huge amount of XP. I have looked up boosting bans in the recent years, and none really have popped up. But I think I may stick with just playing without boosting from now on. I did do Red Dead (PS3) and SWBF. So nothing I can do about that now.
  2. I have heard about it for other games, but not SWBF. I have only boosted for that game and the old Red Dead, because the servers were pretty much dead and it was full of hackers. So I found legit players and we did the trophies together. Do you know Sony's stance on it?
  3. Prob an old thread. But is boosting these trophies against EA's Code of Conduct / Terms of Use?
  4. I would hide it, but I already platinumed it before realizing it. Which is unfortunate. I agree that is probably very low on Sony’s to do list or never even made it onto the list. To be fair I didn’t even know that it was even on my account till I looked it up on this site. But yeah it would prob be a coding nightmare. Just hate it messes up the whole order of the trophies obtained. That is a good point. And I would hate not to see my progress over my time with this profile and have a first Timestamp as 2020. Still debating on just hiding the profile, idk.
  5. Thanks for the input. I think what you do is actually a great way to use the site. Kinda like a check off list. I have quite a few games on my account that I personally don’t feel are worth doing again. Not sure what my end plan is, but leaning toward what you do or just setting the profile as private. Out of site out of mind, right?
  6. Gotcha. Do you think it is worth starting a new profile over?
  7. That is a fair point. I am not even sure how much coding that would take to correct.. I only have two, but since they are not my first timestamps earned it throws my whole list out of wack. And you're right, with PS5 just around the corner and more pressing issues and updates they need to work on, it most likely will never be addressed. Guess I am not sure what to do at this point. I don't want to start over, but I don't really want to see the missing timestamp all the time. Guess I could set my profile as private and move on.
  8. That's fair. Just for clarification; When you say impacts, do you mean that MT are only on a small fraction of users profiles? Or that it doesn't really make a difference to the majority of players who have this issue?
  9. Guess this topic would be twofold. 1. Do you think Sony would ever offer a solution to MT trophies. Such as allowing accounts to only delete a certain number of trophy lists (of course with 2SV enabled and security questions)? Not necessarily going crazy, but allowing a profile to have a set number of actual times they can delete a trophy list, and cannot be within more than a 6 month period? I know some threads mentioned how this would not be possible due to fragmenting, but if they were able to provide a workaround for PSN ID changes ( even if it has issues), so maybe there is hope? 2. I have read pretty much every topic on MT, and have seen some suggestions on possible workarounds. But, what if missing timestamp trophies (only) could be adjusted in your date log? They would still show as a missing timestamp, but you could slot them in the right location. Of course this would have its limitations, such as it cannot be placed AFTER the platinum is earned for that game. I don't know, it was just a thought. I really shouldn't let it bother me, but I can't help that it does. Worse comes to worse, I could always make my account private. (btw I am on a secondary account used with a friend for streaming)
  10. I think they should implement a feature like this. But it should also have its limitations to prevent it from being abused. Such as requiring two step verification (possibly security questions). I also think they could limit how many games/trophies you can delete in a certain period of time. Like 2 every six months or something. I would delete my missing Timestamp game (to re plat it), and two unobtainables on my main account.
  11. Just wanted to contribute to this thread. (BTW this is my alt account I share with a friend for streaming, so nothing on this profile really.) I had the same thoughts as you. I recently noticed I had two missing timestamp trophies under one of my favorite games, and it really upset me. I even tried getting a psvita and earning the trophies again on my PSN profile to sync, to try correcting it, but nada will forever be missing timestamps. I also have a few games on the profile that are unobtainable. So it will never hit 100%. I strongly considered making another account, but thought of the friends on my friends list I had, the purchases I have made, the exclusive themes and content I can never download again (P.T), and 18 platinum trophies that I am really proud off. When I made that account I was in my late teens, and had really just started to game. But now being 26, and so many other things going on in my life, I just couldn't justify making another account and starting over. And honestly, I think I am hitting the point in my life where I would rather just game as a hobby and focus on other things I will always love gaming, and will continue to plat games. Maybe just not as obsessively lol. I am curious what you decided to do though
  12. Sorry, just saw this! Yeah it is only these two trophies, it is not so much that it is missing the Timestamp (I am coming to terms with that no matter how much it bugs me lol), but on the official Sony desktop site it shows those two trophies as locked for some reason. On the App and PSNP it is totally fine.
  13. I was hoping so as well. the developer can‘t fix as it is a Sony website and trophies are in full control by Sony. Developers do not have access to PSN/Xbox accounts, just in game code. Thank you for your help. Guess it is what it is.
  14. Yep, it would seem so. I contacted support but they told me to talk to the developer? So it was basically "yeah we can't do anything about that" guess I should just move on. Unfortunate it is on my favorite all time vita game
  15. Gotcha gotcha. I thought this might fix the issue, but appears not. Thank you for the replies. I may see if Sony Support could fix it? If not, better to let sleeping dogs lie.