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  1. Wait, I thought there is going to be a patch so the trophy won’t become unobtainable
  2. Totally missed this. My bad lol. You’re welcome!! Happy to help! I was curious myself, so I just had to know.
  3. Same here lol. I have the game on both platforms and tested it. The trigger for the trophy on PSN is as soon as you complete all the objectives. On Xbox, the achievement only unlocks after you upload your score to the online leaderboard. Sucks for Xbox players. I haven’t tested the same on PC, but I am curious if it is the same as Xbox
  4. Has anyone tested to see if the scoreboards are still online? I know it is not required for those trophies, but it would be really cool if the vendetta missions worked of P2P connection. I know most likely it is just they will shut them off next work day, but still.
  5. Seems like the servers are still up. I have the trophy but they are popping up in my game. Maybe they decided to leave them up *she said hopefully*
  6. It may help to add someone who has played the game. I added my second account and it popped up pretty quickly.
  7. The first 3 missions seem to be required to unlock it. Do the slaver mission, the first Gollum mission, and free Ratbag. Then try fast forwarding time at one of the towers
  8. Do we have an exact time the servers go offline the 31st?
  9. @dev2610 Someone mentioned above that a friend tested these two trophies offline and they popped.
  10. Weird considering the trophy doesn't have anything mentioning the leaderboards. Just the conditions of "complete this trial". I mean better to get it done anyway. But if someone could confirm this can be done without connection to the server, that would be appreciated.
  11. Wait so Mistress of the Hunt and Lord of the Rings can be obtained while offline? Or no?
  12. Oh, it wasn't really about the quality of support rather than the number of times they were contacted. That said, 3 out of the 5 times they were helpful. The other 2 sounded like they had their hands tied and didn't really have more information than I already had.
  13. Oh, I see. I will try not be worried or anxious about it. Def will not make any big decisions till I have fully addressed my anxiety. Thanks for your help! You don't know how much I appreciate it