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  1. Platinum #3 - Undertale Enjoyment : 6/10 Difficulty : 2/10 I played this game back when it came on PC and I absolutely loved it! But playing it now, it's not as good as I remember it being If anyone looking to play this I'd recommend the PC version over this one Platinum-wise it's really easy just finish like 70% of the game and donate 350G to the Shrine Dog and the platinum will be yours
  2. There's no trophy for completing 12 ranked matches The ranked matches trophies are -Reaching 530.000BP rank -Playing 10 Ranked Matches -Playing 20 Ranked Matches I don't see where you're problem is or what trophy you're referring to?
  3. Platinum #2 - Celeste Enjoyment : 9/10 Difficulty : 2/10 (with assist mode) I haven't teared up over a game in a really long time. This game is just beautiful The artstyle/visuals, level design (maybe the best I've seen in any game) , the soundtrack and the touching story This game was a surprise for me, I was certain that I will like it but didn't think it will have such a dark, touching and sad story like this It's a shame that assist mode was included in the game, it would've been such a challenging and rewarding platinum but sadly that didn't happen:( If you're going to use assist mode (which I did) at least do yourself a favour and finish the main game first and then use the assist mode to clean up And I'd recommend finishing some extra levels without assist mode if you can because they're really enjoyable Overall this is an experience I'll never forget anytime soon. ifonly assist mode never existed😞
  4. #1 Platinum - Sekiro Shadows Die Twice Fun : 8/10 Difficulty : 4/10 (I haven't cheesed any boss or enemy except the Demon Of Hatred) Time : 47:51:13 (According to my save file) although I spend some hours AFK This game is really good I've had a lot of fun with it, I really like fast paced games But imo the best thing about it is the bosses while I wished for more bosses like Genichiro and Isshin, the ones here are really good But my problem with the game is the soundtrack which I didn't like at all except the mini bosses ost which never fails to raise the adrenaline in me Some questionable level design choices The lack of options in combat, why wouldn't they at least let you switch the combat arts mid gameplay? And my biggest problem with the game is that it's 30FPS... Why the hell would you do that for a fast paced game that relies on reactions? If it was at 60FPS the controls will be more tight But overall I really enjoyed it, maybe I could say even better than Dark Souls 3 (not in the replay value) but not worthy of GOTY, that belongs to DMC5 Oh and fuck everyone at fromsoft who put the All Skills trophy, spent like 5h grinding that shit