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  1. #19 & 1000th trophy milestone Bloodborne Enjoyment : 10/10 Difficulty : 3/10 (personally) Time for 100% : 20h This is my favourite PS4 game and possibly my favourite game of all time so I couldn't resist but to make it a milestone😅 I just like everything about it, the story, the soundtrack, the atmosphere, the hole style of the game is so freaking cool. It was actually the reason I bought a PS4 since I originally had an XB360 and played DS1&2 so I really wanted to play this and I wasn't disappointed. I just can't give this game enough credit, if you still haven't played this game you're really missing on a lot! In terms of 100% difficulty imo it's the easiest souls game to 100%. You only have to kill all the bosses, collect all weapons & tools, finish the chalice dungeons and get all the endings (which is easy) For the chalice dungeons I really recommend using this guide, I've been able to finish the chalice dungeons in about 6h using this As for builds I recommend either a Bloodtinge build using the Chikage (which is what I did) or an arcane build with the Saw Cleaver
  2. 40-silver.png Ultimate Battler 0.19% Rarity

              Complete Battle Mode

            Injustice Gods Among Us



    It's such a relief getting this trophy done😅


    Hello, just wanted to say that I've started injustice about 2 days ago with the intention of finishing the online trophies and leave it for later.

    but since the boost will be at the weekend I thought why not try finishing The Max Battle mode? And I actually did it first try so I've put my mind on finishing battle mode and get the Ultimate Battler trophy and I actually did!:D


    The Impossible battle mode took me about 7 attempts and personally I find it way harder than The Max


    And tbh this trophy is not as hard as people make it out to be, maybe a 6 or a 7/10 at max with the Solomon Grundy method and using the Pausing trick


    Thanks to @SlimSanta94 for the awesome guide^^

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    2. Copanele


      If I may ask, what is the pausing trick again? Did not use such a thing, what does it do? 

    3. Akeachi


      Thanks guys:)


      @SlimSanta94 it's okay^^ thanks again for the guide


      @Otonio_Bruno Thanks:) hope you get it someday, if you have any questions about it I'll be glad to help


      Give it a try, it's waaaaay easier than you might think it is


      @Copanele Thanks:) use the Solomon Grundy method


      About the pause method, it's a trick where you pause and continue do you can almost see the fight in slow motion. Making attacks which are normally unreactable, and makes it easier to punish your enemies. Which in Solomon Grundy this small punish gives you a 27+% combo for it


      (Thanks to @VirtualNight for telling me about the pausing method. I don't know if he's the one that used it first tho😅)

    4. Copanele


      Wooo that's a filthy method, I LOVE IT! Need to put it in practice, many thanks for telling me that!

  3. He just helped me right now and gave me everything I needed:) I can also help if he's busy, just PM Me Yes he can summon you, he just helped me and I was level 99
  4. #16 - Persona 3 Dancing in Moonlight #17 - Persona 4 Dancing All Night #18 - Persona 5 Dancing in Starlight Difficulty : 3/10 Each one took about 10+ hours but they're really easy P4D was good but P3D & P5D we're sadly cash grabs;( the remixes in 3 & 5 are so lazy and make the songs worse for the most part unlike the ones in P4D and BTW I have a big milestone coming for my 2 favourite games on PS4:3 Soon
  5. #15 - The Evil Within 2 Enjoyment : 7/10 Difficulty : 2/10 (with cheats) Time : 30ish hours The Evil Within 2 improves everything from it's original instalment back in 2014, everything from the gameplay to the story etc. Although I find the first game way more scarier (at least the first half of it) I liked the inclusion of the open world segments but i wish they had more interesting stories/side quests, one of the villians was really cool but I was disappointed when I saw him being abandoned instead of getting in depth into his backstory or psychology, hell we don't even know who he is or why he does his stuff, which is a let down because it was a really cool villain. The final villian really sucked unfortunately, so is the ending. Plat-wise it was really easy but I got really unlucky through it Play the game normally to enjoy it then get the upgrades, collectibles, red gels on NG+ then finish Classic mode and get all Weapons My game crashed twice at chapter 4&7 in classic mode which wasted about 6-8h of my time since I wasn't saving Note : you're going to need the bolts to get the trophy for all Weapons (it cost a hole Playthrough because of not knowing this)
  6. I just wipe the dust away from the outside with something a little dry, I also use a gadget that shoots air (I know that sounded silly but that's the best I can explain since I don't know it's name😂) to try and get the dust out from inside the PS4 but it doesn't Also I have it set vertically, but the thing is my room's temperature is high (Iraq's temperature rn is from 28-42°C depending on the time of the day) but I have a fan next to my PS4. I already know about changing the thermal compound but I'm afraid I'll break my PS4😅 and since it's lockdown rn I can't go to a professional, there isn't even one in the city I live in, I'd have to travel to another city if I want to get it cleaned by a professional. So is there another solution?
  7. Hi, I have an original PS4 (I mean the model that released in 2013) that I bought in 2016. Recently my PS4 has been overheating a lot, even though I have in an open space with a fan next to it I try to clean my PS4 every 2-3 weeks This issue first occurred on Resident Evil 2 Remake which my PS4 can't handle, it instantly overheats as soon as I enter the menu. Even though I've been able to play it about 3 months ago. Now it's happening to me even on Overwatch! Which is a cel-shaded game Isn't there a way to fix it?
  8. Finally got this


    Dragon Ball FighterZ - 40-gold.pngSet For Life


    Seriously, fuck this trophy. It took about 40-50+ hours of grinding to get this and I didn't have a turbo controller to get it easily so it was a fucking nightmare and I'm happy I finally got it


    I was at 9M a few days ago but since my PS4 can't handle RE2 Remake because it overheats (my country's temperature is high AF) I didn't have anything I felt like playing so I sat down for 5 days grinding for about 4-6+h everyday and finally got it😅

    1. NERVergoproxy


      That is some dedication. Congratulations.

    2. eigen-space


      Hate those kinds of trophies where it's just mindlessly grinding far past the point of what you naturally do in a game.... congrats on getting it!

    3. Hentekorino


      Jesus lord 11m in 5 days, congrats. How the hell did you stay sane? 

      I've got 9m myself but I do have a turbo controller, so its just a matter of not using my PS4 for the next two weeks lmao. 

  9. Yakuza 0 You also have a lot of good RPGs as well
  10. Super Meat Boy Nice profile BTW, espically SMB, Outlast 2 & Futuridium. Keep up the good work:)
  11. It's about anything PS or gaming related, I mean there's other threads like sports, movies and stuff, why did this annoy you in particular? Plus, the OP isn't asking how to spend his money, he just wants to see people's opinions so please don't be a dick. You don't like a thread, skip it.
  12. As people said, you chose a difficulty lower than easy, you get revived each time you die, enemies give you 20+% more money&exp than on other difficulties, plus making the enemies a lot weaker. You chose that yourself, the game isn't even hard, when you read the difficulty description didn't you think that's a little too easy? Why do you even play a difficulty easier than normal? You want to save time? Playing on Safe makes confidants and the Persona managing system useless which is all the fun in this game. And as people said, you shouldn't be complaining. You chose that yourself
  13. Hi, I finally reached my goal which is to reach 100 UR Trophies! It was a goal I had since I started this account, it took about 3 months.


    The latest UR game I got was Aaru's Awakening


    Personal Difficulty : 5-6/10

    Time : around 4-6h


    This game's 100% isn't easy

    I remember reading a thread in these forums a long time ago saying that the game is easy (I think it was @Spaz who said that, if it was you I hate you. Jk)


    I wouldn't say it's impossible but it's definitely pretty challenging imo


    All the levels were easy but the final 5 ones is what made it jump to a 5-6. While I didn't take much time to get the gold ranks for them, mostly in my first or second try but I'd be lying if I said that I wasn't lucky in most of them.


    The final level and the final boss annoyed me to no end. I just hate the mechanics in this game, espically the jumping gravity


    Anyways, my next goal is to reach 300 UR trophies, but I'll take it easy for a while and get some easier games:)


    My next games :


    The Witcher 3

    RE2 Remake

    Kingdom Hearts

    BioShock trilogy and more but these are what come to mind



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    2. Spaz


      Aaru's Awakening is actually rather easy with the amount of Ultra Rares it gives you. Once you play through it a couple times you'll know the routes to beat the times.


      I may pick up Pumped BMX+, the only difficult trophy according to most is the challenge trophy, which takes 6 - 8 hours on it's own.

    3. ResoluteRock


      I’m playing The Witcher 3 right now too! (rather slowly, but I’m still making progress) It’ll be a long one but enjoy! :)

    4. Akeachi


      Thanls guys!😀


      @VoxAnimi good luck! I'd recommend Furi & Hyper Light Drifter


      @Froopy the Temmie thanks but I don't want to void my 100% completion for 5-6 UR Trophies


      @Spaz you're right but I feel like it's a little clunky at times. I'd recommend Pumped BMX+ it's fun but gets a little annoying at the end because it'll be a little luck dependant. A tip that will help you a lot is that after you finish the first set of stages you'll get the ability of "Boost" and I think "Height?" To put it simply you can boost your speed at the end of a ledge by tilting the left analog stick to the right. But if you tilt it to the left you'll get more height so I recommend using these as they really help out


      And yes it doesn't take too long, the remaining trophies take about 10-20 mins and they're really easy



      @ResoluteRock Nice! Hope you enjoy it:) I'm starting it really soon I'm really excited for it

  14. #13 - Super Time Force Ultra Enjoyment : 7/10 (because of helladeck levels) Difficulty : 5-6/10 Personally Time : About 15ish hours /100% Rarity : 2.46% This game is really fun, it has the most unique idea to collectibles and I kinda enjoyed collecting them, although they got annoying after a while because of shit placements that sometimes make it it impossible to get them because you killed a certain enemy in the past by mistake which forces you to repeat the level The humor is good👍 I like the references here and there but the gameplay... Not so much, my main issue is that you can't aim with your right stick so the aiming is really clunky and you'll be forced to move to aim diagonally or anywhere which leads to stupid deaths Platinum-wise everything was really easy except the Helladeck levels... They weren't hard persay but they were really annoying and tedious, espically Helladeck level #37 (I think?)
  15. #12 - Transformers Devastation Rarity : 0.94% (PSNP) Enjoyment : 7/10 Difficulty : 5/10 (Personally) Time : about 25-30ish hours I'm not a transformers fan, I just watched Transformers Prime when I was a kid and I liked it. So I came into this game with little knowledge about the series. I played this game because I like the games from Platinum Games Studio (Metal Gear Rising is my favourite game from them) The game was really fun... For the first couple of playthroughs Unfortunately, the gameplay was very mashy with not much depth or room to be creative. I also didn't like that all the characters' playthroughs share the same dialogue, I thought every character had they're on comments on the stuff happening because my 1st playthough was with Optimus Prime but turns out they all share the same dialogue, even in their playthroughs, Optimus Prime is the one commenting The visuals were really good, I like the style of it but the levels didn't help it because they're really bland, boring and empty and they all look the same Plat-wise it's not hard, it's a matter of Patience and a little luck with the A.I because the SS ranking in this game is not about playing perfectly, it's about farming points. I recommend using Sideswipe in your commander S Rank Playthough and farm reversal headshots with your assault rifle and then spam rush attacks when you run out of ammo and you'll get a free SS rank. You can also put your Save on a USB or PS+ cloud to save time and be wary not to miss any battles as that will void your SS Rank immediately even if you SS Rank every other checkpoint The No-Damage Boss Trophies were really easy since you can just reload your checkpoint if you get hit and still get the trophy, it was made easier because I got lucky and got the Devstator's boss weapon at S Rank which let me kill all the bosses in 4-5 hits Mission #6 boss was a little annoying though The 530k BP trophy is really easy now you don't even need to boost it, you just have to get a little good and learn the universal BnB combo and you'll get it in about 6h because all the good players are in the 1M+ BP range Personally I'm at 920k BP rn because I play the game for fun from time to time