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  1. I guess... but most indie games are cross-buy compatible. You buy once then get it on both the ps4 *and* the vita, sometimes ps3 too. The trophies stack sometimes too. I personally just bought the limited edition Death Road to Canada physical for ps4, Hotline miami Ps4, and have seen a shitton of great indie games on ps4/vita. For sure though, the ps4 is lacking visual novels. I feel you just have to look. On the other hand, Ps4 also has absolute garbage like Kaiseki Spear of Destiny..... I guess personally, I’d just feel like Id be losing money if I sold any of my consoles. Even if they dont work, I scrap them for parts for the ones that still do. damn, that might either require desolder-resoldering a new one, or maybe the plastic comes off to get access to the battery? Either way, thats gonna be a huge pain.
  2. I have a ton of blank time stamps from playing Ps3 on release myself and its no issue at all. a lot of older games from before psnprofiles/trophies had timestamps are still counted on your profile, from what I can see. also the power supply should be easy enough to replace on ps3, if that is an issue you’re facing.
  3. Theres not any reason to make an alternative account, at least for a majority of people that actually put time and effort into completing the games they put money towards. It’d be more effort to maintain multiple accounts. You’d have to not have already invested much into your account to want to start a new one. If you’re not going to invest 100% in what you already have, why even make another one( Finish whats on your plate! Casuals will come up with a million excuses about why achievement hunting is dumb, or dehumanize people that do, but its a mark of having actually finished what you start, and they feel intimidated and have to hardcore cope about it. Stick with what you have achieved even if it isnt much. (I still have a whole bunch on my backlog, so a bit hypocritical from me, 2020 has been backlog annihilation year though!)