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  1. My team consists of the Eeveelutions minus Sylveon because I was playing Gen IV. I've beaten the Elite Four since I posted this.
  2. Fatal Frame is a nope game for me both because of my fear and because of my faith. I typically don't play games that feature malevolent spirits/demons unless they're totally blown so out of proportion that it's laughable. For example, the ghosts in Luigi's Mansion are fine and the silly looking horned demons in Dante's Inferno don't bother me either, but I wouldn't play anything like The Exorcist: Legion VR or Outlast.
  3. @Spaz I did make a new account. 🙂 I'm @SirensSalvation now. This account is now an alt. I never play a game I don't love just for a platinum trophy, though. The only games that will be on my new main are ones I love so much that I want to master them.
  4. Hey, there. This account of mine is now an alt. Would you mind re-following me at SirensSalvation? :)

    1. MaximumOverdrive


      Ah yeah, sure! :)

  5. Hey, there. This account of mine is now an alt. Would you mind re-following me at SirensSalvation? :)

  6. Thanks for tagging him. I'm on this account because apparently, there are limits to how much you can post in one day until you get to 25 posts and my other account doesn't have that yet. I'm going to earn my first trophy and update my profile to see if it fixes the problem.
  7. TO MY FOLLOWERS: Please follow me on my new account, SirensSalvation, as this account is now an alt. Thanks! :)

  8. Yeah. I think so, too. I am probably going to just make a new account and change my handle on my socials to match the new PSN, but I'm at least going to give Dante's Inferno's multiplayer trophies a try before I resort to that.
  9. Awesome. I will accept it as soon as I turn my PS4 back on. I'm currently running my PS3 with a turbo controller to collect a million bolts on Ratchet & Clank and I've got something laying on the button to hold it down. lol
  10. Awesome. I'll let you know when I'm ready to start. It looks like most of them can be done single player except for It's In The Trial.
  11. Do you still play? lol This thing will be here on Thursday and I really want this 100%. lol
  12. I would love the Platinum from Murdered: Soul Suspect. I have the game, though, so I'll get it eventually. I don't have many Platinums to choose from as I'm new to this, but y'all can count Ratchet & Clank as one because I only need to rack up 1 million bolts and buy the RYNO to finish it.
  13. I actually just bought an external hard drive that was officially licensed by Playstation and has 2TB of storage. It'll be here July 16! Problem solved!
  14. I care, but not enough to lose my username because it's my username on all socials and my email and I don't like one of my usernames being different from the others. lol I was diagnosed with OCD as a kid. For someone who has OCD as severely as I do, yes. lol
  15. Oh, okay. Bummer. The multiplayer has been delisted on the NA store. I downloaded it from the UK store (I made a UK account exclusively for that reason) and tried to download the UK game that went with it, but unfortunately, I didn't realize that my PS3 is the 12GB version. So, I ordered a UK physical copy of the game, but it's in the mail somewhere without tracking. I'm still waiting and that was probably 2 weeks ago. I'd either need that physical copy or a new PS3 because I don't trust myself enough to put a hard drive into my PS3 myself. If I get an outside memory source, what kind should I get? The game is like 5,500 MB, but you need double that much to actually install a game. My problem has been needing double.