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  1. - #101 - Back to the Future: The Game (PS4) i played the old version of the game years ago, and when the 30th anniversary edition came out being the BttF fan I am I had to grab it. Then it sat in my backlog for quite some time like many other games. I enjoyed the game, and thought it was well written and fits in perfectly with the movies. Its a nice continuation from a group of people who are fans of the movies, so its not a disgrace to the them. Telltale also took the unusual step of having one of the co-creators get involved in the story creation as well.If you're a fan of Back to the Future I'd check this out if you haven't already done so. Sadly its just a generic platinum trophy icon, but seeing as how the original PSN version didn't have a platinum its not a real shocker. Being one of the first Telltale games, the mechanics of the game aren't refined as well as the later games. There are a lot of missable trophies and no rewind option. If you're not going to use a walkthrough or a guide I recommend making use of all the save slots to avoid having to start episodes from the beginning again. A lot of reports coming from the forums stated that the PS4 version was buggy. I had no issues with the game personally, save for times when the BGM was louder than the voices and sometimes they even seemed to cut out completely.
  2. - #100 - Dragon Quest Heroes II Well I finally managed to get this one out of the way. It took way longer than I was expecting. My final game clock showed slightly over 200 hours, but how much of that time accounted for me falling asleep in my chair, or getting annoyed and just leaving the game run I'll never know. The game itself is very straight forward, just play the game start to finish, with very little post game things to do. The majority of the annoyance coming from the endless grinding, made even worse by a good portion of it falling to the mercy of the RNG, which one has no control over. Overall, it wasn't exactly a difficult platinum to obtain, but if you're going to attempt it be prepared to allot a good amount of time for the grinding required to earn it.
  3. Bah yet another day wasted towards getting the Dragon Quest Heroes 2 platinum.


    5.8 earthquake last night cost me much sleep and a long shorthanded day of work in the heat killed any motivation of trying it.

    1. skateak


      I just saw that on the news. Biggest one in like 60 years they said. We had a 7.1 hit here back in January 2016. Now that was pretty crazy. Luckily no one got hurt and no building collapses. 

  4. Mine is Monday (1143) and Sunday (864). It makes sense seeing as how those have been my main 2 days off from work for probably 3 years now. Wednesday (830) is not far behind, and oddly enough Friday (595) has the least.
  5. As far as I know the 2k17 servers should be up and running. They just killed the 2k16 servers almost month ago. When they'll close is hard to say, but I've heard they keep them up for around 18 months after a game comes out. I do believe 2k17 came out in October 2016, so in theory the servers should be up until at least April 2018, but one never can say for certain when it comes to online play. Edit: I just noticed this was for the PS3 version of the game. It may be possible the servers will go down before the PS4 version does, but no one really knows until an announcement is made.
  6. Looks interesting, but I do have to question a couple of their choices of games. Super Ghosts 'n Ghouls - I played the heck out of this game back in the day but looking at it now there's nothing that screams classic at me, except maybe its extreme difficulty. It did have excellent visuals and music for its day. Super Mario World - Nothing wrong here, but IMO they should have gone with Mario All-Stars Super Punch-Out - I spent the least amount of time playing this game out of all on the list, and similar to Ghosts 'n Ghouls nothing really stood out to me as a game changer for it to be included. I do find it disturbing they excluded Chrono Trigger off the list. They have an excellent selection of RPGs available but to leave out the one many consider the best SNES RPG is just plain silly. Maybe I'll have a chance to buy one for my niece and nephew this year. I wanted to get them a NES classic to enjoy what I grew up with last year to no avail.
  7. - #99 -The Wolf Among Us (Vita) This was another game that I had sitting around for a while and never played until recently. I actually enjoyed it and almost feel like kicking myself for not playing it sooner. As with the other Telltale games, its very straight forward with nothing permanently missed thanks to the chapter rewind option. The story itself is interesting, but unlike the other Telltale games, the source material was unknown to me and I never even heard of it. Thankfully the game doesn't require past knowledge of its source material, but after playing I feel like it would have been more enjoyable knowing what it was about even though (according to Wikipedia) this game is a prequel. Now the bad news. I played on the Vita, and much like The Walking Dead it has some issues. A lot of times its not a smooth transition from one moment to the next. You can select one option, the game pauses for a number of seconds, and its almost like you're in the middle of a fight sequence. Think lag while playing a game online and your opponent already has a head start on you, that's kind of what it seemed like.
  8. Platinum #100 will be Dragon Quest Heroes II. Now I just need to platinum Back to the Future (ps4) or The Wolf Among Us (Vita) before getting the last few trophies for DQH2.
  9. - #98 - Revenant Saga This was a pretty fun game, with an old school RPG feel to it. The story was good with a few twists and turns to keep me interested in it. The trophies themselves were straightforward, but a few were a bit grindy, but thankfully with a semi-decent autobattle system, and the setting allowing one to automatically win battles with weaker monsters helped greatly. The hardest was getting the 300 million damage in 20 turns. Simply having max level and max upgraded weapons wasn't enough. You had to take a lot of time fine tuning the characters as their skills with the most hits depend on what their HP values are. If the hundreds, tens and ones was 999 you'd get 27 hits, if it was 001 you'd get 1 hit. You also had to battle the RNG as well. The RNG would determine whether you'd get a burst attack for more damage, and also how many burst attacks you'd get. It also factored in whether you'd get in another free skill usage from an equipped item, very frustrating at times. I played this on the Vita (trying to show the Vita some love this year ) and it did struggle with frame rates quite a bit. Its hard to say if the PS3 and PS4 versions (bought the PS4 game and got all versions of it) have this issue as well. It wasn't game breaking but certainly annoying so try to keep that in mind if you want to go Vita with it too.
  10. This picture is a bit different. It is a picture of the first two cats that my family ever owned. My mom managed to catch these two as kittens born to a feral cat that lived in a woodpile behind our apartment building. Luckily we got them in time and managed to tame them into two spoiled house cats. I give you Tabby (obviously) and White Toe, not exactly original but as 7 and 5 year old kids me and my sister were just happy to have them and not too worried what their names were. I can't remember exactly when this picture was taken. It was taken prior to March something 1987, as that was when we moved back to Montana from California and couldn't bring them with us. Maybe we took this right before we left to have something to remember them by.
  11. - #97 - Sly 2: Band of Thieves (Vita) I've had this one sitting around for a few years and just now decided to finish it, although I did platinum Sly 1 not long after getting it. The game itself is a fun stealthy type platform type, although a bit frustrating at times with the camera and control mechanics. Its way better in every aspect compared to the first game, which was good too. On the plus side, if you don't want to 100% the game, as in finding all the annoying clue bottles in each level, you don't have to. If you've never played the Sly Cooper series I'd recommend it as all the games were pretty solid.
  12. I've been a gamer far longer than a trophy hunter, so if a game can't be platinum or has none at all (100% only), I'll still play it. May take a while longer to finish and be bumped way down on the priority list but I'll get to it some time.
  13. I've been a Plus member for 5 years now or so, and as such I can't remember which games I got from it or not. Here's a list in no particular order, and pretty sure some will be forgotten. Borderlands Spec Ops - The Line Velocity 2x Plants vs Zombies (Vita) Sly Cooper and theThievious Raccoonus Just Cause 2? <--Pretty sure this was PS+ once upon a time because I don't remember buying it, and its not in my download list anymore. Sonic & Sonic 2, oddly I never did play these games when they first came out.
  14. - #96 - Cosmic Star Heroine I love old school RPGs like this one. It took a few updates to get some of the bugs out of it, but I enjoyed it. The game itself was mostly straight forward, with a little back tracking around. If you're a fan of any type of '90s style RPGs, you should check this one out. Disclaimer - The platinum isn't currently showing up since it seems profile updating is not working at present, but its there trust me.
  15. Both Agarest 2 and Zero are odd ones for the trophy list names. On the PS3 (offline) it shows both trophy lists as correct. Having it set to online mode or using any other system to view your trophies it shows them as Agarest: Generations of War 2 and Agarest Generations of War Zero.