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  1. The exploit mentioned involves playing a local co-op game, but having the main player a low level character and the high level character joins the game. By doing so the enemies you face at the arena in the UnderDome will be that or close to player 1's (host) level. This will make things so much easier as the arena trophies are a long grind, and almost impossible facing equal level enemies. Do use caution though as even low level enemies can be capable of beating you, especially if the random affect slots in later heats buff enemies and/or disable your shield.
  2. Hmm I think I was level 31 or 32 before, now I'm at 444. Not sure what brought the changes but it's just silly. It has worked fine for me since 2009 when I first started and well if it ain't broke don't fix it.
  3. I believe they do count. I had a service trophy pop the other day even though I completed it through journey mode. Also the missions you complete in journey should show up as completed in the timetable list.
  4. I finally got this trophy to pop after thinking it glitched on me. What happened was I had all routes connected shortly after getting the trophy for all stops unlocked. I went through and added new routes connecting all that I missed and drove them so they all started making money. No trophy then, so I backed up my save and deleted all my routes and added all the stops to one route and ran it. No trophy after adding a driver and bus. So I copied my save back and finished some missions. As soon as I started the Let's get down to business mission, the task for 90% profitable bus routes was complete and I got the trophy while trying to hire new drivers. Maybe somehow someway even though you have the conditions met it won't pop until you are at this mission.
  5. No, I just tried it and it looks like its PS4 only. For Vita players they still have the name exploit to use. On a side note, info on the 1.5 update is starting to hit the internet. This process could possibly be patched out in it. There is no mention on the release of 1.5 so you may want to use this sooner rather than later if you haven't already done so.
  6. I can certainly vouch for how ridiculous the RNG can be. I still try this from time to time even though I already have the platinum, just to see how far I can get in the second round. One game about 3 days ago, I kid you not I had 45 coins for 2 bullet powerups before the first boss. Only saw between 28-30 coins the rest of the game.
  7. @TalalHmd, both the Ace Combat games weren't too difficult for me, but I've been playing these types of games since the mid 1990s. Ace Combat 5 is the harder of the two by far. There are more missions to complete, no check points and the good old one hit missile deaths on the hardest difficulties. Ace Combat 7 however has longer missions and having a two generation gap (AC5 is a PS2 port), there will be way more enemies trying to kill you. You can buy and equip parts on your planes to improve performance, and I only found myself stuck once or twice in AC7. Oh yeah, you also need to do multiplayer on it. 100 games to be exact, 50 battle royale and 50 team deathmatch but you only need to win once at each and just participate in the rest.
  8. I didn't search my entire trophy list but here are some examples using the maximum difficulty the game allowed. 1. Spec Ops: The Line (MFWIC) 2. Duke Nukem Forever (Damn I'm good) 3. Ace Combat 7 (Ace of Aces) 4. Ace Combat 5 (Ace Wing) 5. Alpha Protocol (Hardcore) Not sure if the Metal Gear Solid 2 Extreme difficulty fits in though. You don't directly get a trophy for completing it, but you need to do it to get all the dog tags needed for the blue wig (Great Dane). So no extreme no platinum.
  9. Call of Juarez: The Cartel. 94% with only online trophies left to get. I don't know if online still works but if so, maybe some day but not today.
  10. I may have filled this out before, or maybe one like it but it has been a while so why not. 1. Stardew Valley - 0.93% 2. Ace Combat: Assault Horizon - 1.17% 3. Velocity 2x - 1.50% 4. Tom Clancy's H.A.W.X. 2 - 1.64% 5. Valhalla Knights 3 - 1.97%
  11. That's a bummer having to go through the game a 3rd time. Don't feel too bad though, I had to play the first game 3 times because of a stupid mistake on my part regarding the final character events. If you haven't yet, try taking a look at the overall walkthrough guide. It has screenshots of every map and has each chest marked. They are helpful because there some chests underneath overpasses on the side roads which makes them invisible to detection.
  12. I got my platinum on this yesterday, although I did put the game down for 2-3 months after the first playthrough. The guide worked perfectly for me although there were a couple chests that were easy to miss, especially in the Terra Shrine and the Infernal Castle.
  13. I did at one point have the ambition to write a trophy guide, then I realized that I got my platinum trophy on the vanilla (no updates/DLC) version of the game almost 3 years ago. The DLC and many updates have changed how the game works so much I decided it was a moot point, especially since I haven't bought all the DLC. With that being the case you know it'd be like oh you can do this, this and that (base game) but if you have this DLC you can add this and that as well.
  14. Did you go bankrupt for a month and accept the bailout? As far as I know this is the only way that trophies are disabled once the game starts. The annoying part is that it shows up the first time without warning so you may have accidentally accepted it then. Typically after declining the first time, if you are still in negative cash the choice will pop up about the same time every month after. I'm not totally sure if you can enable infinite money or unlimited resources (which also disables trophies) unless you do so before starting a new city.
  15. I can maybe help with the first one. Did you by chance use the cheat where you rename your character for lots of skills and money? The required name is Koganemushi, and from what I've read that is a Japanese beetle. On a side note, does anyone know how to get the hidden ending for Downtown Special? I'd ask on the NA forum but the game is less than a week old. I can't seem to find anything about it on Google, or perhaps I missed something in-game that might hint how to get it.