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  1. Hmm don't think I was online. I was connected to the internet, but logging in like TSW2 was not implemented yet. I just realized that I had got the trophy over 2 years ago (didn't think it was that long). At the time I was playing they were still in the process of adding DLC and almost weekly updates for "performance" improvements and I am sure that's what wrecked my attempt at getting the trophy the first time.
  2. Yeah the trophy finally popped for me. Looking at the screenshot that gets taken when you get a trophy, it was at the objective complete message and was still in the train and not back to the menu yet.
  3. My trophy didn't come after completing all the services either. Not sure if I could have waited or not but I just cheezed my way through them all again. I used a new profile, started a service and took note of the time and location of the final stop. Quit back to the menu and spawned on foot at said location and as close to the time as possible. Train was always a couple minutes late, but just jumped in once it stopped and closed the doors when the passengers were loaded and service complete. Rinse and repeated until all were finished. Still took quite a few hours to do, but only a fraction compared to driving them all again.
  4. Anyone have any advice on how to win this scenario? I thought I knew everything about the game, but this scenario proves me wrong. I do alright up until the last group of tasks which involves buying out the competition. I've tried connecting every town together that I could and building them up. I buy every business or factory that I can to try to ensure they are large enough to keep the resources and good flowing but nothing ever seems to work. My problem is the competitor has the ability to raise his company value by almost insane amount in a short period of time. I was watching the screen that shows all company values, and the AI was sometimes increasing by millions at a time. At the end of my last game when he finally bought 100% of my shares, the final company value was me: $292 million, competition: $428 million.
  5. Decided to get back into this game and came up with this idea. It's mostly late game to work best, and need the large field open in Calisson, but the default fields will work too. You'll need to have sold enough Rye seeds to buy them in Calisson plus have the Rye bread cooking recipe (can't recall where it comes from). 2 super sprinklers in the 9x12 field with the first 5 down from the top and 5 across, and the second 5 across and 3 up from the bottom will water the entire field. With the update patches installed each Rye seed will cost 50G (instead of 500G). 99 of them will cost 4,950G. After harvesting them go to your kitchen and use 3 to cook Rye bread. Each bread sells for 4,320G or a 4,120G profit after the cost of buying 3 seeds. 33 Rye breads (3 per bread) will bring in 142,560G with 137,610G in profit every 4 days. Best part is Rye can grow all year long here (according to the info from the game) so you shouldn't have to worry about it wilting away. EDIT: Read the post above and was based on the 500G seeds instead of 50G. Might be quicker, but above mentioned crops/flowers have limited best growing seasons and could possibly wilt on you if planned out of season.
  6. #137 - Grand Theft Auto III (PS2 port) Been a while since I posted anything here, not even sure why I stopped. But I decided to post this, since this is the first time I have ever got 100% completion on GTA3 since it first came out. Had the game since Sony first started with the whole PS2 on PS4 deal, but didn't play it since I knew I wasn't able to 100% it before. Trophy wise, GTA3 is harder than the other two PS2 games, Vice City and San Andreas. In this game if you do the missions out of order you can lock yourself out of 100% and have to start over. There is also a potential glitch that can lock you out of 100% as well. It also has, to me at least, the hardest side missions in the form of taking an off road vehicle and testing its limits to hill climbing. There are also a lot of collectables to be found in the form of hidden packages stashed around the map, many vehicles to collect and jumps to be performed. Not as hard these days to find everything with maps and screenshots and YouTube vidoes everything. An above average (for me anyway) difficulty platinum for me. Not sure how many more people will earn it as it seems it was delisted in favor of the remastered version.
  7. It's been many moons since I played New Vegas. If I remember it wasn't too bad to begin with, but I also had a Day 1 disc. As the patches and DLC became available it seemed the quality of play went down. There was a point playing the last DLC where I would have to exit the game to even continue, but it took like 5 minutes for the menu to show up after holding the ps button.
  8. Been at it a while myself. Can't seem to get the trophy for running out of gas (I assume that's what empty your tank is) or calling the tow truck. Hopefully not bugged for the US version. Performed both tasks multiple times and nothing doing, but looks like a lot of EU players have got them.
  9. Haven't played this in years, so definitely looking forward to it again. Only bad thing I remember was having to rebuild your characters again every time you start a new story. That and the totally random stat gains and learned skills. I wonder if the book I bought for it back in 2000 will still work? Well for most of it as I heard they added a new playable character to the game.
  10. A system I set up involves fruit trees. Now this is literally the old saying "It takes money to make money." I set it up so all 5 of my peach, cherry, and orange trees can be harvested at the same time. I then use these to make 5 Orange Punch which sell for 6,000G each every 4 or 5 days. Sadly I forgot how much I had to spend getting the receipe and all the trees cost 45,000G so it does take time to earn your money back and start making a profit. You can also check out this post at Gamefaqs about how people have found a way to make money. It does sound like post game though but should be possible earlier.
  11. I didn't pay too much attention to the game. I thought for sure that KC would wipe the floor with Tampa Bay. I had the game on the radio, and the fan on the field call was far more amusing than what they had on TV.
  12. Not a great list this year. I went to Washington state looking for new work and got stuck for 4 months with only my Vita. Trails of Cold Steel, Janurary 5th, 2020 Double Dragon & Kunio-kun Retro Brawler Bundle, February 29th 2020. 1st achiever Farming Simulator 16 (Vita), May 7th, 2020 Trails of Cold Steel II, May 30th, 2020 Sly 3 (Vita), June 4th, 2020 Persona 4 Golden, August 6th, 2020 Asdivine Hearts II, August 31th, 2020 Bus Simulator, October 9th, 2020 Soldner X-2 Defenitive Edition, November 14th, 2020. 2nd achiever Harvest Moon: Light of Hope, November 23rd, 2020 Fallout Shelter, December 19th, 2020 Saints Row: The Third Remastered, December 19th, 2020 There is still about a week left in 2020, so I may be able to add Exist Archive to the list.
  13. Just offering this as a heads up. The 1.5 update for Stardew Valley released for PC within the last day or so and from what I've read this has been removed. 1.5 for consoles is coming "early" 2021 so it'd probably be best to use it while you still can.
  14. I'm not sure how many I needed. But I did read that gold medals acquired on training routes do not count.
  15. Been years since I last played Alpha Protocol, but I don't believe it is glitched, however there is a lot of work to do with it. Here is a Guide from Playstation Trophies that goes into great detail on it. You can also try using this Dialogue Guide from Gamefaqs to maximize your + (like) or - (hate) counters with each character if you didn't already.