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  1. Velocity Ultra (Vita) way back when for $2.99.
  2. PS3 version. While I have nothing to do while waiting for my last trophy on Cities: Skylines to pop along with the , I decided to give this game another go. This trophy had badgered me for years, on both this and the Vita version. As is with golf in both video game and for real, whether you achieve something usually comes down to dumb luck to say the least. Had my ball not jumped when hitting the ground (dumb luck), it would have just rolled and probably have gone in the hole without hitting the pin, and I'm pretty sure Homing Shots require pin (flag) hits to activate which is where that bounce came into play.
  3. I don't know if its a fixed amount, but it seems that children usually only make up 8% of your city's population. This means you'll need a very large city to unlock it. I didn't get 15k children until my city was at a population of around 190k or so. For the record, 190,000 x 8% = 15,200. After all was said and done, it looked like nearly 50% of all my zones were residential. When I needed more, I tore down abandoned/burned down buildings no matter where they were and replaced them with residential. While a bit random, make sure you use high density residential. I've seen some of these have as many as 18 children in one building, others with none. I also did have the Medical Center and Eden Project monuments built, which gave the city maximum land value and citizen happiness of more than 90%.
  4. If you can afford to, you can lower your plane and/or special weapon level down to gain more XP, maybe between 10-15%. Its not much but it adds up after a while. It also helps to use your 3 free fuels (6 on weekends) on separate games rather than all at once, as this only counts as one game.
  5. It may actually be possible to get the trophy on multiple maps. My first city was a huge mess and ran out of steam before I unlocked all the milestone requirements. I figure it would take hundreds of thousands, perhaps even millions of dollars to rebuild my city to make it run better for the Happy Town trophy and this one. I started a new city and once I hit 900 population, I gained access to Unique Buildings, and all the ones I had unlocked from my first city were available. All the completed milestones were still completed, although you do need to reach the population goals to be able to use them though.
  6. Oh I've played plenty. Half the time I probably knew I wasn't going to get the platinum to begin with too. Here's a brief list of the worst offenders: Star Ocean 4 - 'Nuff said. I was actually making a real effort on this about 2 years ago going for some of the BTs. While I only have 2 trophies to show for it I had a nice 80 hour save file going, and like the fool that I am I never bothered to autosave my game to the cloud and a HDD crash wiped everything. Don't have the time or energy to try again. Gran Turismo 5 - Don't have the time nor the skill to get a Gold medal on every event and all that good stuff. Vanquish - Same victim as Star Ocean 4. Couldn't finish the challenges, nor do I have the time to go through the game again on Hard either. Hot Shots Golf: World Invitational (both versions): Just a royal pain in the butt game both of these are. I feel like I could maybe platinum them if I played enough, but I get so mad it almost doesn't seem worth the trouble.
  7. - #103 - Atelier Meruru I finally decided to finish the original after struggling through Meruru Plus last year. It seemed all the information I could find was from the original game and it was like oh make this item with this on it and you'll be good to go. I was actually shocked to find out how strong certain combinations were in this game, compared to Meruru Plus. Maybe a little overpowered to begin with, then over nerfed in Plus. And on the really good side, the DLC bosses are still annoying but not mandatory for the platinum. On the flip side, it was very annoying trying to play through this game without most of the sorting options Meruru Plus has, mostly pertaining to searching through 1500 items for the one with a specific trait that you need.
  8. Its hard to say exactly what percentage anything gives in the game as there's no information on it anywhere. I did read while trying to do some research before posting this response that someone mentioned the stunt jumps are worth 20% or more, so it may be quite possible that those, along with 100 people in the taxi and rifle range will add up to 100%. While it never happened to me personally while getting 100% and the platinum, there have been reports dating back to the original PS2 days that sometimes the stunt jumps wouldn't register properly. Just a heads up as something to watch out for. -Edit- I noticed on your profile that you don't have the 50/100 hidden packages trophies yet. Either they are unsynced or not earned, but those are required for 100% completion as well.
  9. - #102 - Alpha Protocol Finally sat down and got the platinum after nearly 6 years (Aug. 13, 2011) after I first started the game. I'm not really sure why it took so long to get around to it, maybe because back then I wasn't a real trophy hunter. I only had about 700 trophies, but also still spent a lot of time on my Wii, DS and PSP too. I recall I really didn't like the game when I first started and was just glad when I finished it the first time. I tried it again briefly back in 2014 but gave up again because of a glitchy trophy. The game itself isn't too bad so long as you remember that its a RPG first and everything else second. There are lots of options for how to proceed through the game, but sadly many do nothing, such as conversation choices. There are some exceptions to this as you can make your enemy your friend, but it just seems odd to offend someone earlier and they act as if it never happened. This isn't an easy platinum to get, and you'll have to go through the game twice, not only because of Hard difficulty but one path requires you to kill everyone you encounter and another you can't kill anyone and make them your allies. You'll certainly want to use a guide/walkthrough for the game, as one mess up will require another playthrough unless you catch it before advancing too far and have an older save to roll back to. Thankfully Hard difficulty wasn't that bad, except you have to rely on your EMP charges more than lower difficulties. The mini games (in the later levels) are almost unwinnable, with about half the time allowed than before to complete them. Unfortunately, Obsidian being Obsidian the game tends to be a bit buggy at times. There were multiple crashes that required the PS3 to be turned off, to simple glitches in the game that required a reload of the save file to proceed. For example the game said to hit X to use a zip-line but the character wouldn't use it. You'll have to watch out for these if you're going to attempt this game.
  10. My main focus right now is platinum Alpha Protocol. However, I do seem to be a bit stuck on that attempt at the moment. For some reason I can't get Marburg to fight to the death hence no trophy for doing so and no platinum I still need to finish the game on hard so either way I'm going to have to restart and maybe go a different route on a fresh save and see what happens.
  11. - #101 - Back to the Future: The Game (PS4) i played the old version of the game years ago, and when the 30th anniversary edition came out being the BttF fan I am I had to grab it. Then it sat in my backlog for quite some time like many other games. I enjoyed the game, and thought it was well written and fits in perfectly with the movies. Its a nice continuation from a group of people who are fans of the movies, so its not a disgrace to the them. Telltale also took the unusual step of having one of the co-creators get involved in the story creation as well.If you're a fan of Back to the Future I'd check this out if you haven't already done so. Sadly its just a generic platinum trophy icon, but seeing as how the original PSN version didn't have a platinum its not a real shocker. Being one of the first Telltale games, the mechanics of the game aren't refined as well as the later games. There are a lot of missable trophies and no rewind option. If you're not going to use a walkthrough or a guide I recommend making use of all the save slots to avoid having to start episodes from the beginning again. A lot of reports coming from the forums stated that the PS4 version was buggy. I had no issues with the game personally, save for times when the BGM was louder than the voices and sometimes they even seemed to cut out completely.
  12. - #100 - Dragon Quest Heroes II Well I finally managed to get this one out of the way. It took way longer than I was expecting. My final game clock showed slightly over 200 hours, but how much of that time accounted for me falling asleep in my chair, or getting annoyed and just leaving the game run I'll never know. The game itself is very straight forward, just play the game start to finish, with very little post game things to do. The majority of the annoyance coming from the endless grinding, made even worse by a good portion of it falling to the mercy of the RNG, which one has no control over. Overall, it wasn't exactly a difficult platinum to obtain, but if you're going to attempt it be prepared to allot a good amount of time for the grinding required to earn it.
  13. Bah yet another day wasted towards getting the Dragon Quest Heroes 2 platinum.


    5.8 earthquake last night cost me much sleep and a long shorthanded day of work in the heat killed any motivation of trying it.

    1. skateak


      I just saw that on the news. Biggest one in like 60 years they said. We had a 7.1 hit here back in January 2016. Now that was pretty crazy. Luckily no one got hurt and no building collapses. 

  14. Mine is Monday (1143) and Sunday (864). It makes sense seeing as how those have been my main 2 days off from work for probably 3 years now. Wednesday (830) is not far behind, and oddly enough Friday (595) has the least.
  15. As far as I know the 2k17 servers should be up and running. They just killed the 2k16 servers almost month ago. When they'll close is hard to say, but I've heard they keep them up for around 18 months after a game comes out. I do believe 2k17 came out in October 2016, so in theory the servers should be up until at least April 2018, but one never can say for certain when it comes to online play. Edit: I just noticed this was for the PS3 version of the game. It may be possible the servers will go down before the PS4 version does, but no one really knows until an announcement is made.