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  1. #108 - Drive Girls I decided to give this one a shot because I get a kick out of hack and slash games from time to time. The overall concept is somewhat interesting, with all the girls you can use (and maybe every one in that world) can change into cars. This feature was never really used in the game, as there were a couple levels where you had to win a race, but played minor roles while fighting. Control wise the game was a bit of a clunky mess at times. For a hack and slash game, it was very odd not to have a way to parry enemy attacks, only dodging them with or + . It was very difficult to switch between items, as you had to use either or to choose one and then to actually select it, and again to use it. That meant losing your movement since using both right analog and the D-pad together usually won't work. If you were surrounded and tried to evade with that too would cancel you out of the item selection menu. Finally, trying to use your CARMs (guns) which are your major damage dealers take up your item slot. You activated it through either the touchscreen, or by selecting it as an item. Obviously you can't heal if you're using these, and either way you choose to go back to melee attacks will put you back in the same trouble spot for selecting an item as mentioned above. The battle part of the game wasn't too bad, but if you didn't take the time to upgrade via buying new parts and/or stickers could cause the difficulty to spike sharply in certain areas. This is certainly true of the multiplayer mode of the game. You can certainly do it solo, but becomes much more difficult. If you manage to do so, you can gain stickers and CARMs which make the game almost far too easy. A lot of the latter enemies are capable of juggling your character around, inflicting damage with each hit, and really nothing can be done once it starts. This is especially true when there are multiple enemies on the screen at once. It's to be expected in multiplayer where there should be more than one player, but becomes increasingly frustrating when playing campaign mode. Luckily, none of the trophies were missable, as I had much frustration with this game at times. I'm not sure if I would have had the patience to go back and do it again had there been missable trophies.
  2. It looks like mine is Capcom Arcade Cabinet with 0.11%. Some of those old arcade games were brutal to finish.
  3. #107 - Cosmic Star Heroine (Vita) I decided to give the game another playthrough, this time on the Vita. I got the platinum on the PS4 version almost exactly a year ago, and well since it was cross buy with its own trophy list I figured why not do it again. The game was more enjoyable the second time around since i had a better understanding on how the game mechanics work. Sadly, once you reach a certain point in the game, every battle is mainly fought as outlined in the Overkill section of the trophy guide. Once you get past level 40 or so, you should be able to use Void Wave to attack all enemies. There is however, a nerf to the Hyper Awareness skill, lowering the damage bonus from 100% to 40%, but the method is still effective in wiping out most enemies within 2 turns. The game was a pleasure to play on the Vita, as games like this seem like a perfect fit for the system. The load times are longer than the PS4, and a few technical issues exist as well. Most are harmless, such as there is no outline when trying to change the options between walk or run, or when changing the game volume, so you may need to mess around with it a little. Also when attempting to change your party, after using to exit the menu, sometimes it takes a good while for the game to do so. Try to keep your save game current, as bugs with entering/leaving buildings can sometimes cause your character to become stuck, and closing the game is the only option. The abandoned building in Gehenna close to the shop is a perfect example, but it seems like it can happen anywhere. If you're a fan of old school RPGs, you should definitely check this one out. The story is decent, the music is good and there are plenty of characters to choose from, each with their own play style. There are 2 bonus dungeons on the Vita (positive I read they were coming the PS4 at some point). I haven't finished the second yet, as it probably requires close to maximum level, because upper 50s to low 60s doesn't cut it. As most people have PS4s over Vitas, that'll probably be where you'll be playing, however.
  4. PS3 (118) - Not surprising as I bought it in September 2009 (no internet then so no trophies shown until December '09) compared to February 2012 for Vita and September 2014 for PS4. PS4 (39) - Kind of shocked at this number, but I do have a huge backlog of both PS3 and Vita waiting, and the PS4 is also building up. Vita (37) - A little shocked at this one, but sadly a good portion of the games I played on the Vita were already/became multiplatform sooner or later. Multi (13) - Not really much here, except most were played on the Vita.
  5. #106 - Railway Empire This was actually a pretty fun game for the most part. The game itself was pretty straight forward, but it does have a steep learning curve and may take quite some time to figure out all the tricks of the trade. The setting of the game is within the US in various regions and decades (1830-1910 with 20 year intervals), and your goal is to use steam locomotives and the railroads to change the country. My only beef with the game comes from the updates. Now for the good. The latest (1.02) made the UI a little easier to read, allowing you to see exactly what the maximum number of goods a factory can produce and when your warehouse hits the maximum of a specific type of commodity. And for the bad, it was mostly re-balancing (or nerf as I should call it) of both passengers in your cities and what kind of bonus % certain technological innovations provided. The technology bonus was annoying as it knocks your profits off delivered goods from 10% to say 7 or 8%. The passenger reduction was far more annoying. You used to be able to have an 8 car passenger and/or mail train leaving the station, now you'll be lucky to have a 4 car train, even out of the largest of cities. These types of trains weren't usually too profitable to begin with and now its really bad. While its not exactly a simulation game, and not exactly a building game, I'd have to say give it a shot if you're a fan of like SimCity or any other kind of tycoon or business type games.
  6. #105 - Secret of Mana Wow my first platinum after nearly 6 months. 25 years after its original release, Secret of Mana once again graced us with its presence. Unfortunately this isn't exactly what I think anyone had in mind. To start off with the bad, the game is (and despite 2 patches is still) full of bugs, many of which I never personally encountered other than the crashing. This can make playing the game a real chore at times. Now granted every game is going to glitch/bug at some point but this was ridiculous. Next up is the new soundtrack. While I did enjoy it overall, it was very inconsistent in terms of quality. Some of it was really well done, others almost made me want to mute the sound completely. Luckily there is an option to use the original soundtrack as well. The voice acting wasn't too bad, but it won't likely win any awards. As with most games, the option for both English and Japanese is present. If you don't want to hear the voice over, you can always set the level to 0 in the settings. The gameplay is nearly identical from the original game. It is fairly easy to learn how to play with minimal time. On the good side, if your stupid AI partners get stuck behind something this time around you won't have to go back for them as you can move freely around without them. My only real gripe here is that each time you go into a menu with either or the position is always returned to default location. The remake feels slightly more difficult than before, mostly due to how certain enemies seem to attack faster than before. The localization was good keeping in line with the original game, and even adding some humor into it. As you progress through the game, each time you sleep at an Inn, the party will have a conversation before heading to sleep. I got a good laugh out of a lot of these, and it sounded like an adventure from hell. Maybe if I was the hero and had to deal with the other 2, I would probably have said something along the lines of "The heck with this. Saving the world isn't worth putting up with these 2 the whole time."
  7. Actually you do need to have all your weapons upgraded to level 9 save for the sword which is upgraded to 9 via Mana Magic. I finished the game not too long ago, and left my whip and boomerang at 8, and figured since their names showed up in red (indicating all orbs) in the weapon level menu that was good enough. Nope, got the level 9 sword, finished the game and no trophy for All Weapons Level 9.
  8. I'm actually working on getting all magics to level 8, and at least for now I can confirm that using Analyzer on a chest will use 0 MP, even though the game says it uses 1. And if I remember right, once you get inside the ruins a little ways, there is an exit that takes you back outside and it leads to a Sword Orb which you were hitting with Analyzer. You need to keep spamming it though as once the animation is finished and the chest glows with a constant red aura around it you can't scan it again. EDIT: It actually seems that you can only hit a chest with Analyzer twice before you can't use it anymore. If its a permanent chest this isn't so much a problem as exiting and coming back will reset it for you.
  9. Bionic Commando Rearmed #144 A Real Challenge (2.00%) Acquire at least one star in each of the Challenge Rooms 1 - 56 June 21, 2010 (bought PS3 in September 2009)
  10. Oh I feel you on this one. I just spent 3 hours trying to get that silly Imp's Ring off the Ghost. May have been quicker if I found a room where more than one of them spawned.
  11. There really isn't a best place for the Sprite. The Wind Shrine is a good spot as it's only a 2 room walk to restore MP. Once you get Luna and MP Absorb just about any place will work. You may also be hurting yourself in the long run using the Wind Shrine for Primm. If memory serves she only gains 1/2 the magic exp if casting in a safe area.
  12. So I decided to give the game another go and attempted Campaign 3 many times and for some reason I cannot seem to get my score up to 30 to reach the President rating.. The game only seems to award a max of 20/30 (25 if using the no pause setting aka Trainiac mode) points based on the time (years and months game time) it took to finish the tasks. I have completed 7/7 tasks, and as little 4 or 5 out of 7, yet the game never awards points for completing them. I've watched youtube videos on the game, and they also only receive 20/30 points and never have the option to get the full share. Now I like to finish tasks quickly, so is this simply as case of going too fast for my own good, or is this a legit glitch and how to get around it?
  13. All the trophies are single player as there is no multiplayer option. After playing for an extended period of time, I actually think this game could have had a decent online or maybe an MMO setting if done properly.
  14. According to the checklist that is Elman, and he's in Pandora, on the second floor of a house near the Inn. Good thing the checklist exists as I had already found him and had no clue as to where. 😁
  15. I'm not sure if it requires both characters to have level 8 magic or just all elements which would require either the girl to have all level 8 and the sprite just level 8 Shade, or the sprite with all level 8 and the girl with level 8 Lumina. The sprite isn't too bad to level up, it just takes time. Once you gain Luna and access to MP Absorb the sprite becomes so much easier. You can basically stay out and grind magic almost forever as long as you save at least 1 MP and the monsters can be drained of theirs. Also make sure you assign magics to both the and shortcuts. This saves an insane amount of time over the long run of things.