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  1. I can’t see the picture above me, so just put me down as a maybe. How about this game? The platinum is extremely difficult.
  2. I’ll make sure to avoid future games from KUNOS or whatever that incompetent developer is called.
  3. I had fun with it for like three days, then moved on.
  4. Some people enjoy getting the same 10 minute shovelware plat on three different systems just to inflate their numbers. Some people enjoy spending dozens of hours on something they truly enjoy to get one plat.
  5. There’s only one game that truly deserves the 10/10 difficulty rating and it’s Necrodancer, especially with a controller.
  6. I am reading the Monstress graphic novel series. The art and the story are so dark and beautiful.
  7. Yes, but mostly in racing games with time trials. 😊
  8. Platinum #50 - Bleed Difficulty: 10/10 Enjoyment: 7/10 Gameplay: 9/10
  9. I'm all for it if you want to have a nice platinum screenshot. Personally I can't be bothered with the effort. I honestly don't even keep the screenshots on my PS4. Everything gets deleted because I just never use them. Unless I personally go out of my way to take a shot of something in-game.
  10. I'm a female. It depends on what sort of game I'm playing. If it's an RPG I like to play a female. If it's a dating sim of any sort I can go either way. Just depends on my mood. I like being a hotshot male (thanks Persona 5 for making me realize that) where all the ladies love him. In Fire Emblem 3 houses I liked to play a female and date the lady characters. So it just depends!
  11. Favorite: Persona 5 Royal. Sure, some might say, "Hey, nice cliche answer!" But when I stop and think about how to answer, this is still the game that jumps out to me first, and then when I keep thinking about the question, it's the only game that doesn't go away. Least Favorite: My Name is Mayo. No explanation necessary.