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  1. Is there anybody finished season one's domination? I give up lol That all time domination will cost me a controller if I continue, oh well back to TTO right now
  2. From what i read at 2kgamer forum, this year galaxy opal will rated at max 98. So dark matter probably 99-rated (or above) players (G.O.A.T card maybe?)
  3. CMIIW, did 2k said they will add another card tier (Dark Matter) this year?
  4. Domination on 2K20: Curent: rookie, pro, all star Historic: pro, allstar, superstar Alltime: pro, allstar, superstar
  5. Have anyone figured out a play like quick through sts in 2k21? Playing againts HoF level CPU with this shitty shot meter really drive me crazy. Cant hit any med range, run rim only work until allstar difficulty for me. Tried use that Pistons playbook, its only work about 60% now.
  6. Try sniping GOAT card on weekend. Dunno why, but that work very well for me. Usually I snipe 2-3 GOAT card/weekend Last weekend i sniped 5 GOAT (1x magic @50k, 2× KD and 2x shaq). With that i able to raise my MT from 200k to 850k in just 1 day, enough for me to buy that PG Giannis. If you have Vita, i suggest you use remote play when sniping at AH. At least you dont need to sit in front your TV all the time when try your luck at AH lol
  7. It's look quicker than 2k20, but that 594 stars domination tho, lol. Oh well, lets do this again 💪 As long there is a quick thru sts, it's look doable, lol 😆 Have a good players help too
  8. I platinum'ed this game today, the most painful trophy, off course, is GOAT collector. In my experience, the game changer for collecting card is when they update token market last month. I had about 4000 token at that moment, so i decide to redeemed that to new packs at token market. Pull 2x Rasheed Lewis, 1 x takeover Giannis and 1 x OOP Kevin Durant. Sold them at action house and got about 2 million MT coin. Unfortunately right now that cards value not too good. *sorry for bad english, lol
  9. Yup, i bought few from other member in that forum too.
  10. #175 - NBA 2K20 finally it's over.... 😴
  11. Never buy VC. If you must spend with your real money, just buy MT. And after you got that GOAT collector level, you can sell all your card you didnt want for MT and sell it back to other user
  12. yep, i got all heat check cards before NBA Is Back pack come out in 2000-2500 range
  13. Play the rookie weekly challange. Its just 3 minutes, more than enough to got 50 point/game Also, today theres an event 2xopen vault in triple threat offline. Its increase your odds to got reward from vault. I just finished 3 TT game, and got 2x10 tokens & Opal Dan Issel
  14. If I sell a card from my collection, did my total collection decreased or still same? Thinking to sell some GO card and buy a couple lower ranked card