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  1. Seven to the left means you have to be at the very right end, one down means it could be anywhere but you have to go 8 up before so you can only be at the top, and you have to move 3 right with knowing you must arrive at the end (in order to move 7 left). So there could only be one start. Not easy to explain.
  2. Try reading the incriptions only with Matt. The trophy popped when I did that.
  3. I think it's glitched unfortunately. Someone made a comment on one of my video guide and said the exact same thing. Maybe you have to read them all with the same character without switching.
  4. Oh nice one. It has to be that. Thank you so much for mentionning it.
  5. I guess it's a portrait pretty similar to the other two but I don't remember seeing another one. I obtained the trophy because I was curious during my first run and checked everything. I really wish I could help you guys more.
  6. It is possible that many portraits are involved. I interacted with a lot of things during my first run so I couldn't tell which ones are required. EDIT : apparently, there are 3 portraits according to the dev but they didn't mention whitch ones so Employee + Manor + ...
  7. I am relieved then. I didn't post a video for that because I didn't think it would worth it. The trophy is pretty easy to obtain and doesn't require any clarification. But it is a nice thing you made one.
  8. Oh, I wrote Chapter 3. I am really sorry. It was Chapter 2. How could I get that wrong. I apologize deeply.
  9. Yes, you do have to complete the quest immediately when arriving. I should have said that. My mistake. Beating the game and/or having the Platinum should take 12-15h I would say but it is difficult for me to estimate because I spent a lot of time searching for the collectibles by my own. ^^
  10. Long John is in the city in the restaurant (right of the map). I talked to him or one of is waiter and did a quest where I had to kill rats. You have to do it during chapter 1 as you cannot go back there. For those asking, I had a review code to provide a trophy guide/review by the dev 10 days ago.
  11. Missable trophies are the one listed with the spoiler mention + Collectibles. So yes, you have to keep track with the written list and with the video guide which contains every collectible.
  12. There are none actually. Clean up is impossible as you cannot go back to previous areas.
  13. Collectibles are available until the last chapter and if one is missing you will have to do another complete run as they don't stack between the three save slots.
  14. Yes, like I said, I listed everything missable and in a chronological order.
  15. Everything missable is listed. Here is the video. Unfortunately, the game didn't allow a better quality with the Share button so it's pretty much ugly and won't be used. All this effort for nothing.