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  1. The first boss doesn't give anything unfortunately. If there were 72 artifacts, it would mean : 72 - 18 (Vulgrim) = 54 during exploration 72 - 21 (Vulgrim) = 51 during exploration I do not have either of them despite searching everywhere. I will keep going a little but I am not sure to be able to find them all.
  2. Quick question : how many artifacts can we buy from Vulgrim ? I just killed Pride on a new save and Vulgrim sells 18 artifacts of each kind but I saw people saying they bought 21 units. Did I miss something ? Did killing Abraxis counts ? I don't know how many artifacts there are overall in the whole game ...
  3. should also significantly reduce stuttering in high-density areas .... well, no. ^^
  4. I didn't test everything but I still have multiple loadings while exploring the same area. So much for performance optimizations.
  5. I made a video to boost Beast Mode and Soul Reaper but I am not sure it is helpful as none of you have mentionned the spot I am using.
  6. Yeah I managed to get back on my feet but I was really scared my save would be ruined. I quit to the main menu when standing in front of the arena and the boss was there after reloading. Thanks for the reply.
  7. Be careful with the fight with Abraxis because after killing me, he is not appearing anymore. I don't know if this is the game breaking bug PS4 Trophies talked about but there is one.
  8. I sent you a tweet about that place. I hope it will help you (if you hadn't figured it out already ^^). Sorry for the quality of the run, I didn't expect to stumble into that specific location.
  9. It would be interesting to know the patch they were playing on.
  10. I read a tweet from PS4Trophies who said that he get the Apocalyptic mode trophy while playing on lower modes.
  11. The Usiel trophy is missable but you will unlock it naturally as you want the fight to end as fast as possible, especially on Apocalyptic mode. You will focus on Lust on instinct. Concerning the artifacts, you will find them while exploring, mostly by taking path you couldn't cross before because you didn't have the ability required. Note that you can buy them to Vulgrim who seems to refill his stock every time you defeat a boss, except for the first one because the upgrade system was not introduced to you (x3 after each kill).
  12. Hard for me to tell. Between my many deaths and me taking my time to explore everything, I wouldn't know. ^^
  13. I cannot tell you about NG+ but Apolyptic mode is really really hard. Simple mobs can kill you in 2 hits and bosses are a pain. I struggled on some parts during Darksiders 1 & 2 but not as much as in DS III. I heard a dev dropped by during a stream of the game on Hard mode and told the streamer Apocalyptic difficulty was designed for NG+ but I cannot confirm it.
  14. The patch 1.03 was just released. Maybe it is solving your problems.
  15. That's really unfortunate. I installed the update and I had no problem for now, except the loadings which seem a little longer than previously to me. Sorry for you.