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  1. How did you get to choose someone on the last level ? Maybe I overlooked something but when the level started the game gave me Joe right away. I didn't have the opportunity to choose my character before. Edit : nvm I was missing one level.
  2. There are more than 2 conversations. I killed someone with Joe when he tries to know more about his daughter and 1 or 2 with Frank (one telling me I won't have the guts considering how he hurt Frank in the past). To be sure you will kill the person you are speaking with, always choose the most agressive answer (talk to me or else ... I am gonna hurt you if you don't cooperate, dialogues like that).
  3. Did you kill everyone when talking to people during the cutscenes ? Because it might come from that. I don't know for sure but I think you have to kill people you had conversation with. That also means that the person you are talking to in prison has to stay there. If you bring him back to your place, he is considered as rescued and should void the trophy.
  4. Same problem happened to me at the very same level. If anyone is reading this, try to beat the final level without quitting the game. Although someone unlocked all the achievements regarding Mara which means he had to reload his save after reaching her. It's seeems not everyone is affected by the crash.
  5. Ok, because I have been on their Discord to talk to them about the problem and they answered me that the saves prior to the patch are not compatible with the latest patch. But obviously they lied or are incompetent and don't know where the problem comes from. I went on their Twitter account after reading your message and apparently a person informed them he/she has the same problem than us on Xbox. Not sure they are going to fix this.
  6. Just out of curiosity, did you play the game prior to the release / prior to the day one patch ?
  7. It's very hard to tell how long the game is as I started with the most tidious run and had to start over and over sometimes, because of me dying or not having enough ammo. I can tell you the game has 14 levels, each showing 2 floors. They get trickier as you progress but not necessarely bigger.
  8. Yeah, that would be nice. Because, for example, Joe's grenade is useless in that run as it stuns the mobs and don't kill them. A finisher with the closed range weapon would be a way to go. And I didn't mention the fact that once the enemies spot you, they fire with a 100 % accuracy and they spam their bullets without having to reload. It's not like Hotline Miami which allows you to shoot while moving and hoping to get away with it. If you are spotted you will be hit at least once at best or killed very fast at worst.
  9. I received a code of the game earlier to write a guide at first. I started a run and tried to kill everyone. It is a very hard trophy to get but for the bad reasons. Most of the time, you don't have enough ammo even if you are very diligent by killing with one shot and not missing one bullet. I cannot count how many times I had to restart a checkpoint in spite of clearing a large area just because I was too short on supplies. To succeed you don't have to rely on your skill only but on the RNG too and it is very frustrating. Not only that but you have to kill EVERY mob. Not for the trophy per se because it requires to eliminate only humans but by doing so you will be loud and will alert them so most of the time, you have to get rid of the drones, robots etc ... (with melee attack of course because you have to save your ammo). And the only way to do all of that is to use your ranged weapon because all of your skills are non-lethal. I had the opportunity to talk about it with the devs on Twitter via PM who told me that they unlocked the trophy only once to make sure it is possible and inlcuded it after achieving it (it is the hardest of the list according to them). But they had it with luck and RNG and it will be the same for us. Clearly, the game is not design for killing everyone and the experience is stealth oriented so this trophy is harder than it should be. Unless people are complaining about it on the forums here and there to make them rebalanced the drop of ammo, it will be a real pain. I was about to unlock the trophy but I had a save corruption at the very last level that prevented me from succeeding. I am waiting for a patch to fix this. But be prepared to struggle a lot.
  10. Indeed, I unlocked the trophy without knowing if it would be ok.
  11. I am having a challenge III but nothing on it seems to indicate it's epic. Where do you see the mention of it ?
  12. You get XP when you quit through the Square button but not if you use Option to go back to the main menu. If you quit while playing Last Worm Standing, you will have the XP of your rank. If you quite while playing Battle Royale with teammates, you will have the XP of your team's rank at the moment you are leaving. If you leave and your team is still alive at 3rd rank, the game will give you XP for that rank, even if your team manages to go #1. So it's best to quit if everyone else in your team is dead.
  13. Hello. Indeed, the trophy requires you to buy every item cutomization (weapon + character). Unlocking them isn't enough. You don't have to buy the items unlocked through the challenges but only the ones related to leveling up.
  14. Indeed, you get more XP for your weapon in the Battle Royale modes but the Shield and the Turret are both rare drops. Not easy to find them AND to keep them long enough. I have them at the level 7 and it is becoming son annoying. GG for getting the trophy so fast.
  15. Ok, thanks for your answer. It's gonna be a huge pain then.