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  1. In my opinion Dead Cells has ALWAYS been hard! 😁 I have seen a marked increase in difficulty with the new updates so perhaps you should play without the updates BUT you will miss out on cool new items, skills and a new Boss so maybe you shouldn't if you want the best out of the game 👍🏻 Your choice 😎
  2. I think the best has already been mentioned by everyone BUT I have to reiterate One game... DEAD CELLS ❤️ I literally play this game every day! I absolutely Love it 🤩 Thanks for everyone's suggestions! I've just bookmarked this page! 😄
  3. Just a few more to add to your list: The Witcher 3: GOTY Edition Persona 5 Divinity Original Sin 1 & 2 Dead Cells Those are all EXCELLENT games in their own right 😍 You definitely won't go wrong getting any of those 👍 Happy Gaming! 😉
  4. When I started gaming on PS3 all those years ago, my very first Platinum was Assassin's Creed 2. Excellent game which won numerous awards! Not complicated at all with mainly easy trophies Just collecting feathers is a bit of a chore but with a decent map you'll ace it in no time!
  5. I've just finished the story and about half of the side quests. My loadout is a fine balance: 2 VERY strong melee weapons with fire / electricity added on and both are one-handed, bow and arrows for long-distance silent killing and the semi-auto rifle for taking out anything I can't smack to death. Also, it's a good idea to carry a shotgun on the side for those times you've had ENOUGH and don't care! 👹 Absolutely love Dying Light! 😍
  6. Why not go for the BEST PS4 game you can play as your 100th Plat? Grand Theft Auto V Can't go wrong with that!
  7. Wow! This is unbelievable! I would LOVE to play this re-imagined version! Every school holiday I would play and finish the game! I absolutely LOVED it! SEGA was definitely the best!
  8. I completely agree! I'm absolutely loving Ratchet and Clank on my PS4. Think it's such a great game. I never played the old games so as a newcomer to the series, I would DEFINITELY get the others if they were remastered too!
  9. As previously mentioned, RAGE is definitely an underrated game. I would also add: Kingdoms of Amalur Bulletstorm Both of these are brilliant games which definitely didn't get the full recognition they deserved!
  10. I'm not at all surprised! Uncharted 4 is definitely one of the greatest games on PS4 and overall, 4th best PS4 game of all time, in my opinion. Now they just need to make the movie! (Please make it happen someone!)
  11. I voted for The Legend of Korra.
  12. That's awesome! proper patch released just in time for me to start playing Battlefield when my download of the game finally ends! Well Done Devs!
  13. Nice Name :D Zooooorba !

    1. zorba-da-greek


      Hahaha! :D thanks man! Appreciate it! ;)

  14. Hey people! If you're lonely and looking for friends, please feel free to add me! If you're not lonely but looking for a friend, please feel free to add me! PSN ID: zorba-da-greek
  15. It would be quite funny if this game, Siegecraft Commander, was really hard and everyone went to buy the game for the trophies and couldn't finish the game! To me, it does seem like they got their inspiration from Terminator Salvation trophy-wise, maybe to boost their sales? Hope it's good! Those trophies DO look tempting!