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  1. I can live without the autopop, but I wish that the trophies are at least obtainable. Boycotting the game until it’s fixed.
  2. I owe home made Mojito my Outlast 2 platinum 😅
  3. Thank you @mati11120 Worked like a charm. The only consistent method to get the trophy as of today. Sick and tired with chasing the hag encounters. ps5, disk, updated to 1.02 Closed the game as soon as selected move on. Collected just 1 card per chapter. Killed Jacob in chapter 3 and Emma chapter 4 to accelerate the progress through the story. the trophy popped at the end of chapter 5 as soon as you got move on for the last time.
  4. could you please be more specific when exactly to close the game on ps5? I don’t have any saving icon/symbol. As fast ast you chose move on? After the hag comments about your choice? Right before the screen fades?
  5. I played disk version 1.02 getting all the cards but hierophant, all the cards but hierophant and justice, getting only 1 card per chapter, meeting/hearing the Eliza all the time then played disk v1.0 offline with the same setup. No trophy. You may try again and again at your own risk. even with a disk there is no consistent outcome. Those who got the trophy were lucky it glitched positively in their favor, period.
  6. Played the game from the scratch on 1.0 version. Picked at least 1 card on every level, hadn’t picked hierophant. Refused the vision at the end of every chapter including 9. no trophy.
  7. Collected at least 1 tarot card in every chapter and refused the tarot readings at the end of each chapter by killing everyone by the chapter 10, then left Kaitlyn alive. Wasn’t given the reading choice by the end of chapter 10 thought. didn’t work.
  8. Solution : upload ps4 save file on ps5 with the snapshot at the moment you just defeated the last boss and hadn’t started the ng++ for the tokens. If you hadn’t manually saved at that moment, the auto save might overwrite that specific game instance and you are doomed to start over. 1. Defeat last boss on ng+ UH ps4. Watch the end credits. The ps4 trophies for ng+ and UH pop. 2. Make the manual save at the campfire.->>!Don’t start the ng++ just yet!<<- 3. Import this save file on ps5, enter the game. The ps5 trophies for ng+ and UH pop.
  9. Only this looks like the solution. Unfortunately I hardly made manual saves and auto saves quickly overwrite
  10. While where is a heavy discussion in a different thread about the DLC in general, I’ve encountered an issue of not being able to autopop the ps5 DLC trophies after completing it for the ps4 version. 1. I’ve completed the ng+ ultra hard run and some activities for champion tokens. Popped 2 trophies. 2. I’ve started ng++ story for the remaining tokens and bought everything. Popped a trophy. 3. I’ve launched the ps5 version and uploaded the ps4 save file from the main menu, started the game. 4. No trophy popped. I’ve respawned next to the merchant with few remaining weapons for tokens still not bought yet. Bought it, popped the ps5 trophy for buying all the gear and paint for the tokens. 5. Still miss ps5 trophies for completing ng+ and completing it in ultra hard difficulty. I’d appreciate all the suggestions for the workaround, really don’t want to go for an extra run.
  11. Performance mode runs smoothly most of the time at 60 fps rate, sometimes there are fps drops, fortunately never during fights.
  12. Just bought my sealed steep winter games edition (EU) from Amazon for 13€. Successfully redeemed road to the Olympics DLC code from the box.
  13. To identify issues and to discuss or find the solution
  14. At least 1 memo note (side quest reward) is currently bugged and is not obtainable by many if not everyone.
  15. Arena counts for specific class win, but does NOT COUNT for winning with 8 different legends. Only in royal battle, no matter public or ranked, 2 team or 3 team.