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  1. Yeah, you can use a Keyboard and Mouse just fine.
  2. This is something of a trophy list I always wished for playing throughout the years. Curious to see how near I'll be to that 100%. I'm sad that my account is linked to my old PSN though. I am tempted to start a new account just for these trophies. Though I guess new accounts can't play the beta yet?
  3. This method is pretty good, gonna use it while I watch Dragon Ball on my iPad or something. I might edit this post once I'm done to share how many episodes I spend watching while grinding x3
  4. Thanks! I was just randomly trying because those scenes are cute but this will speed things up.
  5. Thanks for the guide. Might play this one soon.
  6. I haven't gotten a single platinum this month. I was so focused on finishing the multiplayer of Ghost of Tsushima. I had a really great group to run the raid last weekend and finally got that 100% yesterday. I'm very happy. Of course I already had the platinum, so I'm still at square one for the contest. I have been playing Yakuza: Like a Dragon which is fairly long and hopefully can still finish it by the end of the month. Not sure if it has enough points though x)
  7. Ah, didn’t make it passes the second mission after all. But that’s ok, this contest gave me the drive to finish up Hollow Knight and Creature in the Well and I thoroughly enjoyed them. These things are really fun, will follow future events too.
  8. When the trailer started I wasn’t really all that excited for a port to PS5, even though I loved the game. But seeing Yuffie in her moogle hoodie cape and then fighting in all her ninja glory: Take my money, Square! Damn you and your hype. And Ever Crisis seems like the actual remake I wanted ever since FFIV was redone. Hoping to play the complete compilation remake collection on PS5 with trophies in, let’s say 2025. Square and especially FFVII always makes me worry. But I had a really great time with the game last year and I just want more.
  9. Mission 4 is really nice! I can’t believe I’m still at the bottom of mission 2. I have some time now, let me at least get to mission 3!
  10. Sign me up! Last event was fun, even though I had some bad luck with work.
  11. I've read quite a lot of short stories by Lovecraft. I love "cosmic horror" kinda movies. And if I write some short stories myself I usually end up replicating Bloodborne somehow. So for those that played the game, recommend or pass?
  12. Lots of peeps say yes here and they are totally right. First off, Metal Gear Solid 4 is probably one of my favourite games ever. I got my PS5 in November but by a strange twist of fate I started playing Metal Gear on my PS3 again. Also Lightning Returns, ICO, Alice: Madness Returns, Asura’s Wrath, Killer is Dead and Resonance of Fate. Arguably you can still greatly enjoy PS3 era with PlayStation Now on a newer console but can’t really give a clear opinion on that since I’ve never been subbed to it. Also, I keep going back to MotorStorm games (mostly Apocalypse) on PS3 when friends are around. Usually racing games are not my genre but it is just so good and that alone worth to keep my black box on the shelves.
  13. Oh god I am so far behind but I got an unexpected workload and had not my usual game time. Still I’m hopeful I can finish mission 2 and maybe 3 by the end of the month. Still allowed to finish mission 4 in March?
  14. I love both Last of Us games but wasn't so interested in a series about it. Don't really feel confident about games in screen format. That said, I definitely am excited about the main casting, I like them both and now I am looking forward seeing how they'll do.