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  1. Thanks for this! I was waiting for some down time at work, so I could play it in long sessions. Now I'm gonna start playing this week!
  2. Powerpyx updated their Trophy Guide with: I only played the prologue on 2.02. Should I start fresh just to be safe or just continue? Anyone still running into problems?
  3. Well. When I saw the trailer I thought, omg such chaos, but after playing the demo, I'm sold. I had a lot of fun with the battle system and the synergy of the typical FF job vibe. I'm looking forward to the game. Just fun like old God of War or Devil May Cry.
  4. Yes. I wish they’d release a Trilogy Remaster. Even though the games still look gorgeous on PS3.
  5. Final Fantasy XIII I get the hate, I truly do. Too linear. Not enough side content. Lots of hate for the characters and the battle system and overall a weak experience compared to FFs that came before. But I kinda loved it. And all of it. I loved the battle system, the music, the environments. The story wasn’t super great but if you over analyse all the FFs have this beyond wack plot lines. Final Fantasy XIII (like most FFs) conquered a spot in my heart.
  6. Thanks for the events. Take care of your work and looking forward to more in the future!
  7. If this is true and done right, I'm pretty excited. But who knows. At the moment, I just want more XVI news!
  8. Like Xylobe I also strongly recommend to go for the weapons (Axe of Beheading, Sunrise, Spear of the Usurper) that use Subdued Bracelets. I grinded for three hours with not a single drop. Switched between difficulties and load and reset, no luck. I gave up. Of course it all has to do with RNG, so maybe others have more luck. But the fact that it’s an annoying flying enemy that’s initially under the sands doesn’t help. I went for the Yorha dlc weapons instead of Iron Will (those four together only need one extra Memory Alloy) and used an easily upgraded weapon, the Sword you get for getting the Ending E. TL;DR: the ones I skipped were: Iron Will, Axe of Beheading, Sunrise, Spear of Usurper, Ancient Overlord.
  9. Congratulations on your platinum! Big fan of Platget! Excellent review and guide. Returnal is definitely on my to play list.
  10. I was about to make a spreadsheet, and then I found this thread. Thank you for sharing!
  11. Yeah, exactly the same for me. Just going back into game over and over and doing fun stuff with the Stealth Suit and C4. And later I played all the VR missions that came with the Substance or PS3 release. Ah good times. Recently I even watched this YouTube Analysis MGS2 is a Masterpiece and it really gave me some nostalgia vibes.
  12. 1. Devil May Cry 2. Metal Gear Solid 2 3. Grand Theft Auto III 4. Final Fantasy X 5. Kingdom Hearts These games introduced me into series I still love today (kinda). Of course it's difficult to not mention games like Timesplitters, ICO, Soul Calibur, Dead or Alive, God of War, Okami, Grandia, Zone of the Enders, ... (Oops, I guess I mentioned it after all.)
  13. Yes. I hated the old list and was so disappointed it never got expansion trophies, this new one is a dream. My XIV ID is linked with an old PSN account of mine, I think I might create a new ID just for this trophy list. That’d be crazy but fun. I’m really happy to hear your enjoying the story. Heavensward and Shadowbringers are my absolute favourites. My character is on the Light server too by the way. Vanna Ava on Phoenix. I’ll keep an eye out to add you to my FL 😁 . You can get the Bahamut trophy by doing it again, doesn’t matter if you did before or not. Most trophies should auto pop except the raid ones. And did you try to gather anything? Normally if you gather just once the trophies should update. Gathering once triggers the counter.
  14. Good morning and congrats on your PS4 platinum! The base trophy list of the PS5 has main scenario trophies of the expansions too. The Far Edge of Fate is the last patch MSQ of Heavensward (3.5) for example. So keep playing the story normally and you’ll unlock all MSQ trophies eventually. Don’t worry that it glitched.
  15. Ah. I really thought I'd get at least two plats this month but at least I finished Yakuza and have a spot in the ranking with actual points x3