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  1. Okay. I got it. Sign me up for Hollow Knight as first mission. This is really fun, thank you for organising.
  2. So if I choose Hollow Knight (currently at 65%), I have to get it to 100% by Sunday the 7th of February? Or Monday. Anyhow, I will try!
  3. Thanks! Now I actually want to check this game out.
  4. Update Start: 87% Now: 93% No progress with percentage since last time since I started a new game. However got two new games to 100%: Killer is Dead and Asura’s Wrath. Next up: Child of Light and Hollow Knight!
  5. Update time! Two new titles to completion. Alice: Madness Returns (100%) Asura’s Wrath (100%) Catherine (0%) Darksiders (0%) Drakengard 3 (0%) Final Fantasy XIII (0%) ICO (0%) Killer Is Dead (100%) Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII (0%) Okami (0%) Remember Me (0%) Resonance of Fate (0%) The Walking Dead (100%) WET (0%) Both games are not the greatest but somehow create a different experience. Asura’s Wrath especially. It even works it flaws as part of what makes it special. An interactive anime with fantastical out of proportion battles. The game is on PlayStation Now and I recommend everyone to play the story at least once. (Be careful though because the dlc is not available via Now)
  6. Park Shin-hye! I mean: Dead or Alive Xtreme 3: Fortune
  7. Totally agree. When I think of my N64 and Turok 2, I always remember playing with a sandbox of game mods. And of course I remember: I AM TUROK! Happy a trophy is named accordingly!
  8. I can’t believe it will be almost a full year of no concerts. Withdrawal symptoms. I’m happy I still travelled a bit at the end of 2019 and the start of 2020. I got to see three gigs in February. Dir en grey in Paris Babymetal in Brussels Palaye Royal in Antwerp
  9. @Kamurotetsu What a list. I’ll pick Final Fantasy XV because they made it impossible to get 100% now. So I really wish I could steal that one from your list x)
  10. I love things like this. Sign me up. I am finishing up two games this month so I can start a bunch and complete a bunch in February.
  11. I like your goal! I aimed for 95% this year but would like to get every game to 100% Update. Start: 87% Now: 93% Good progress with Hollow Knight, Killer is Dead and Asura’s Wrath. Just got my 1000th Trophy and 20th Platinum milestones. I aim to 100% Asura’s Wrath and Killer is Dead by the 31st of January and get another three 100%s in February but maybe I’m bitting off more than I can chew. Good luck to all the rest and was fun to read about your progress!
  12. Finally my 999th Trophy! Hollow Knight Solace Bring peace to the Grey Mourner This one was tricky but I felt very serene when I finished this quest. Tomorrow I'm going for the 1000th Trophy milestone! I hope it is something special.
  13. There are so many PS3 games I’d still like to get but games like Uncharted, Kingdom Hearts, Mass Effect, Batman and BioShock series I’ll probably aim for remastered versions. That leaves Metal Gear, God of War and Devil May Cry series but holding out for those ones for now. My Aim Alice: Madness Returns (100%) Asura’s Wrath (69%) Catherine (0%) Darksiders (0%) Drakengard 3 (0%) Final Fantasy XIII (0%) ICO (0%) Killer Is Dead (18%) Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII (0%) Okami (0%) Remember Me (0%) Resonance of Fate (0%) The Walking Dead (100%) WET (0%)
  14. A like for your Bloodborne love. I'd definitely choose your Ninja Gaiden Sigma 2. The skill you must have. Such a good game but would never be able to platinum it. But I will give a go at Devil May Cry 5 soon.
  15. Happy New Year All Is it too late to sign up? If not I'd like to join. 2020.12.31: 87% Aim for 2021.12.31: 95% Side-goal: 50 completed games (in total, 25 games for 2021).
  16. I was aiming for 20 platinum trophies for 2020 but in the end I got distracted. But I’m happy, a fresh profile and played a lot of fun games. 1. Death Stranding 2. Alice: Madness Returns 3. Hellblade: Senua's Sacrifice 4. NieR: Automata 5. Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice 6. Onimusha Warlords 7. Horizon Zero Dawn 8. Final Fantasy VII Remake 9. The Liar Princess and the Blind Prince 10. Persona 5 Royal 11. Zero Time Dilemma 12. The Walking Dead 13. The Last of Us Part II 14. Uncharted: the Lost Legacy 15. InFamous: Second Son 16. Shadow of the Colossus 17. Ghost of Tsushima Tsushima is still a work in progress because I want to get the 100% completion too!
  17. I was a big fan of the MotorStorm series and was disappointed to not see a new one on PS4. Now with the haptic feedback fun possibilities open up and I was wondering how DIRT 5 feels on PS5. Did they update their game to the different events and roads? I don’t except something amazing like Astro’s Playroom but a game like this with haptic feedback done right would be an immediate buy for me. TLDR: How does the game feel on PS5? Or no real difference with the PS4 version?
  18. It looks like a good game and satisfying platinum. One to look out for.
  19. Skipped it too but now curious to try it out. Intimidated by the amount of DLC trophies though. Is it all free to play?
  20. I’ve had my eye on this game for quite some time now. I love its Pinball action adventure gimmick. Your platinum guide looks great. I will give it a go soon, thanks. Platget overall seems nice too, so bookmarked it!
  21. The Square account is linked to your PSN account. So you can just keep playing on that PSN account. I originally had it on PS3 and platinum it on PS4. Too bad you can’t transfer to a new PSN account, since I linked to an old account and would love to platinum it again. Anyhow, congratulations with the platinum! Quite a road. I wish it had more trophies for expansions, like Monster Hunter Iceborne, since the game only becomes more amazing with Heavensward, Stormblood and Shadowbringers.
  22. Had my eye on it since the initial trailer. It looks unbelievable charming and I’m thinking of Okami too. I’ll replay Okami and then buy this and keep the vibe going.
  23. Oh, I know very well. How the secrets beckon so sweetly. Only an honest death will cure you now. Liberate you, from your wild curiosity.
  24. I’d be so happy too, it is the only numbered entry I’ve never played. They have been working on FFXI mobile remake for a while now. If it ever sees the light of day and is popular enough we might still see a version for the console. Wishful thinking, I know.