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  1. Dont ever try LEGO Marvel Super Heroes 2. It will make LEGO Jurassic World feel like a demo.
  2. Only autopop I have is Destiny 2 'cos there werent another way. There was too much time spent and content from year 1 you cant get nowadays to just start over Right now I have 98 plats and I thinking about making (PS5) REmake 2 my #100 simply because this game is amazing.
  3. It was predictable that CD Proket's next project would be The Witcher. It's an attempt to regain credibility with a sequel to the franchise that established them as a major developer, before Cyberpunk. I hope it's even better than TW3.
  4. Drop the weapons on the ground and pick them up again. Do this one at a time and the trophy should pop. Try Bolt of Gransax first, it was with this weapon that the trophy popped for me.
  5. Star Wars Battlefront 2 Marvel's Spider-Man Mortal Kombat 11 Elden Ring I don't regret any of them. I'm also considering pre-ordering LEGO Star Wars
  6. I started with Lords of the Fallen. Its short, simple and easy to build your character. I consider it easy to get the plat too, even if you must beat the game 3 times.
  7. Oh... I guess I'm late for the party! I was already mad when I found out I had to install Warzone (90 GB!!!!!) just to use it as a launcher and now I found out MW is completely broken.
  8. Dear Santa Claus, For this Christmas, all I want is to find this damn chest. Thank You.
  9. Thanks, but that didnt work. I gave it a try after reinstalling the game and it is running fine now. I'm not sure if reinstalling did the trick or turning HDR off did it. I read somewhere that the HDR may be the problem, but the person was playing on PS5. I'm on PS4 Slim.
  10. Hey any one got a fix to this freezing issue? Its happening to me in Sequence 7.
  11. I can confirm this is fake because I dont have any of them.
  12. Control. Destroy doesnt solve anything and Synthesis is an abomination.
  13. Did some heretic just refered to MKX as OUTDATED?! I could agree since there is the XL version, but the game itself is still one of the best MK. Kingdoms of Amalur = Great. But these MP games I dont feel like playing.
  14. I know this was posted in 2019, but I will leave this for people who still havent got it: If you're fighting normal Adam, make him walk into the lava on the middle of the arena. He will start burning and his armor will get brighter and brighter until it explodes. You have to be killed by that explosion, so just stay close to him and with low health. If you're fighting stronger Adam, he will start glowing white right after you take 30% of his life bar. Works the same, stay close to him until you get killed by that explosion.
  15. I aint 100% sure, but I think you cannot use spears or bombs.