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  1. I tried 1.07 and was still working. I was notified that the newest 1.08 patch may have fixed this workaround. I will test it tonight when I get home. If you have a clean save with the workaround make sure you never delete it. Just to be cautious. I will update if it is fixed. THIS WORKAROUND HAS BEEN PATCHED OUT. I TESTED IT TONIGHT. OLD SAVES WORK WITH NEW PATCH THOUGH. SO DONT DELETE YOUR OLDER WORKAROUND SAVES.
  2. I just want to point out. When this game launched there was a workaround of quitting matches early you didnt have a high chance to win. Alot of people cheesed the trophy early on. So its authenticity is not a reveled as other extremely difficult trophies. Though I am much for inclusion. I want more trophy hunters. So making 1 trophy elusive is beyond me and doesnt help growing the trophy community. It helps fester it with righteous elites. That squanders the potential for growth. Keep the elusive stats for leaderboards. Skip these junk elusive 1 trophy platinum ruiners. Kudos to whoever accomplished the feat. I would just want more people wanting to grow the trophy community. Then more people ststing how great they are that they got the trophy and telling others to get good. Makes no sense really! Leta be good to each other and help grow this community in a healthy way!
  3. I have a video up on my youtube channel. I walk you through whole process. I also put some tips up there to clear up some skill check confusions and variations. I watched the world record runner, some of his choices you cant see. So you will probably get some variations on the run. This video will explain some variations. Hope this helps everybody. It works with current 1.7 patch! Tested 4/28 *AS OF THE 1.08 PATCH, THIS WORKAROUND NO LONGER WORKS. THISE THAT HAVE FRESH SAVES WITH THE WORAKROUND PRIOR TO THIS PATCH WILL WORK. REMEMBER TO NOT DELETE YOUR FRESH SAVE... Here is video
  4. Godfall Build For Endgame and Tower of Trials - Can Solo Tower on Hard Easily By yellr This is the video you should look up on youtube if you are having problems with the tower. I was told about this in a voice chat with others who platinumed the game. Helped me get that final push to get through. Also playing with someone else definitely helps in the later waves. Ps: Game started to get really unstable around around 28. So while they wont affect the trophy. It held me back from completing the arena due to the game kicking me out.....