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  1. Online ChampionWon Endless Battle 7 times!
  2. 11 Daggerhood Platinum ThiefGet all the trophies
  3. a wolf, a big sword = means danger ^^
  4. 10 SHENMUE Full CabinetEarn all the Trophies. Well done! Enjoyement : 10/10 one of my favourite game of all time
  5. Demon's Souls Mass Effect 1.2.3 Dragon Age Origins and II
  6. 9 Slyde HooahIn it for life. Enjoyement : 0/10 Difficulty : 0/10 A quick and extremely easy platinum
  7. Mark's FavoriteWin a forklift race
  8. Hello. I've been known as CorrinFireEmblem and that very name isn't the greatest loveable one around..I wrote this status so that members don't waste time wondering if corrinfireemblem and corrindenohr are the same the same guy. I've been alowed to"stay" by a moderator. I just wanted to be honest here. I no longer have any interest in most of the threads, just as long i can play and create boosting sessions will I be happy.. Thanks.Feel free to add me if you're interested

    1. VoxAnimi


      Well, despite your past experiences, I hope you will have a pleasant time on these forums.  

  9. A masterpiece :
  10. 8 : DARK SOULS The Dark SoulAll trophies obtained. Congratulations!