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  1. As an update to my previous post, about 7h to get to Old Town which honestly could've gone slightly quicker, pyza suit is super easy to get within that mario easter egg and then the parkour challenges took about 2 hours. Pro-tip: I had 2 challenges I had to redo because despite starting them at night time when I got to the end it was day already, but no problem, quick redo and it was done. Just make sure you always start early night so you can have room for 2-3 attempts before resting.
  2. Here's a rough estimate, I started from 0% and focused main quests only, about 7 hours later and 46% progress I'm at Old Town. Just need to find the suit and make it and then I'm set. Hope this helps.
  3. Selling Marvel Super Hero Squad: The Infinity Gauntlet (NA copy), prefer EU shipping only, pm for details. I had to import it to be able to play the DLCs since DLC 3 never released in Europe, so hopefully this helps someone in the same situation.
  4. Until they allow you to insert a PS3 game disc and play on whatever console at the time, the answer will always be buy a PS3. They're inexpensive, reliable and have a really good library where you can get most games for really cheap, you simply can't go wrong.
  5. Can add these to your list but I'm sure there's more out there.
  6. I thought you were serious until I read this bit, even made me post, that's some good satire right there.
  7. Considering how poorly the game did, I'd say just dead. If you browse r/battlefield2042 there is plenty of threads regarding the same issue occurring even in more populated regions. Try playing at peak times with the already enabled crossplay.
  8. It's more based on how to convert your costumers subscriptions and have them keep all the features they previously paid for, it just so happens that to match current PS Now subscriptions they need to be bumped to Premium, same can't be said for Plus which is essentially (pun) Essentials. Here's the UK link but seems to work for any EU country as long as you previously signed in - EDIT: Links seem to be down now.
  9. Finished the plat recently, has to be different events.
  10. Beats me, personally I'll just be using the DLCs with the PS Now base game, ended up selling the physical Winter Games as pre owned for what I paid so that DLC was essentially free. All these versions get confusing but with some effort you can actually manage a good deal for everything.
  11. No, you need to buy Steep Winter Games physical to get a code for that DLC. No other way around it.
  12. You can share it around just like any other Game or DLC content and as a general rule of thumb, only subscription based games cannot be shared e.g Final Fantasy XIV. Regarding Steep, I used Olympics DLC code on my main, bought season pass on another account and managed to play all DLC on a third account, you just need to complete tutorial to unlock everything. This implies that both DLC and Game are from the same region. Also friendly reminder that Steep X Games Gold Edition is on sale ending today and works out cheaper than buying Season Pass as a standalone, which with Olympics DLC allows you to 100% it and you won't need that Steep Winter Games disc anymore.
  13. Quite a misleading title don't you think? Delisted content doesn't mean impossible to attain 100%, all who previously bought it are still able to play it. As others said, just another case of a clueless costumer rep. Yes, it will remain in your library and you can download it at any time.
  14. Current fastest achiever for The Crew 2 used this method so unless anything changed, yes.
  15. Every digital storefront acts the same, higher pricing versus physical occur in all of them. It has to do with inventory cost, where physical stores see the need to sell games asap to make room for new titles, digital just doesn't suffer from that so it keeps pricing up longer with virtually no competition. On the other hand, a year or so after release you'll see physical stores with much smaller stock of said title, likely still mid priced competing against the only thing decent that came with digital storefronts, the sales.