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  1. You probably skipped it, I remember doing the same and going straight into Survival DLC. You can find it again if you go on the trials menu, there should be an introduction level. Good luck.
  2. Just had this amazing idea, I'm going to make a thread about how games are way too expensive now, screenshot canadian pricing even though I'm not canadian at all and on top of that round up 160 to 200, love me some reddit karma... oh
  3. Servers are up but there's two trophies that have become unobtainable, namely Tourney and I Ain't Afraid Of No Ghost!. If you got these two you're fine, if not..
  4. Yes a thousand times, sadly this is not the first nor the last time this issue will be brought up. @xDerErnst Believe you can if you load up a local match offline and then sign on psn through XMB and load MP/Zombies.
  5. You need to get a race/dirt car with 275+ performance to be able to join ranked play, either get it by playing the story or save up for it right away.
  6. The update doesn't make any difference to me but the whole thing certainly feels like a missed opportunity to properly raise the cap for those who care about it. Thankfully I never messed around with milestone planning, but if this is what it takes to get progress tracking next gen I'm all for it.
  7. Just imagine if they kept it all-in-one in a revamped website and didn't stop doing legacy systems game sales.
  8. I don't think this is the case now with it being a PS Plus title and all, but the multiplayer was extremely dead when I did it around July. The servers are definitely region based but that doesn't mean you can't play with other people, iirc I think you can invite other people so try hosting a session for this.
  9. I stand corrected then, I was under the assumption that you could because I remember going through BF1 map-related trophies and being upset that the ones I needed were password protected, one of them even named after this site as it was rented by another boosting session at the time. Although if they wanted to ban boosters it would be extremely easy to see who's boosting and who isn't through battlelog stats, or as someone said, could've just enforced anti-boosting measures as Ubisoft did in Far Cry 2, AC Revelations, etc.
  10. Still very odd, we've had rental servers since Battlefield 3 now and all it takes to ban you is one grumpy random to report you? Also, even though the server will be listed publicly you can just password protect it so no randoms join. And on all battlefield games they're going to care about PS3 Hardline? Damn, just fix BFV gobbletrotter
  11. I'm not even bothered about them cycling the same games on sale every time, I'm more upset about them stopping PS3/Vita sales completely other than the odd crossbuy bundle.
  12. Showing as lvl 315 currently on my PS3. Update is server sided and will show up on all consoles and PS App for those wondering, just a matter of time.
  13. I used the RV mission camping spot on double RP weeks and Peter Griffin playlists, I guess nothing can top those playlists since it's all AFK, just need a consistent partner. After 90ish just start heisting with other people to get used to their missions, unless you don't plan on doing the DLCs. Levels will come naturally after that.
  14. Great thread, this is my experience so far with a cheap turbo on PS3. Battlefield 1943 - Extremely easy to get 100 matches played, although you look like a fool jumping on the same spot. Far Cry 2 - I self boosted this one with 3 consoles and found turbos to be extremely useful to break the protection shields from my alts. Same applies if you're trading kills with someone else. Grand Theft Auto IV - You can self boost all AWP races easily if your second console hosts with turbo on, enjoy your 10 hours of podcasts. Harry Potter Deathly Hallows Part 1 - Yes... it's already easy enough but spamming stupify gets tiresome after a while, turbo R2 for happy days. Jetpack Joyride/Jetpack Joyride Deluxe - Very easy to boost coins with the right gadgets equipped, you can find the method here on the forums. LittleBigPlanet - Not really needed as you're sure to get this eventually, but for quickfire paintball trophy and 5,000 paintballs turbo definitely helps. I think that's all I've used it for, either for games where infinite ammo is a thing or to simply afk easier. When I initially bought it for the BF1943 matches I didn't think that I'd use it this much but it turned out to be a decent QoL.
  15. Either doing the infinite money glitch (dunno if you can actually reproduce the steps to do it or if it just happens randomly) or planning ahead and just farming money to spend it all at once. Browse this forum for older threads.