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  1. Seems to be working as of today which confirms the theory that the events come and go... if you need it, get it now. Plat popped finally
  2. Highly doubt they wouldn't fix it, just see this as a temporary issue I guess... and somewhat confirmation that to shutdown 1/2 they'd have to shutdown 3 on PS4 as well? Just a thought
  3. Looks like it's been unobtainable since 28th february according to latest achievers, hopefully just a temporary issue but to anyone who needs this trophy please post on the thread I created below to help give it more visibility. Chances are they will reopen it sometime soon, but the sooner the better.
  4. I also tried to do it without boosting and it was impossible due to everyone having 95+ rating teams in at least 75% of my matches, honestly you're better off boosting it if deleting your club is an option. At this point in time everyone grinded enough to have decent teams so it's pretty hard to compete with those unless you're extremely skilled. There's nothing wrong with your team, it's way better than mine, but some people who've played since the beginning will have extremely op teams which you simply cannot beat.
  5. I suppose there is a pattern in latest achievers so it seems it works on and off. There was a in-game community message pop up just a couple days ago stating you'd be able to redeem your points for trophy/achievement purposes so my guess is it'll be back soon, but who knows really...
  6. Seems to be unobtainable again
  7. Boosting this with the method someone explained around these threads worked out fine, grab a friend, both spam guest to know you matched each other and 15 matches is all you need, potentially 5 if done late at night.
  8. Sorry mixed up, I've edited the title now. Should start 1pm EST, about 3 hours from now.
  9. Unless it has changed recently, if after a while the lobby doesn't fill up it will start the game with whatever amount of players there waiting with you.
  10. Friendly reminder for every poor soul stuck with the lvl 100 grind left for plat.
  11. Personally I don't think it's worth it, it's already an easy plat as it is and expansions have no bearing on trophies, better off saving it for Ride 3.
  12. No, this game came out before someone had the brilliant idea to make money off pre-owned games with online passes.
  13. If it helps, I actually messaged one of the devs after posting here and he said there's plans for a 2xp weekend soon. I don't know how soon that is but if it's as soon as we get ranked back or bots are nerfed back to what they were... yeah we're screwed.
  14. Doesn't have one cause it's all very straightforward... here it goes: 1. Focus on getting the 100 kills trophies with their respective characters. Bot matches work. 2. By the time you're done with those you'll likely be done with the game mode trophies as well (1000 coin, time, 50 goals) 3. Grind matches for 5 lvl 25's and 1 lvl 100, xp is based mostly on time spent in-game. 4. Cry about the devs having zero communication and not providing us any roadmap so we know if any 2xp weekend is coming or not. (optional) 5. Have fun!
  15. To be honest I forgot bundles were a thing, I gave up buying these day one ages ago and just went for cheap base game plus extra 50 on the standalone pass. My point was, whatever amount, said extra doesn't exist anymore and I can only see this as a positive thing. You're just complaining about having less content when you knew exactly what you were buying... Glad their marketing didn't work on me I guess, otherwise I'd probably be here venting with you had I bought this on release... but go on I'm rooting for you.