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  1. There is a point to those who own Infinite Warfare but not MWR though
  2. So, to boost xp ideally you would split 6 players into two groups of three, where in each group one person locks and stuns the other repeatedly, full circle. It can be done with 4 people and 8 people too, some people argue 8 people is better for Brotherhood, but this isn't the case for Revelations because there is a score cap at around 16-19k score. This means in a match of 10 minutes you can have 3 players reach max score per match of 10 minutes, if everyone else just sits around him getting stunned. It does require coordination from all players so keep that in mind, believe it or not, it's hard to manage that many people at once. As for the rest, like I said there's a couple 3-4 player DLC trophies but they take few minutes each. Thats because certain game modes which are the required ones for said trophy need 4 people to start. It's all very doable and shouldn't take more than 2-3 hours to finish all revelations mp trophies.
  3. There's a couple DLC trophies that are 3-4 player specific. And if you were to boost XP you'd need at least 4, ideally 6. It's a fairly easy boost though, easier than brotherhood for sure.
  4. I've had this occur when I decided to go for the 40 pop trophy whilst on my 1st 12 week run, like others said, wait for a 80-60% pop mission and fail it, should get you back to a sustainable amount of supplies needed.
  5. apex legends go brrr to be fair I'm in the same boat, but i think its hard to top apex legends in terms of gameplay, was thinking about paladins but yeah. Just select the free to play section on ps store and look at their respective trophy guides and try them out
  6. Started doing them today, game is still well populated (thanks tlou2 for not having mp) and the method is very straightforward. Load up some podcasts or die of boredoom though.
  7. I mean, if you compare the british pound to USD or EUR in the last few years, it's been devaluing a lot. It's only fair that they'd adjust pricing, as they do with any other region that sees their coin value increase/decrease.
  8. If your only issue with your current model is memory, just get a cheap HDD for it. Easy fix. No such thing as region locked PS3s. If its a PS3 disc, you can play it. Try ebay or similar, plenty of ads there.
  9. Thanks for the heads up. Just got it through PS now, no issues at all.
  10. If you want to keep track of sales just use PSPrices or PSDeals, you can track every region, every price drop, wishlist, etc. Can't recommend it enough.
  11. Are you sure it's not your ISP? Quite a few ISPs and services did exactly that due to COVID19. Or it could be a temporary issue on Sony end for your specific region, who knows. Try downloading in rest mode, usually it speeds up downloads quite significantly.
  12. If you don't care for completion, go for it. I did FoB recently without issues and was kinda hoping to do infamous 2 soon after infamous 1, but never picked them up. I'd like to think that it being a first party title Sony would at least give some notice as they did in other titles, so let's hope its not intended and that it'll be fixed soon.
  13. Out of curiosity, had quick look at the top guy in their leaderboards, it seems they have region stacking and platform stacking (Win 10, Xbone, X360, Windows Phone) just like us, sorta.
  14. It depends on the content, if its a game its usually locked to the country, the same goes for PS plus subscriptions and PSN credit. For DLC however, it depends on the developer. Some allow say french or italian codes to work within other EU countries, others lock it to the respective country. Your best bet is to try use them and if they don't work on your UK account just redeem them on a french one.
  15. Easier to shoot a blue sparklin cargo bot for a vault key imo, you get all the loot and don't have to wait for loba cooldown. Another good way is to do the bloodhound trials, everyone rarely goes here and once you complete the trials there's a big chance you'll get what you need.