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  1. Can't wait until most of them forget to check regularly for the jobs they need because they're too distracted with being angry elsewhere.
  2. Unless it changed recently, DLC for both Brotherhood and Revelations is free in the Hong Kong store, so I'd suggest making an alt and try that. Also make sure to delete game data (not save) so you have a fresh install beforehand.
  3. I'd suggest you play the game before ill advising anyone inquiring about said game. Again, the vita titles that did have online were FIFA Football, 13 and 14... FIFA 15 is completely offline. You can benefit from this, since the trophy lists are all identical, all the trophy guides for FIFA on the vita will mostly work for FIFA 15. Since I was forced to post might as well make it worthwhile, try some UFC games, they're great fun if you're into MMA at all.
  4. The vita version of FIFA 15 is completely offline, it's super easy compared to actual fifa titles and the only grind you gotta do is play a match on every stadium. Most importantly, it's fun and plays really well so get at it!
  5. Well that solves it then, very glad they gave people such a quick response!
  6. This. I'm surprised it took 5 pages for someone to mention this, nowadays it's pretty common for games with multiple modes to cycle them in order to keep the player base more unified regarding matchmaking, this is just R* poor implementation of that as they could have easily left every mode available in private sessions and still achieve the same result. Just have to pay attention for when they're next available.
  7. So Mayoral Edition + Campus + Sunset Harbor is the cheapest way to go for 100%? Any idea if there's still new DLC coming out for this game?
  8. There's nothing hard about this game, just mindless destructive fun. The wins can easily be boosted if needed, refer to the guide.
  9. A rating system for these sessions sounds very good on paper but in practice it could easily be inflated and negatively abused by others, ultimately rendering it useless. Honestly, the solution to bad boosting sessions is to simply make your own and try to provide the best experience possible for everyone involved. Even then, you won't be safe from pairing up with people you end up deeming as unreliable for a variety of reasons. The same applies to those who join you, they may very well decide your session was not what they expected and be inclined to leave after a while. When you boost with strangers all you can guarantee upfront is everyone in the group wants the same thing, how you get there however will always be a gamble, and you should be able to deal with both positive and negative aspects of it. After a while, you'll end up with a small group of people you've kept contact with after successful boosts, and they will become your first go-to option before setting up a session.
  10. This is probably known but for those of you who done the online trophies and for whatever reason skipped cross controller story, as I did, I just tested it and it works fine as it runs on your local wi-fi. As for the news itself, certainly sucks to see but it is what it is... Who knows, maybe the guy ddosin LBP is the same guy ddosin Titanfall and is a paid actor by Sony to rush these shutdowns /s
  11. Thing is, it likely didn't close... Back in March when I started it, I had checked the day before on an alt if you'd be able to redeem the points and the game even had a pop-up in-game to confirm that you would be able to register in this fictional league solely for achievement/trophy purposes. So I started it, a week later I'm just missing Welcome to The League, but it turns out the event was unavailable since March 1st, the day I started it, and even the pop-up stopped showing up with no announcement whatsoever. After a few posts here, a lot more posts on their forums along with others in the same situation and one or two replies from their CMs, the issue resolved itself. Turns out ever since they patched both FIFA 19 and 20 to allow the point redemption the events simply come and go... and you can easily see this pattern by latest achievers where there are periods of time nobody gets the trophy. This has been a recurring thing since October, so my suggestion is that you leave your 2000 points ready to redeem and check regularly, it usually isn't more than a month until it opens up for registration again.
  12. I'm sure the list would be way bigger if I really dug into it but here's a few that come to mind... Dirt 2 Dj Hero/Guitar Hero series EA Sports UFC Homefront NFS The Run Skate 2 The Crew
  13. The man himself shits on COD and Madden and yet played arguably the easiest titles in both series 😬 go figure... All these weekly threads spinning the same bs over and over are a waste of energy, but damn are they hilarious to read.
  14. Just to say that this and the Wouldn't want to upset the leaderboards hahaha, with private trophies alone is what made this thread worth a read for me 😂 more power to you!
  15. Came here to write this, I was waiting for an event too until I decided to check TA and found this solution there but guess you got ahead of me. Definitely better than having to check latest achievers every time, took 10 minutes to set everything up.