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  1. Playstation also doesn't allow seasonal trophies, like Overwatch has seasonal achievements on xbox but not playstation.
  2. When will the fancy spreadsheet come?
  3. What i did to help was to play through the course about 10 times no matter the time to get use to it. Then i focus sections at a time to get the time i need. Point A to B then A to B to C and so on. That helped me out a lot. Practice sections to decrease time and eventually you will get a good run and A++ it all. Even those Cheese Hunt gave me the most headache of all. (still does, didn't finish it yet)
  4. The Garden one actually ticked me off, so i'm taking 2 weeks off from it then back at it. I still need 5 A++ for cheese hunt to get the last trophy for the platinum @Bushido_Cypher , the bagel race i was having trouble with wall climbing, i found a easier way that eliminated more time. At first you have to wall climb to the first platform, but as soon as you hit the checkpoint on the skateboard, hit the O and roll off the skateboard and immediately grab on the door, after about 2 flips up, you should hit the checkpoint to hit O and starting rolling immediately. That helped me a lot. I was able to do 38 seconds with that.
  5. This shit right here makes me mad lol. I needed less then 36 seconds..... Update: Story Mode 7/7 A++ Bagel Race 7/7 A++ Rampage 7/7 A++ Zero G 7/7 A++ Cheese Hunt 2/7 A++ 1/A 3/B 1/E
  6. Do y'all have any tips on the wall platforming for the bagel race? If could get my timing right on there, i could complete the course on time. I wish it shows your controller in the video on how your analog stick moves. so i can how fast or slow and which way you do it.
  7. Between yours and Bushido_Cypher videos, i was able to get 3/5 story modes finished. I got 2 of the bagel races with A++ but the third one, closest i had was 45 seconds, the rest are in 50's. I'm having trouble with that, i'm going to have to go to free roam and practice climbing the wall with the bagel and see what works best to get up there the fastest. . Time for a few days break then back at it again. I got quite few of trophies.
  8. @Beyondthegrave07 Have this ever been done?
  9. I would appreciate that if you don't mind. There are still 2 out of the 6 i've done that the highest i got was a A
  10. Thank you so much! I got it after 5 tries. Never thought about going off the skateboard like that!
  11. I had to steal your picture!, that looks awesome! Might make it my wallpaper.
  12. Thanks man, your guide is very helpful, i can get to the iron the other way around, not towards the bed because i can't seem to get across the pole without falling down, but once i get to the iron i always screw up on the burns to get it even. (level 3 on story)
  13. Buying over 800(PS4, Xbox, and PC) worth games and not knowing what to play next.. to overwhelming..
  14. They should've added a trophy to complete the game. The story wasn't bad, but i lost interest after i got the last trophy.
  15. Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2 @Good_Sir_Matt_II as in 100%, its not that hard, just time consuming