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  1. Hi. I've bought second Playstation 3(for some boost and etc). And previous user haven't logged in account but he was playing games and also unlocked quite big ammount of trophies(around 200). He unlocked the most of them at 2013. But there's no time and dates.(I've checked the save time). Can I log in to my PSN account? I haven't find same topics or rules that don't allow me to do it. But I want to be sure I won't get ban my account from leaderboard.
  2. Hi. I think it depends on publisher's greed. That's quite lazy answer but I'll try to explain. First. EA, Ubisoft and some other are not really interested in quality of game neither their profit. Just change game somehow and add +1 to the name. They don't allow really cool developers make something specific. But there is another plus. Sometimes allowing game directors do whatever they want, makes games even worse. As an example Death Stranding. It's has a cool plot but the gameplay isn't so good(as for me). It's repeatarive and don't give any emotions to gamers. Publisher that tries to limit them, also interested that the game must entertain gamer. They just think that entertainment = money. Second. Some developers are not really interested in some projects(like Rockstar and GTA Trilogy). They have more cool things to do(I hope). As an example GTA 6 or something else. If someone in the office/company don't want to work on it they just change studio(that's why staff turnover. Yeal there are sometimes some other reason like toxicity). Final. Publisher thinks that doing remake or remaster of a game will give a lot of profit because of nostalgia. Sorry for ma English but I hope you understand me.
  3. Yeap there are some full servers but I don't wanna play. I'm ready to pay some for rent and get trophy ASAP.
  4. Hi. I wanna get 45 lvl for colonel trophy. Is there any fast way. May be some kind of exp glitch or any mechanic that can allow getting exp very fast? I don't want to play public matches even if there were full servers.
  5. GTA IV has one of the baddest servers. Many trophies are not popping up correctly(especially Petrovic trophy). Just continue to kill people in multiplayer. Also try to fix internet connection (check NAT and speed).
  6. Not really. I've cleaned all regions(including small chest) and don't get it. Actually just got the trophy. I have to replay like 30 hours...
  7. Yeap I've seen the patchnote but traders don't have any.
  8. Yeap I've collected all small gold points on all maps(except Vinland, Asgard and Jotunheim). There is also no Trader witch building supplies.
  9. Hi. The only trophy left for me is Home Sweet Home(Update your camp to lvl6). The problem I'm facing is that I'm missing about 1000 supplies. I've already won a trophy for perfectionism, and I've wrapped up all the little chests. The necessary resources do not fall from the chests outside the monasteries. I play without additions. Can anyone help with this problem?
  10. Hi everyone. The same but different trophy is glitched. I don't know why, but on the PlayStation 5, it drops out steadily. I checked twice. Maybe I was so lucky, but it was thanks to such an oddity that I got the trophy.
  11. Hi. I'm not an active forum trophy hunter but I'm interested in it. I understand that using Save Wizard or same programm is illegal. is there any other rules for ranked?
  12. To start any mode you need only 4 people.
  13. I've heard that renting server on EU account is bugged. Is it real?